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Lao PDR Government and Hmong Chaofa Indigenous Resistance Clash in Xaysombun

It happened in Xaysombun Special Zone, Phou Bia Mountain, North-Central Laos‏.

Map of Laos
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(MINNEAPOLIS) - On April 24, 2010, around 2:30 p.m. Lao time, Northeast of Mountain Phou Bia, Xaysombune Special Zone inside sources reported that there is very heavy fighting. The Lao PDR invaded Hmong Indigenous territories. Weapons used included 60 MM, 40MM, and DKA 81, and missiles were fired from helicopter at Hmong Indigenous citizens.

Reports also indicated that Vietnamese soldiers accompanied Lao PDR soldiers in this invasion. The Vietnamese Battalion is from Mong Mot Province, and it is now stationed in Phankini-Nam Xay, Pha Kao Province.

In 2005, 30 years later after the Vietnam War ended, Vietnamese soldiers' passports were seized at the Zone supporting the Lao PDR aggression against the Hmong.

The government of Laos and Vietnam have violated the mercenary statutes of the U.N. conventions, and the Vietnam Paris Peace Accord 1973, Chapter VII Article 20.

Hmong Indigenous leaders call upon the international community - the European Union, the United Nations, the United States, and China - to review the Lao PDR actions, violations and aggression against the Hmong Indigenous' social, cultural and economic rights and concerns. Leaders of the Hmong Indigenous are calling upon the international recognition of their plight.

A recent confiscated Lao document confirming intent to eliminate Hmong at the Zone is as follows:

(English Translation Version)


The Lao People's Army NO. 131

Department of Armed Forces, Statistic from Luang Phrabang Province

Operation Order

- Based on the plan and the decree of the Department of Defense of the Lao People Democratic Republic notice number 125 on May 3, 2005. - Based on the planning of Luang Phrabang Province made and be complied.

I, Mr. Kham Onh Chittamee of the coordinating Regiment of Luang Phrabang, decree to all parties - including all troops of soldiers in the Province of Luang Phrabang - that we must unify strongly against our enemy since the government plan commanded that between 2005-2015 to eradicate all right-wing American Vang Pao who have been residually camouflaging in the Lao jungles. These people must be terminated prior to 2015-2020 from Laos.

The American C.I.A. Hmong, together with their offspring forgotten by the Americans, shall be wiped out immediately. After 2020, not one of them will be alive nor will the they fight a secret war. Therefore, I command all of our parties in Luang Phrabang province to carry out this order from now.

Luang Phrabang 20 May 2005

The Regiment of Luang Phrabang

Sealed and signature

Kham Onh Chittamee

(End English Translation - see below for original)

The United Nations was created in January 1941 in the vision of Franklin D. Roosevelt for peace and security for all nations and peoples. It was founded as recognition of the importance of the security of all human beings, and the rights to have freedom and liberty as a nation and people. All citizens live and carry his vision through to today.

The Lao PDR does not recognize the rights of others. It discriminates against the ChaoFa Hmong people and their cultural, social, and religious rights. The Regiment of Luang Phrabang, Mr. Kham Onh Chittamee, declared on May 20, 2005, to wipe out all ChaoFa Hmong and their offspring immediately or before the year 2020, and no one shall be alive there after the year 2020.

To date, the Lao PDR government continues to violates U.N. Charters, Conventions, and its Protocols, and the government ignores international interventions and visitations. The Lao PDR is responsible for committing mass crimes against humanity.

Over 250,000 people, civilians and innocent Hmong Indigenous and their children - are belived to have lost their lives since 1975 as a result of Lao military clashes in the Hmong Indigenous territories.

The civilian lives of Laotians are as important as the civilian lives of the Hmong Indigenous, and the Lao PDR government must recognize the safety of civilians of both nations and people in accordance with the Geneva Convention IV of 12 August 1949.

Hmong Indigenous leaders and the Congress of World Hmong People urge the international community to take this matter seriously before additional loss of life.

Source: Congress of World Hmong People

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Anonymous June 24, 2015 3:02 pm (Pacific time)

American's created U.N. with major countries involved, but a small country the once failed to dominate has really shaken U.N. purpose and power.

In Laos now June 14, 2011 8:42 am (Pacific time)

Mekong Giant, saying that there has been no such claimed resistance movement of any king in the Phu Bia area since 2004 is just plain funny! It just shows you either select your sources of information or that you are blind! The persecution of the Hmong Chaofa in this region has been well documented, in books, in photos, in the news, etc...

Lee Vong Yang November 18, 2010 2:54 pm (Pacific time)

They can never wipe the Hmongs out of the Phou Bia area. After 30 plus years of fighting, they reorganize and were able to fight again. The same process will occur again. Lao and Vietnamese troops invade and kill Hmongs, the Hmongs will scatter but will not be wiped out. They will again one day reorganize and become powerful again. The Lao government should learn Hmong history from China. The Han tried to do the same thing but the Hmong were never wiped out. Get the point straight, even if the Lao and Vietnamese government do wipe the Hmong Chao Fa out in Xaysombun Special Zone, there are still more Hmong living in this world. We will never forget those communists freaks. I believe when the time is right, Hmong will reunite and fight another war if the Lao government wants one.

Mekong Giant September 19, 2010 10:37 pm (Pacific time)

FOR YOUR INFO: 1.There has been no special administrated region called called "Xaysomboun Special Zone" since 2008. The special (economic and politically) administrated zone) was abolished,and reorganized. Xaysomboun is now a district of Vientiane province, two other districts were annexed with Borlikhamxay and Xiengkhuoang. The former head of the special zone, Brig Gen Somphet Tipmala, had a new assignment to a top job in capital Vientiane-- to be first deputy minister defence, no less. He was soon after that promoted to the rank of Maj Gen. Somphet died in 2009 after months of sickness. I understood 'the letter of order" was dated 2005. PLS follow: 2. Most of the erea called Pu Bia has since 2003 become the home to three large gold-copper mines owned and run by Australia's listed PanAust Resources Ltd under concessional agreements with the Lao government. They are Phu Bia, Phu Kham and "Phu Kham 2" mines, to name names. So let's assumed that, basically, there has been no such claimed resistance movement of any kind in the Phu Bia area since 2004 when the Phu Bia mine started production. Several hundred of engineers, tachnicians ,many of them recruited from Thailand, are working there. The authenticity of the copied paper is doubtful.

ZER MOUA May 22, 2010 7:01 pm (Pacific time)

I don't know why it is top priority to ENFORCE laws against poachers, preserving animal life by putting them on an endangered species list, or even issuing fines if you don't have a proper fishing license or catching too many fish, when the lives of HUMANS..."THE HMONG" are being hunted down like animals to the point of genocide. We are talking about human beings here. Animals are being treated better than humans when it comes to exercising the rights of humanity. I hope something will be done to help resolve this ongoing issue in retaliation of MY people assisting in the Secret War.

Chuck Palazzo April 28, 2010 11:21 pm (Pacific time)

Outrageous! And as usual, the US and its henchmen in the CIA who originally recruited the Hmong for their secret war has turned its back on these brave and wonderful people known as The Hmong. We must not allow this story to be suppressed - we must not allow this genocide to occur! -Chuck

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