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Oxycontin Clinics: They are Erupting Like Toadstools

Chills run down my spine when I think about it.


(MOLALLA, Ore.) - Marianne Skolek has been writing about the bad effects of Oxycontin for for about three years.

I have been aware of Oxycontin which is rightfully called “hillbilly heroin” for good reason. It is most likely the most addicting and lethally dangerous drug ever approved by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration).

How it got by the FDA or has not been totally recalled is a measure of the financial success of the congressional and state legislature lobbyists with financial benefits to both the lobbyists and legislators on their staffs.

Purdue Pharma has paid a $700 million fine for lying about its alleged safety but that $700 came out of the chump change drawer. This addiction business is worth billions of dollars and apparently Purdue Pharma makes enough so that bribery costs are only negligible.

They seem to be scattering money all over the U.S. in such quantities that the multitude of recipients don’t even have to be quiet about it.

Ms. Skoleks’ recent article Kids: The New Guinea Pigs for Oxycontin Maker Purdue Pharma is a grotesque obscenity of the egregious power of “filthy money” this is about the worst example I have seen in the pharmaceutical industry.

Ms. Skolek even identifies the physicians who will be using 6-16 year old children as guinea pigs to test these highly addicting/highly lethal dangerous drugs.

The financial incentive/grants must be enormous to have these physicians put their reputations and medical licenses on the chopping block. However, a large enough grant would enable these doctors to quit “consulting” and go fishing or to some Caribbean Island for the rest of their lives.

She identifies these doctor consultants as follows:

            1 – Dr. David Rosenberg, M.D., Phoenix, AZ

            2 – Dr. Peter Przekop, M.D., Loma Linda, CA

            3 – Dr. Elliot Krane, M.D., Palo Alto, CA

            4 – Dr. Mohammad Riaz, M.D., Paramount, CA

            5 – Dr. Jeffrey Galinkin, M.D., Aurora, CO

            6 – Dr. Andrew S. Freiberg, M.D., Hershey, PA

            7 – Dr. Peter Szmuk, M.D., Dallas, TX

Two doctors from Estonia in Europe have also been financially successfully recruited. It appears that Purdue Pharma has also financially recruited the FDA “hirelings” to jump into this financial “Black Hole” again.

In the meantime (no pun) several states are trying to ban Oxycontin from being prescribed in their states. With so much money flying around just to be picked up like gold nuggets, it doesn’t surprise me but chills run down my spine when I think about it.


Dr. Phillip Leveque has degrees in chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacology, toxicology and minors in physiology and biochemistry. He was a Professor of Pharmacology, employed by the University of London for 2 years, during which time he trained the first doctors in Tanzania. After training doctors, he became an Osteopathic Physician, as well as a Forensic Toxicologist.

Before any of that, Phil Leveque was a Combat Infantryman in the U.S. Army in WWII. He suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder more than 60 years after the war, and specialized in treating Veterans with PTSD during his years as a doctor in Molalla, Oregon. Do you have a question, comment or story to share with Dr. Leveque?
Email him:

More information on the history of Dr. Leveque can be found in his book, General Patton's Dogface Soldier of WWII about his own experiences "from a foxhole". Order the book by mail by following this link: DOGFACE SOLDIER OF WWII If you are a World War II history buff, you don't want to miss it.

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John F October 10, 2012 10:14 pm (Pacific time)

Dr. Przekop is a highly respected physician that has helped countless people to be able to live and enjoy life once again. And for some he has given them the ability to actually know what the word enjoyment means for the very first time ever, due to the inability to actually feel joy from the crippling effects of legitimate chronic pain.So before you start pointing fingers just remember that for every finger you point there are 3 pointing back!

Charlie May 2, 2011 6:23 pm (Pacific time)

Amen John, Amen...

John P May 1, 2011 5:35 pm (Pacific time)

The drug is an effective remedy for chronice and severe pain. Rather than blame the pharmaceutical company, blame and arrest the doctors who are prescribing it illegally and to those who traffic in this product. This makes about as much sense as suing gun manufacturers or whisky distillers. Grow up people. Accept some responsibility, use your brain, and stop blaming everyone else.

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