December 1, 2022
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Harm Reduction in Drug/Fentanyl Tsunami Exposed in NY - What Took So Long?

Hopefully, the New York Post will further their investigations of "zombieland".

(MYRTLE BEACH, SC) - drug consumption sites For several years, I have been exposing and reporting on the very dangerous agenda of the promotion of illegal drug use under the guise of "harm reduction."

The profiteers pushing poisoning of people with illegal drugs softened the term to "safe consumption sites."

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Honoring the Memory and Legacy of Michael D. Meyers

Michael D. Meyers ~ RIP
January 12, 1950 - September 16, 2022

(HOLLYWOOD, Calif.) - Michael D. Meyers RIP It is with deep sadness and sorrowful hearts that we announce Michael D. Meyers now walks among our ancestors.

Not enough people today are aware that the true “founding fathers” of cannabis freedom in the U.S. are Michael Meyers and Jack Herer. This we should all know.

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5 Packing Tips for a First-Time Air Traveler

These five tips will make your experience a little smoother and a little easier.

(SALEM, Ore.) - air travel Air travel can be stressful and time consuming, but when done right it can also be an exciting adventure and new experience to draw on in the future.

Air travel isn’t difficult but it takes a bit of preparation.

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Wildfire Near Oakridge Still Burning After Over 75 Days

The wildfires in Oregon are not "over".

(SALEM, Ore.) - Cedar Creek Fire Oregon Oregon's Cedar Creek fire has been burning since August 1st. As of 5:30 a.m. today, there are 301 firefighting personnel working to contain the wildfire, east of Eugene. The fire remains at 127,283 acres and 55% contained.

Expected fire behavior is best described as... smoldering.

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Portland Man Killed When Over 45 Vehicles Crash on I-5

One fatality and 4 subjects were transported to area hospitals.

(EUGENE, Ore.) - Oregon I-5 crash Preliminary estimates of involved vehicles are 15 to 20 Commercial Motor Vehicles and 45 passenger vehicles with one confirmed fatality.

Interstate 5 southbound was completely blocked with a detour in place and remained closed most of the day.

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October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

National Domestic Violence Hotline — 800-799-7233

(SAN FRANCISCO, CA.) - domestic violence month Statistics show that one-in-four women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime, and every year nearly 5.3 million incidents of intimate partner violence occur among U.S. women aged 18 and older. This is simply intolerable.

If you are dealing with abuse or witnessing abuse in your household, please don’t ignore it.

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Why You Must Have Your Finances in Order Before Opening a Business

Your great idea plus stable finances equal a great chance of success.

(SALEM, Ore.) - business financing Hoping to start a company that's built to last? Well, that all begins with keeping your finances in order. You'd be very surprised to find out how many businesses struggle, and even fail at times, with finances.

Not being organized with your funds can lead to a lot of unnecessary issues.

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The Best Casino Strategies

Take your time, enjoy the experience and sometimes walk away a winner.

(SALEM, Ore.) - online gambling Since gaming began thousands of years ago, players have always tried to find a way to win by narrowing the odds.

Yes in casino gaming, the house always has the upper hand – but savvy gamers know that there are ways to reduce that edge.

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Key Factors to Keep in Mind About Kennel Cough

Prevent, protect and get the right treatment when needed.

(SALEM, Ore.) - sick dog With the wide range of health issues that are common among dogs, it can be difficult for pet owners to familiarize themselves with all of them.

Some illnesses have very similar symptoms so, if you are unsure, it is always important to seek veterinary assistance.

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3 Factors That Influence the Cost of Going to College

Take your time to look carefully at all of your options.

(SALEM, Ore.) - It’s no secret that going to college is often an expensive and time-consuming endeavor. People spend tens of thousands of dollars on getting the right education in locations around the globe.

However, most consider this expense to be well worth the results, as a degree can also lead to new career opportunities, and a better quality of life in the long-term.

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