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Nuclear Nightmare in Fukushima, Japan Much Worse than Revealed

Court Declaration seeks to force child evacuation from the Fukushima area.

Japanese lose trust in govt guilty of coverup Credit: RTV
Japanese lose trust in govt guilty of coverup Credit: RTV

(SEATTLE) - Independent scientist Leuren Moret, MA, PhD (ABD) has declared that the governments of Japan, the U.S. and Canada are continuing in a concerted, lock-step program of complicit cover-up of dangerous radiation levels resulting from the Fukushima nuclear false flag event of March 11, 2011.

Ms. Moret’s statements are made in an ExopoliticsTV interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre released August 14, 2011.

Also made public is a court Declaration on the impacts and levels of Fukushima radiation by Dr. Chris Busby, Member of the International Society for Environmental Epidemiology and the Ukraine Committee Physicians of Chernobyl.

Dr. Busby’s court Declaration, filed in a Japanese court case seeking to force the evacuation of more that 350,000 children from the Fukushima area, is set out at the end of this article in the public interest.

Japan, U.S., Canadian governments complicit
DOE/Japan - Misleading radiation surveys and maps.

Ms. Moret reveals that her research has uncovered that the misleading radiation surveys and maps released by the Japanese government purportedly of radiation levels from the Fukushima area were in fact documents originally authored and created by the U.S. Department of Energy and then passed secretly on to the government of Japan, which made them public as its own or released them jointly with the US government.

Ms. Moret states, "Challenging the official Japan/US government radiation surveys, the Japanese government television network NHK TV, released a documentary in April 2011, about independent scientists Dr. Shinzo Kimura (formerly Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare), Dr. Masaharu Okano (retired leading expert in Japan on environmental radiation),  and Dr. Keiji Imanaka (Kyoto Univ.) and others, who began on March 15, to make the first ever independent radiation survey after a major nuclear disaster.

Not only did this survey identify and measure very short half-life isotopes, never reported before following a nuclear disaster, but NHK TV immediately released it to the public.

On March 16, the day that Reactor Unit 2 exploded at Fukushima nuclear plant, Dr. Kimura took soil and air samples at the Tamura Municipal Junior High School 35 kilometers from the Fukushima plant.

He reported that a soil sample from a path used daily by students, was contaminated with 5,150,000 Bq/m2 of Iodine 131, as well as 9 other radionuclides.  

Radiation in the air sample was 1.9-93 microSv/hr, more than 40 times higher than normal.  

When they entered the 20 km exclusion zone, the radiation levels inside the car reached 300 microSv/hr.  

They also reported that the Cesium contamination level 4 km from the Fukushima plant was 2000 times higher than 44 km away from the plant.  

The importance of this careful and thorough survey, conducted by Japan's top radiation scientists in Fukushima Prefecture, will increase over time."

Special thanks to Leuren Moret for submitting this article to

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John August 18, 2011 10:05 pm (Pacific time)

How can we compete with these super powers? With all this radiation killing us all and worldwide economic collapse wars and pitting us against each other, These rotten people have really made it hard to endure. We need Jesus badly! I'll see you on the other side some day and give you hugs and kisses.

peace-protest August 18, 2011 8:05 pm (Pacific time)

The truth of what is happening in Japan is hidden because of finanacial and othe issues, mostly, imho, financial. We are looking at a Global Ecomony. The US has few allies left. The UK, France, Japan, well, that's about it. These constant wars against peoples we really have no reason ( if you are aware) to bomb, commit genocide on, or rule, are slowly diminishing. How much longer can the Military Industrial Complex and the NWO, which if far from new concept, continue to control 'our ' beliefs and how much longer will 'we' the people condone their attrocities? If people do no wake up soon, they will win and we will lose, not only Medicare, Medicade, Unions, Every Right that that the Consitution gave us, but we will , or are already, divided by supposed party affilaiation. Which is totally bogus. There are only 2 so called political parties recognized by MSM/LSM ( Lame Street Media). There is, in this nation, a horrible movement going on. When my husband and I moved back to La. 3 years ago, I learned that I was not allowed to vote in the Primary Elections simply because I did not favor one of the two parties. I have never, in my life, subscribed or supported a 'party' and I never will. Now, we are left with 2 options, Republican or Democrat. Both are puppets of the Banksters. How, in my right mind could I subscribe to one or support one? I can NOT !! Wake Up people. The gig is Up. You are being sold out and all in the name of party affiliation. They all work for the same lobby !! Down With AIPAC !! And they want another 20 BN dollars to kill yet more Palestinian children/people? When will the Isreal genocide stop and WHEN will the American People get fed up with paying for it. These same people took you 401K, your retirement money, the retirement money of Iceland, Ireland, and other nataions. They will not stop, unless we stand up and face them.

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