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Dirty Israel

Gaza under attack as Ramadan begins; headlines in Google define ever-preent censorship.


(GAZA / SALEM) - Gaza is under attack on the first day of Ramadan, which is not surprising and very much in keeping with Israeli military habits. Israeli planes bombed the border in the city of Rafah, in the southern Gaza Strip.

The headlines in Google News as of this moment, while Gaza is in flames, are:

Woman lightly wounded by Gaza rocket in southern Israel

Ha'aretz - Yanir Yagna - 3 hours ago
A rocket fired from the Gaza Strip on Monday landed in southern Israel and lightly wounded a 50-year-old woman.

Israel Will Not Apologize to Turkey, Says Yaalon

Journal of Turkish Weekly - 12 hours ago
Israel has said it will not apologize for killing nine Turkish activists onboard the Gaza-bound aid flotilla in international waters last year...

IDF reveals classified missiles used in Lebanon and Gaza wars

Ha'aretz - 4 hours ago
... revealed the previously classified Tamuz missile for the first time Monday, which was used in the Second Lebanon War and Operation Cast Lead in Gaza...

Western readers are led to believe when examining the headlines for today under a search for the word 'Gaza' -

  • that people fired a rocket from Gaza, and that is bad...
  • They learn that the defiant Israel will not apologize to Turkey for killing nine unarmed peace activists last year on a Gaza freedom ship, one of whom was American,
  • and we learn that Israel's military is in a bragging rights session over their deadly missiles fired against the civilian populations in Gaza and Lebanon in recent years.

This, while Israel targets the Gaza Strip illegally and murders people. You hear about rockets, defiance and that Israel is proud of its death tools, but you don't learn that on the first day of Ramadan, an important day in the Muslim world, that the Jewish state sees fit to kill people.

I hope the tables turn soon and that Israel pays and pays and pays for its rotten actions against humanity, every person killed by Israel is a bigger person than the son of a bitch pulling the trigger. The Israelis are cowards's cowards. They define coward, bully, and sometimes they appear to compete with Nazi's for the cruelest and most depraved acts against human beings.

I laugh at the people who say Israel doesn't control the U.S. media. Their monoculture is a haven for ethnic cleansing, apartheid and Genocide. Each and every "supporter" of Israel's dirty military politics, is a supporter of child murder.

Tim King: Editor and Writer Tim King is a former U.S. Marine with twenty years of experience on the west coast as a television news producer, photojournalist, reporter and assignment editor. In addition to his role as a war correspondent, this Los Angeles native serves as's Executive News Editor. Tim spent the winter of 2006/07 covering the war in Afghanistan, and he was in Iraq over the summer of 2008, reporting from the war while embedded with both the U.S. Army and the Marines. Tim holds awards for reporting, photography, writing and editing, including the Silver Spoke Award by the National Coalition of Motorcyclists (2011), Excellence in Journalism Award by the Oregon Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs (2010), Oregon AP Award for Spot News Photographer of the Year (2004), First-place Electronic Media Award in Spot News, Las Vegas, (1998), Oregon AP Cooperation Award (1991); and several others including the 2005 Red Cross Good Neighborhood Award for reporting. Tim has several years of experience in network affiliate news TV stations, having worked as a reporter and photographer at NBC, ABC and FOX stations in Arizona, Nevada and Oregon. Tim was a member of the National Press Photographer's Association for several years and is a current member of the Orange County Press Club. Serving the community in very real terms, is the nation's only truly independent high traffic news Website. As News Editor, Tim among other things, is responsible for publishing the original content of 82 writers. He reminds viewers that emails are easily missed and urges those trying to reach him, to please send a second email if the first goes unanswered. You can write to Tim at this address:

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gp August 2, 2011 11:09 am (Pacific time)

Dear Tim, It must be difficult to keep reporting on this day in and day out, year in and year out, decade after decade. I can't stand to read of one more of these horror stories but unless we all continue to keep it in mind, they win. We need to repeat over and over that this is injustice, murder, and not only racial cleansing but genocide. Israel likes to keep that little word to apply to their history from WWII but hates to hear it applied to their aparthied and racist murder and mayhem in Palestine. Keep it up Bonnie and Tim, keep it up and Palestine "shall overcome some day".

Tim King: Thanks so much, and it is also important to note that the attacks from within are unabated, meaning Israel has fully infiltrated and sometimes it is really hard to know who is who.  Yes, the lessons of WWII, it makes so little sense, and it must make even less to the wonderful Jewish people who are part of our movement and being associated with it. Thanks for your kind words!  

COLLI August 2, 2011 9:51 am (Pacific time)

Israel is doing in plain-sight to Palesting what the Democrats and Republicans are doing covertly to the United States. Remember, "By a unanimous Senate vote and a 407 to 6 majority in the US House, the Congress demanded that Palestinian leaders "cease all efforts at circumventing the negotiation process, including through a unilateral declaration of statehood or by seeking recognition of a Palestinian state from other nations or the United Nations." "The Congress also demanded that President Obama "announce that the United States will veto any resolution on Palestinian statehood that comes before the United Nations Security Council which is not a result of agreements reached between the Government of Israel and the Palestinians". "Furthermore, the Congress, in the words of its resolution, expects President Obama to "lead a diplomatic effort to oppose a unilateral declaration of a Palestinian state and to oppose recognition of a Palestinian state by other nations, within the United Nations and in other international forums prior to achievement of a final agreement between the Government of Israel and the Palestinians." According to Stephen Zunes, "Both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party are still trapped in an early 20th century colonialist mindset which believes that colonized people should only be allowed independence under the terms and conditions granted them by their occupiers." Considering all of this Tim, this attack should surprise no one. The vipers have all united in one more land-grab. Our country supports it because the politicians have something to gain from it. No news there! Palestine would have been attacked if a Palestinean child had thrown a water balloon at an Israeli aircraft flying overhead. Afterall, it is about hatred not justice.

kannan August 2, 2011 5:02 am (Pacific time)

i expect more.

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