October 31, 2020
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Salem-News.com (October 26,2020 15:25)

Are people dying of COVID-19 or with COVID-19?

Is fear consuming us rather than good common sense and demanding answers?

(MYRTLE BEACH, SC) -masks for saleThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has been releasing data almost on a daily basis for months, updating their findings on COVID-19, a virus which has invaded every country in the world -- though we knew little about what made it tick.

Much of the information contradicts itself and is a roller coaster of fact or fiction.

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Salem-News.com (October 26,2020 14:10)

How Entrepreneurs Can Achieve their End-of-Year Goals in 2020

The best business leaders are incredibly efficient with their time management.

(SALEM, Ore.) -businessTo understate the obvious, 2020 has not been a normal year. Yet, despite the many disruptions and challenges of the past seven or so months, many business owners and entrepreneurs have managed to survive –– and even thrive –– during the first three quarters of the calendar year.

Now, as we approach the end of 2020, it’s crucial for business leaders to focus on meeting their annual goals and finishing out the year on a high note.

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Salem-News.com (October 21,2020 00:47)

Tim King: Boldly Leading Where Others Wouldn`t Dare

How do you come to terms with the unexpected and tragic death of a real-life superhero?

(SEATTLE, WA) -Tim King in AfghanistanI first met Tim while working at KATU News in Portland, OR in the mid 2000’s. Being a journalist meant something different then, although Tim’s reports never wavered from what were basic tenets at the time: fairness, accuracy, impartiality, objectivity, accountability, truthfulness and justice. This was the ethos of Tim.

Tim was the Salem photographer for KATU.

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Salem-News.com (October 20,2020 15:39)

Do I Need a Trust if I Already Have a Will? The Answers May Surprise You

In most states, family can't go through probate court without legal representation.

(SALEM, Ore.) -signing documentPicture this: You are on your deathbed, surrounded by your loving family. You've had an illustrious career and accumulated a small fortune that will cater for your family long after you are gone.

Indeed, you even had the foresight to draft a will specifying what happens to your estate after your death. Your family is set for life, right?

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Salem-News.com (October 16,2020 12:05)

Tim King - A Eulogy to My Chief at Salem-News.com

Salem-News.com Executive Editor was instrumental in exposing Big Pharma.

(MYRTLE BEACH, SC) -Tim King Salem-News.comOn October 4, I received word that the man who believed in me and supported my writings for publication in his newspaper, Salem-News.com had been killed in a horrific motorcycle accident. I would like to share with everyone what Tim King meant to me when our paths crossed in 2009.

In October 2009, I sent Tim King some information regarding Purdue Pharma, maker of the criminally marketed opioid, OxyContin hoping that he might be interested in publishing it -- he was.

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Salem-News.com (October 14,2020 12:55)

The Many Reasons Why Nursing is of Great Importance

Nurses are the lifeblood of medical institutions

(SALEM, Ore.) -nursingNursing is one of the most vital services in American society, due to how these professionals are working tirelessly to help others and provide medical care.

Nurses can be found in virtually every single sector of the health industry, making nursing one of the most versatile careers an individual can pursue.

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Salem-News.com (October 12,2020 21:19)

How Natural Disasters Affect Oregon`s Agricultural Industry

More than 80% of the state experienced moderate to extreme drought conditions over the summer.

(SALEM, Ore.) -Wildfire OregonAgriculture and food production is a vital component of Oregon’s economy, and over 50% of local manufacturing companies in the Salem area are involved in food processing.

With such a heavy reliance on vulnerable crops, increases in extreme weather and natural disasters can be devastating to farmers and the local economy.

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Salem-News.com (October 06,2020 23:21)

Understanding Financial Hardship Options in Oregon due to COVID-19

The goal is always to pay the bills each month

(SALEM, Ore.) -moneyYou may have to decide which bills you are going to pay each month or end each month with under $100 left in your bank account.

This is an extremely difficult time for many folks in Salem and in Oregon as a whole, so the purpose of this article is to shed some light on different options you have when the bills exceed the income, and it’s impossible to stay afloat.

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Salem-News.com (September 30,2020 00:58)

Amy Coney Barrett is No Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Is Judge Amy Coney Barrett tied to a far-right religious cult?

(SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.) -RBG-BarrettTrump has nominated Seventh Circuit Judge Amy Coney Barrett to replace Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg as justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.

At issue is Judge Barrett’s independence as a Supreme Court justice at this critical time. Will Judge Barrett protect and defend the Constitution of the United States?

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