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Better Late than Never May 14, 2013 7:15 am (Pacific time)

Dedicating this link to Coral's children, gone but not forgotten.
Coral, who lived through the horror of being forcibly "indoctrinated", (and incarcerated) by the abusive Bill Gothard Cult. These are the words and memories of a mother to her deceased daughter, who too late, discovered just how far removed the Gothard Cult is from the teachings of Jesus Christ:
Coral has expressed many times in private communications, just how much she loves her children;how it tore her heart out to be forcibly and illegally separated from them. As a mother, I fully understand how she feels. Only a mother who truly loves her children could possibly understand the pain that never goes away.
Not all "laws", simply because they are on the books,are just laws, anymore than all teachings on Christianity are good and true teachings. There are injustices in all walks of life. These things should never happen, but they do. We live in an imperfect world. Wrongs and injustices committed can never be undone, open wounds on the soul will leave scars for life. But we must never close our minds to the possibility that there are two sides to every story and it should be incumbent upon each honest person to seek out the truth of the matter. What is the ultimate reality in Coral's side of the story? Simply this unrefutable fact; her heart beats with a burning love for her children. Why do you think she continues to cry out, with the only venue left open to her by the unjust legal processes, courts and judges which have made a travesty of her personal tragedy?

It says in the Psalms, "How long oh Lord?", "They make mischief with a law".

If you indeed have been taught the true teaching of Jesus, you will love and honor your mother as commanded by God in one of the ten commandments. And, as taught by Jesus, you will not only pray for her, but you will love her. Isn't that the truth? I am not saying these things to judge or condemn you, but to tell you that life is short, and as it stands now, you still have the opportunity to open your hearts and lives, and to enjoy knowing a relationship with an exceptional woman and mother...your mother.

Dark Night of the Soul May 8, 2013 3:31 pm (Pacific time)

The answer; because they weren't "legally" married to their abuser in the Oregon court system. If they make some new "laws" maybe one of them should be that we should be protected from "lawmakers". How about that? Who in their right mind can make sense of any of this? You can't make this stuff up. It's simply crazy, but since it's been done in my own family I know it's true and not some figment of Coral's imagination. My heart goes out to you Coral and I pray somehow,someway that you will be at least able to find some peace in the midst of this that tears a woman's heart out.

Coral Anika Theill May 8, 2013 9:57 am (Pacific time)

My question today - WHY WERE MY CHILDREN and nursing infant REMOVED from me in 1996 WHEN I ESCAPED TORTURE, ABUSE, KIDNAPPING AND RAPE but Jaycee Dugard and the women in Cleveland who have been rescued were allowed to keep their children? Why are they honored, but I was hunted, sued, legally stalked for 17 years (42 court related hearings), and humiliated in Oregon courts when I sought safety. These are my questions today.

- Coral Anika Theill, Author, Advocate and Reporter,

Coral Anika Theill April 16, 2013 7:05 am (Pacific time)

Most individuals prefer not to hear the story of how a cultured people turned a blind eye to consenting to the "legal kidnapping of children through America's family courts" and how ...the majority of our society, consisting of cultured people, remained silent.

Many women grow up in homes in which they were conditioned and groomed to be victims. They marry sociopathic abusers, have children with them, and lose custody and contact of their children when they become stronger and choose safety.

Nurturing and loving mothers losing permanent custody of their children is such depressing subject matter. But we cannot indefinitely avoid depressing subject matter, particularly if it is true. - Coral Anika Theill, BONSHEÁ Making Light of the Dark

Susan West April 14, 2013 10:07 am (Pacific time)

As usual, those who don't have the resources to defend themselves are the ones who pay: the children, the poor, the shunned - all the abused. We put or leave them out there as human sacrifices, and instead sing the praises of the rich, the famous, and the well-connected. Can't we have a heart and justice for those without a means of defense? Is it a form of Stockholm Syndrome that we so often want to identify with the powerful and the abusers?

Jean Weisensee, R.N., Oregon April 13, 2013 10:53 am (Pacific time)

Coral Theill's BONSHEÁ Making Light of the Dark is a "must read" for all interested in women, women's health, children, and our court systems. I find myself going back, again and again, to re-read parts that strike so close to my heart. Coral is such an utterly honest voice telling of a deeply caring person that has traveled an unforgettable journey in life. This story reaches out to anyone that reads it. It touches lives in a remarkable way that is most profound. It deeply saddened me to realize that in this day and age, violence in the shelter of one's home, under the guise of religion is condoned and sanctioned. It is unbelievable that our local court would sanction the removal of a nursing infant from the mother. Domestic violence is tolerated by our society and in the courtrooms. It continues as a "silent violence." Coral has told a sad, truthful story to her children and the world to enable them to make this a better place for everyone to live. – Jean Weisensee, R.N., Oregon

Coral Anika Theill April 11, 2013 6:17 am (Pacific time)

Although my story addresses my own plight and survival through years of sexual abuse, domestic violence, ritual abuse and judicial injustice, I acknowledge that many men have experienced and survived similar horrors, including the loss of their children. I believe they have been harmed by the same rigid and perverse societal construct where money means power and power makes right. I believe that the extremely patriarchal view of the roles of men and women in our society harm everyone and hinder our human evolution and ability to live fulfilling and mentally healthy lives -both for men and women. It alienates us from each other and isolates us from the divine. - Coral Anika Theill,

Coral Anika Theill April 10, 2013 5:39 am (Pacific time)

Thank you, Tim and Bonnie, for your encouragement, support and advocacy these past years and for assisting me in "giving voice to the violence" at

Every Victim Longs for Justice, Vindication and Restitution

Excerpt from BONSHEÁ Making Light of the Dark: After my divorce in 1996, I sought help by writing hundreds of letters to the media and to local, state and national advocate groups, to no avail. I met with journalists and editors of The Statesman Journal, Albany Democrat Herald and The Gazette Times. They refused to expose my story. Personnel at the Albany Democrat Herald were especially rude and would not publish my editorial.

Thankfully, Tim and Bonnie King, Editors/Publishers at heard my cries for help and have been covering my story since 2007. Tim and Bonnie are not only local and state advocates extraordinaire but also advocate for victims worldwide.

I also have twenty years of documentation and mental scars to prove that there is no "help" within America's church and religious system. I am thankful for the heartfelt support and compassion from doctors and friends, but no one seems to have the ability or authority to help me become free and emancipated from my former husband. He plans to destroy me and ruin my life. I still believe I have the right to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

The kind of violence, abuse and suppression perpetrated by so many of our organized religions and government agencies is truly shocking and can only continue by our refusal to look AT IT rather than the OTHER WAY.

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