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Turkish Foreign Minister and Delegation are Welcome with Blood of Rohingya (GRAPHIC PHOTOS)

Three of my friends had been trying to take photos and they got some which were sent to international media, after then all of my friends lost their lives, even I don’t know how they were killed.

Burmese monks are seen fueling hatred against Rohingya Muslims, blocking international aid to the persecuted community
Burmese monks are seen fueling hatred against Rohingya Muslims, blocking international aid to the persecuted community. Courtesy:

(SITTWE Akyab, Myanmar) - I had learned in history that the ancient Maya people offered the blood of prisoners and slaves to their gods in order to please them by sacrificing human beings.

In Burma, the killing has been fierce

In this modern age, it is the first time Rakhine racists have offered the blood of Rohingya to improve their racist sentiment. When the Rakhines heard the news of Turkish delegation visiting to Myanmar, they started killing, burning, and burying Rohingya people in Kyawk Taw, Mraybun, Punna kyune, Palawa, Aen, Pauk Taw, Maunk U, Minpya, Rambray, and Maung Bawe, as if they are welcoming the delegation with the blood of Rohingya. I haven’t watched this kind of horror picture in my life, and doubt that even the most macabre directors have imagined producing anything like it.

Almost all of the media writes about what is taking place as though it were a conflict or riot between the two groups of people, Rakhine and Rohingya.

In reality there are not two groups fighting in the Rakhine State; armed and well trained Rakhines are killing unarmed Rohingya. Three months ago, State authorities took all of the Muslims’ swords through several door to door operations using security forces. They had taken not only swords but also cameras, and other digital devices too. Muslims were banned to use the Internet in all of Arakan State. Few people could use it without authorities being informed. Before you use the words riot and conflict, I would like you to focus on the following facts.

  1. Rohingya have been systematically persecuting by the State authority, Rakhine and Myanmar government; Rohingya have been banned to attend the schools, to travel from one place to another, to organize any kind of movement social, political, cultural or religious.
  2. Rohingyas’ swords and digital devices were taken; they have nothing to protect themselves.
  3. Rohingyas’ businesses were blocked with several restrictions; they are not allowed to buy whatever they want, they were not allowed to serve in the government infrastructure; they can not even be volunteer staff.
  4. Rakhine have everything; all the security forces are Rakhine, all immigration servants are Rakhine; they have well trained civil forces, they can do business whatever they want freely, there is no restriction for them.
  5. Three armed rebellion forces entered into Rakhine State after reconciliation with Myanmar government, which have enough weapons with them.
  6. Rakhine are Buddhists who are supported by Myanmar government in every aspect of their lives.

A person’s hands and legs were tied with chains, he was deprived of food for many days, when he became very weak physically and morally, another well trained person come with different types of weapons and started beating and chopping, can we consider this two people fighting?

The world needs evidence held by the Rakhine authority and Myanmar government. Three of my friends had been trying to take photos and they got some which were sent to international media, after then all of my friends lost their lives, even I don’t know how they were killed.

We are blocked by security forces and military; we don’t have a media group, and we cannot go out, how we can we find evidences for you?

Even it is very risky, we try our best to get information. Every day we are collecting information from different places through phone calls, however we don’t have enough phone prepaid cards, and we have only limited charge to call, we cant’ buy prepaid cards, it has been banned for us. Let me ask Mr. Tomas Ojea Quintana how many places could he go to observe the reality; how could he report the detailed information of 17 townships, in the Arakan State?

According to law, intentionally plans to kill a person can be a murder case; Dr. Aye Chan who thought that Rohingya are viruses to be cleaned, and President Thein Sein who wanted to deport all Rohingyas to the third countries, are the worse criminals in the World because their intention is to disappear all the Rohingyas from Arakan’s soil. If International Criminal Court can not take any action to those criminals, then how can we implement the international laws intended to protect us and what is the meaning of even having such Courts?

I had learned in the history regarding China that after the discovery of paper, Chinese kept it a secret for 200 years; they didn’t want to share that invention with humanity. I thought it was in the past, modern Chinese might be generous but I realize now that they are still selfish, they care only their benefit, they don’t care human rights and human values, as China’s investment locates in the Rakhine State, and they don’t want democracy in Myanmar.

I read about Bosnia, Libya, Iraq, Syria, and Egypt... everywhere there were arms and weapons belonging to both sides. Rohingya's massacre is completely different from all that violence; yet it is very similar to the Spanish Moor massacre of Cordova and Granada in Spain.

After the return of Mr. Tomas Ojea Quintana, the Rakhine took revenge for his visit by killing thousands of Rohingya. The Rakhine and Myanmar government know well that the UN has a procedure to take action: The UN and international community can not take action immediately.

Rohingya refugees trying to make it to Bangladesh.

When the Rakhine heard the news of the Turkish delegation, they celebrated welcoming activities with Rohingyas’ blood in several townships.

I would like to ask the USA:

    'Why are you keeping silent? You entered Iraq, Afghanistan, and many other places without a UN resolution, why don’t you want to interfere in the Arakan State? Shall I accuse you of a double standard?'

I do hope the USA will try to solve the problem immediately. To maintain the democratic transition in Myanmar, US involvement is essential; otherwise the world won’t trust the US as a leader of democracy. Democracy is the best solution to solve Myanmar ethic, religious, and political issues.

Daw Aung San Su Kyi is in a trap, her members in the Rakhine Sate who are Rakhine Buddhists, are involved in the merciless ethnic killing in Rohingya.

Aung Aung Oo
Chin Pan Road
Kun Dan Quarter

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asif August 13, 2012 5:26 am (Pacific time)

burma khatam hojayga bhut jaldi

gokhan karagoz August 10, 2012 4:37 am (Pacific time)

What a silly explanation and what a crazy story "Pregnant woman"...Now it's a pregnant woman, huh ? On other sites they claim muslims raped and killed 3 women, but there is no clue that muslims killed.
This is why we have justice and courts.You go find those murderers and punish them with your justice.You can not blame all muslims.
I blame ALL AMERICANS for killings in IRAQ,AFGHAN and many other countries.I blame on BRITISH in INDIA,DUTCH for South Africa, SPAIN for South America and so on and so on.
So you need to shut up and reckoning with yourself.

Editor: We have the actual story of what happened underway, it was one woman, and there doesn't seem to be any proof that three young men associated with the crime received a fair trial.  There is no mention of any real evidence either.  For all we know somebody from the Buddhist community committed the crime.  Is there forensic examination in Burma?  DNA?  I t think this is purely a political sham.  I don't believe the men are even guilty.

Salahudeen August 8, 2012 10:31 pm (Pacific time)

The Buddhist Burmiese have always been unjust towards the non Buddhists in general and particularly the Muslims have suffered heavily. Even if the story about the rape is true, nobody has the right to take revenge on the whole muslim community for the crime of one person. The Muslims of the world are now aware of what's going on in and we are with you our brothers and sisters.

Wilfred August 8, 2012 6:16 pm (Pacific time)

So much for Buddhism as a religion of peace. I used to believe that Buddhists were the only non-violent people on earth.

Editor: You are not alone.

Anonymous August 8, 2012 5:35 am (Pacific time)

Do you know why they kill the Muslims? Well I guess you did not hear that story. The Muslims beat a pregnant women. They they raped her over and over. Then they killed her children and she had to watch. Then they killed her. Maybe they are tired of the Muslims killing spree.

Editor: So you actually admit it?  There is no Muslim killing spree, we will keep reporting.  I doubt the rape victim wanted thousands murdered, and there is also a story circulating that this was an inter-cultural relationship, not rape, and there is a persistent report that the alleged perpetrator was tortured to death behind bars.  I have not heard any reports of the kids being involved, or of the women having kids.  Is the culture so non-advanced that it only knows mob mentality?  By this I am asking about the Rakhines ?

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