March 8, 2021
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Vulnerability In The Moment

For so many facing life's overwhelming challenges right now, this will ring true.

(PORTLAND, Ore. / PeaceVoice) - snow I’ve been forced today to set aside my certainties, norms and expectations — virtually all of them. Certainty number one: that my computer will keep functioning as I write.

This morning — a dozen or so hours ago — I sat at my machine and it was working fine except for one thing...

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How to Succeed in a New Career

As has been proven again and again: hard work will help you go very far.

(SALEM, Ore.) - working woman Life is all about new beginnings. Of course, starting over isn’t always simple or straightforward. Though many professionals change jobs frequently, relatively few are able to succeed when they begin a new career.

Professionals will face many challenges when they decide to make a fresh start.

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Oregon Medical Marijuana: Do You Really Need A Medical Card?

In Oregon, medical marijuana is there to help.

(SALEM, Ore.) - Bonnie King The state of Oregon was one of the first in the United States to allow patients with a debilitating medical condition to apply for a medical marijuana permit, giving them the legal right to possess and consume cannabis for medicinal purposes.

Oregon voted for medical marijuana in 1998 with the OMMP (Oregon Medical Marijuana Program).

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How Web Design Can Impact Your SEO

How to easily fine-tune your current custom web design to help boost SEO results.

(SALEM, Ore.) - web design Marketing experts often focus on which techniques yield the best results. SEO is one of the most effective, yet time-consuming marketing techniques.

There are many factors that can affect SEO rankings, one of which is web design.

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Coldest Days of Winter May Lie Ahead

How much snow will fall and where remains highly uncertain at this point.

(SALEM, Ore.) - weather forecast The coldest temperatures of the winter are expected to drop southwestward into southwest Washington and northwest Oregon beginning Wednesday night. These frigid temps will likely persist through at least the weekend.

Widespread high temperatures in the 30s to low 40s and low temperatures in the 20s appear likely.

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Likely U.S.-Israel Relations Under Biden

Israel will establish Trump Heights, a new community located in occupied Golan Heights.

(SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.) - Golan Heights Under President Donald Trump our relationship with Israel became an "extra special relationship."

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was not ungrateful about Israel's relationship with the U.S. under Trump, when early 2020 he said that Trump has been “the greatest friend that Israel has ever had in the White House.”

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It`s Time For Legal Home Grown Cannabis in Washington

Washington’s Homegrow Bill HB 1019 is scheduled for a hearing in the Appropriations Committee on February 9th.

(SALEM, Ore.) - cannabis The State of Washington is one of the progressive states that has reformed marijuana laws in recent years. However, Washington is one of two states that do not provide legal home grow for recreational marijuana gardens. In fact, it’s a felony if you decide to grow.

That’s right. In the historically “cool” Northwest, Washington has been lagging behind other states.

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Oregonians Legally Wager on Favorite Sports

Online betting provides a fun & secure way to try your luck without leaving home

(SALEM, Ore.) - online winners Many people are wary of the mere thought of sports betting online. Is it legal? Well the details depend on where you live in the United States, but the simple answer may be: Yes.

If you are from Oregon, yours is one of the growing list of states with legal online sports betting and retail sportsbooks at tribal casinos.

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3 Ways to Live a More Minimalist Lifestyle

“Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” -William Morris

(SALEM, Ore.) - clutter Minimalism is the art of living with only what you need. The more minimalist your routine is, the less waste you’ll have in your life. In a world where most people live in excess, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by clutter.

Learn the simplest things that you can do to leverage the power of basic living and get more out of your life.

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Starting a Business in Salem in 2021

Many spirited small business owners are looking to start afresh- online.

(SALEM, Ore.) - The pandemic has hit the people of Salem hard. With Oregon Governor Kate Brown extending the “state of emergency” through to March, Salem's key industries continue to fight on against the unpredictable economy.

Many small business owners have decided to cut their losses and close their businesses.

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The NAACP of the Willamette Valley

Tribute to Palestine and to the incredible courage, determination and struggle of the Palestinian People. ~Dom Martin


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