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His Last Act was one of Kindness and Brotherhood

The ultimate loss...

Jeremy Henwood
Jeremy Henwood

(SAN DIEGO) - Officer Jeremy Henwood, 36, a San Diego police officer, was gunned down in an unprovoked attack. Dejon Marquee White,

23, is believed to be the individual who shot and killed Officer Henwood and was himself killed by police not long after the shooting of Officer Henwood.

Jeremy Henwood had recently completed his third tour of combat duty as a Captain in the Marine Corps (1 in Afghanistan and two in Iraq).

This piece is not about Jeremy Henwood’s service record nor is it about his past as a son, brother, or police officer. It is about his last 15 minutes of life, which exemplified him as a kind and loving human being. The following video helps personify Officer Henwood.

It speaks to the kind of man he was.

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In this video you will see a 13 year old young man approach Officer Henwood and ask for a dime because he was short that much to buy some cookies at the MacDonald’s restaurant they were visiting. You will see Officer Henwood open his wallet and buy the young man the cookies he wanted.

Yes, it was a small act of kindness but it defined to the world the type of man who would be taken from us a few short minutes later. A man whose only thought was to make a 13 year old happy with a few cookies.

In the following video, you will hear the 13-year-old (Daveon Tinsley) tell of the meeting in his own words:

We could focus on the loss of life – both of Jeremy Henwood and Dejon Marquee White. We could concentrate on what type of environment enables such acts of violence. However, the last act of his life speaks to us and says volumes. It tells us that love and kindness reach out to others and warm our own hearts at the same time.

The short conversation between Jeremy Henwood and Daveon Tinsley created a link of kindness and kinship between two lives.

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That link would not have been created by anger or hatred... it was created by brotherhood. It was as if Jeremy reached out to Daveon and said, “I may not know you but I know you are my little brother”.

We never know what tomorrow holds. We know that the act of kindness shown by Jeremy Henwood did not save his life but what impact will that act of kindness have on the life of Daveon Tinsley? The first time that young man ever approached a police officer and he was treated with kindness and shown personal interest. It would not hurt any of us to learn a lesson from Jeremy Henwood or from Daveon Tinsley. A hand extended in kindness is fondly remembered and could be life changing.

We reap what we sow folks. I did not know Officer Henwood but I will never forget him... not because of his three tours of combat duty . . . not because of his time on the San Diego P.D.... but because of his last kind act to a young man who wanted a cookie! While kindness and brotherhood may not hit as hard as a fist, it is never forgotten... but, that is just my opinion!


Writer Robert Collinsworth is an American who isn't hesitant to talk about the good side of his country, and that is a welcome thing in this day and age. admittedly, is very critical of both American politics, as well as those of other nations that we perceive is being wrong in their motives and actions. At the same time, within these structures we criticize, are many outstanding people who make each day a better place for all those around them. They embody and personify the American spirit that is sometimes fleeting, but always present.

These are some of the things Robert takes into account when writing commentary that is designed reach people, to "get them thinking" in his words, and indeed it does.'s goal is for all people to be on the same page, we appreciate Bob's more conservative approach toward that same goal."

You can write to Bob Collingsworth at this email address:

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COLLI August 18, 2011 10:22 am (Pacific time)

Anonymous: I tailored this piece specifically to focus on the last human interaction Jeremy Henwood had before being gunned-down. He did not choose to spend that time filled with hatred who are we to change what it was now? I, like you tend to lean more toward the conservative side of things than toward the liberal side; however, I have a strong belief in the power of brotherhood and of kindness. I also happen to believe that there are too many individuals in the world who are truly in need of assistance through no fault of their own. Yes, there are welfare scam artists and food-stamp scam artists . . . no doubt about it. Do you really find it impossible to focus on the kindness and brotherhood aspect of Jeremy Henwoods last 15 mins. on earth?How about if we get angry tomorrow but today we celebrate his memory in the same way he chose to spend his last 15 mins. alive . . . in kindness and brotherhood? We'll fight tomorrow but for today . . . Peace my friend!

Anonymous August 17, 2011 8:43 pm (Pacific time)

Tell me again why we don't have mandatory death penalty. Because of all them bleeding liberal hearts. It's disgusting to see that a soldier survives three tours in a War and then get shot by some scumbag in San Diego. It's just sickening. I pray for the family of this fallen officer and may the scrumbag rot in hell.

Editor: Good Lord, do you think you should calm down a little bit?  Are you more entitled to be pissed off about this than I am?  I don't think so, this guy to me was a Brother Marine, and that is a real bond.  As for being 'liberal', I am so sick of this, get over yourself,.   Jesus was liberal.

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