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UPDATE: Monmouth Teen Arrested Outside NE Salem Elementary School

The suspect had shaved in the hair on the back of his head "4-20".

Hiram Rezantes photo
Hiram, Rezantes
Photo: Marion County Sheriff's Office

(SALEM) - At about 10:45 AM this morning, Marion County Sheriff's Deputies responded to the area of Yoshikai Elementary School in northeast Salem on a reported suspicious male.

Shortly before that report, the man had gone into Adam Stephens Middle School on the same grounds and asked to use the telephone.

When he was told there were no public telephones in the school he left.

Because the man was acting suspicious officials notified the Deputy assigned as the School Resource Officer for both schools.

The man, later identified as Hiram, Rezantes, 18, of Monmouth, was contacted by the deputy near the school.

During the intital contact the man became agitated and began jumping in front of passing cars.

When the deputy attempted to arrest Mr. Rezantes for disorderly conduct, he lunged at the Deputy and attempted to grab the Deputy's holstered firearm.

Mr. Rezantes broke away from the deputy and ran toward the front doors of nearby Yoshikai Elementary School.

The deputy was able to detain Mr. Rezantes with the help of David Moes, a janitor at the school and Neil Anderson, the principal of nearby Adam Stephens Middle School.

During the struggle to detain Mr. Rezantes, Mr. Moes scraped his elbow on the pavement.

Mr. Rezantes had shaved in the hair on the back of his head "4-20".

He would not tell deputies what that was in reference to. The school was contacted and placed in lock-down for the duration of the incident which lasted only minutes.

The lock-down precedure worked well and served its intended purpsoe, to keep students and staff at the school safe.

Mr. Rezantes was arreted and charged with Disorderly Conduct, Resisting Arrest, Second Degree Escape, Fourth Degree Assault and Attempted First Degree Theft for attempting to take the deputy's firearm.

From the time of the initial call until Mr. Rezantes was in custody was about seven minutes.

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Friend Of Kechocho April 27, 2007 12:17 am (Pacific time)

this is dumb. he is a really good guy. all these people see are a small glimpse of him. to quick to judge is lame. that makes me mad. sure he probably got what was coming to him. but every one makes mistakes. his got publicized...lame you people pick it all apart. just lame.

4-20 April 25, 2007 5:01 pm (Pacific time)

People are not lost or hopeless till dead.

Ben Casey April 25, 2007 2:02 pm (Pacific time)

Throw away the key on this loser!

Albert Marnell April 25, 2007 7:04 am (Pacific time)

Caring Friend From Monmo, If you carefully read what I wrote, I am sticking up for your friend. I do not judge him, he needs help. That is the point that I was trying to make. We are living in a police state where people that should be given medical or psychiatric help are winding up in jail especially since the early eighties. But mainstream America does not know how to take care of people anymore, it never did this well...But we sure know how to start war. We do that very well.

friend of kealoha April 24, 2007 10:13 pm (Pacific time)

omgsh Chocho! i NEVER would have thought of this happening to him, like "Old Friend" said....he is the sweetest, nicest person i knew! he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, doing the wrong things. I agree with eveyone, he just needs to be treated for his substance abuse! OMgsh i still cant believe this. He was one of my best friends last yearm i dont know what came over him =[

Caring Friend from Monmo... April 24, 2007 4:11 pm (Pacific time)

I think that albert should shut up cause he has no idea of the situation... you read a one page article that talked about 7-10 mins if this kids life how dare you have the right to judge him from that.

Old Friend April 24, 2007 3:19 pm (Pacific time)

I know this kid, Sober Kealoha is the sweetest and calm person. When he has something in his system he is a different person. He doesnt deserve jail or anything like that. he just needs to be treated for his substance abuse. This kid should not have alcohol or anything else for that matter.

Town of monmouth April 23, 2007 5:32 pm (Pacific time)

Kealoha u get out of control when your drunk but sure in the hell don't deserve this. Free Kealoha!!! Town of Monmouth supports u.

S.LaMarche; April 22, 2007 6:53 pm (Pacific time)

Well spoken Albert, a home run I'd say. Personally among other things, I'd relly like to fly, like on my own, and be a doctor of medicinal character,then just fly oover to where they need me! I'm woking on both now. May I suggest a hammock as a great stress reliever and thought initator? And Henry, don't let'em grind us down!, S-N would be greatly diminished without you!,(sorry Tim and Bonnie,I don't mean it insultingly, but he's been there!),and I was brought up correctly, which is why I didn't say "don't let the bastards grind you down", my dad being the master of the counter punch, we often disagreed. peace of course!

Ben Casey April 22, 2007 5:56 pm (Pacific time)

No doubt!

Hank Ruark April 22, 2007 4:03 pm (Pacific time)

Case: You just very nicely proved my point...thanks !

Ben Casey April 22, 2007 1:30 pm (Pacific time)

The Bobsey twins no doubt.

Hank Ruark April 22, 2007 10:48 am (Pacific time)

B-C: From written illumination over yr name, Case, I'd be very cautious with "genetic" remarks. Words sometimes more definitive than faces...

Albert Marnell April 22, 2007 10:37 am (Pacific time)

Ben Casey, Tough luck for me in the cultural draw, maybe genetic too? Don't we all want more than what we have? And for those that do not want more, why are they content and do they really acknowledge their limits as human beings? Some people just want to glide through life as long as they feel comfort of one sort or another. I am recounting personal experience of one sort or another, that is why I speak with conviction. Certainly, I want to hear others because I am the first to acknowledge mistakes.

Ben Casey April 22, 2007 7:09 am (Pacific time)

Marnell you seem to be recounting personal experience. Tough luck for you in the genetic draw.

Hank Ruark April 22, 2007 5:32 am (Pacific time)

Casey: Re "trigger"-experience: Once in Chicago, plush apt., marauder via 5th-flr window to f-escape. Kid on drugs, with knife; caught him above left knee, no far from rapid-aim spot. Later helped him get into comcollege... Re both media, tching, find areas offer path to more such work. Where do you bury YOUR dead-ones ? What's your count to date ? Got discount on all those coffins ???

Albert Marnell April 21, 2007 6:05 pm (Pacific time)

Ben Casey, I think that he should have been restrained and brought to an area hospital. I have seen time and time again, judges rushing through cases and knowing nothing of psychology or doing what is ethically right. They too are beholden to specific special interest groups which may include police. We do not have enough information, only police testimony which in my experience is extremely flawed. Relatively recently had a county appointed shrink reveal that his decision of competency was based more on political pressure than what was truth in a murder case. He was also a third rate shrink...big bucks though... because he panders to majority and special interests. By the way journalists and people with varied opinions are needed....not just your opinion. This kid could have been showing suicidal ideation by running in front of cars....again we do not know enough but he certainly belongs in a hospital, not a jail until a fair, lengthy analysis can be done. The perception of reaching for the gun of the officer may have been added to seal the decision to arrest. It may be a lie. Many officers lie. I have been around them my whole life. I avoid them unless they ask for or need my assistance.

Ben Casey April 21, 2007 12:03 pm (Pacific time)

HR have you ever had to use deadly force? Those who can do. Those who cannot usually work in the media or become 3rd rate teachers. Some do both!

Hank Ruark April 21, 2007 7:18 am (Pacific time)

B-C, Adgi: Either of you ever worked Police Beat for any daily ? If so, you would understand friend Al and his solid sense of what happens all too much. Without umbrage for police, with whom I've "experienced" much many times, this lack of solid support is societal situation, with no reflection on either police or bystander like Al (and me as reporter). We lack obviously demanded services and surveillance on internal problems like this, while we cast billions away on other issued internationally. Note: VT-killer should never have been allowed to buy gun, failure in existing law once he was declared in trouble mentally.

Ben Casey April 20, 2007 5:39 pm (Pacific time)

Albert great analysis. We could use people like you in North Africa. Give it some thought. Why waste that keen intellect posting on websites when you could really make a difference by acting instead of just talking. The world needs people like you. You're are only hope Obie Wan Albert.

Albert doesn't get it. April 20, 2007 5:00 pm (Pacific time)

Hey Albert, did it ever occur to you that sometimes the only way to get people mental help is to arrest them and have the judge order a mental evaluation? What did you expect the police to do with the individual they arrested outside of the school?

Albert Marnell April 20, 2007 2:48 pm (Pacific time)

This kid obviously needs help in a mental health facility. Now look at the long list of charges they built up. He is disturbed and may very well wind up in a jail where his problems will fester. Everyone acts suspicious especially teenagers. I'm glad I'm not young anymore just like Maurice Chevalier. 35 years ago PEOPLE were free to roam around and hang out with friends without being bothered by the police with a million inane questions. There is a video on You Tube of a young teen overdosing in a parking lot and it takes the courage of a few women to nag the police (at their own peril) to get an ambulance. The police can only think of handcuffs and trying to fit him in a patrol car and do not know what they are doing. A few common sense citizens stick around to chime in and the police just do not want to get it. Everything becomes a crime to them rather than a crisis or health issue. I used to stay out all night on weekends with friends and the police never bothered us. We have gone too far in the other direction. Help this very, very sick kid. He is a baby! The kid in the You Tube video is passed out and it takes 7 minutes extra for an ambulance to show up because of their one track minds and their disturbed ideas and values. Forget about getting people on legal technicalities to justify your people....I know that some of you do. I hope the kid gets good representation....the charges have to be proved, hope they are on tape and bottome line if I were a judge, I would cancel all the charges and put him in a facility for at least an intermediate term. He is mentally ill and an 18 year old, let's face it, in reality is a child.

Dave. April 20, 2007 1:42 pm (Pacific time)

Haha. The suspect wouldn't tell the cops what the 420 was in rephrence to. This mystery is going to take some hard detective work, but I'm sure they will figure it out.

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