March 8, 2021
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Are you Unhappy with your Job?

Your job choice should enhance your life, financially and otherwise.

(SALEM, Ore.) -jobsAs significant as work is in our lives, we tend to have a lot of expectations from it. When our expectations are not met, it can lead to dissatisfaction with our job.

Many factors may affect our satisfaction at work. These factors are sometimes beyond our control.

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Trading Stocks During Earnings Season

Keep in mind that profit isn’t the only metric to monitor.

(SALEM, Ore.) -Trading stocksEach earnings season comes at the close of a company’s financial quarter.

The results of the earnings season lead to a massive upswing in the number of buyers, sellers, and traders looking to improve their portfolios.

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Software Development Apprenticeships On The Rise As COVID Hits Oregon

Discover which apprenticeship programs are available to you.

(SALEM, Ore.) -TechnologySoftware development apprenticeships are on the rise as COVID hits Oregon. According to Salem apprenticeship administrators, apprenticeships provide individuals with an alternative pathway to advance their careers.

Indeed, many apprenticeship programs use a different pipeline to bring people up to the level they need for an entry-level job.

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Vulnerability In The Moment

For so many facing life's overwhelming challenges right now, this will ring true.

(PORTLAND, Ore. / PeaceVoice) -snowI’ve been forced today to set aside my certainties, norms and expectations — virtually all of them. Certainty number one: that my computer will keep functioning as I write.

This morning — a dozen or so hours ago — I sat at my machine and it was working fine except for one thing...

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How to Succeed in a New Career

As has been proven again and again: hard work will help you go very far.

(SALEM, Ore.) -working womanLife is all about new beginnings. Of course, starting over isn’t always simple or straightforward. Though many professionals change jobs frequently, relatively few are able to succeed when they begin a new career.

Professionals will face many challenges when they decide to make a fresh start.

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How Web Design Can Impact Your SEO

How to easily fine-tune your current custom web design to help boost SEO results.

(SALEM, Ore.) -web designMarketing experts often focus on which techniques yield the best results. SEO is one of the most effective, yet time-consuming marketing techniques.

There are many factors that can affect SEO rankings, one of which is web design.

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Starting a Business in Salem in 2021

Many spirited small business owners are looking to start afresh- online.

(SALEM, Ore.) -Salem-News.comThe pandemic has hit the people of Salem hard. With Oregon Governor Kate Brown extending the “state of emergency” through to March, Salem's key industries continue to fight on against the unpredictable economy.

Many small business owners have decided to cut their losses and close their businesses.

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Why Suicides Are Rising During COVID And What We Can Do To Help

Mindfulness has been shown to help learn to live in the present

(SALEM, Ore.) -don`t give upIsolation is one of the clearest reasons for an increase in depression and suicide. But the increase in suicides goes beyond isolation. Even those who are hunkering down with loved ones and regularly speaking to friends are struggling.

As the months have passed and COVID-19 has shown no signs of going away, suicide rates have steadily increased.

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Rumination on the Trump Deplorables

Trump supporters voted against their economic interests.

(SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.) -Trump Were we better off January 20 than we were four years ago? The answer is a definite “NO.” I am still trying, however, without much success, to understand why 74+ million Americans voted to re-elect Trump when for four years he has embarrassed himself and this nation with his ignorance, ineptness, and lack of human decency.

During the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton called Trump supporters a “basket of deplorables.” Who are these deplorables?

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