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Handling Flea Issues with Cats in Sacramento

Flea issues happen year-round in Sacramento. If you’re worried about fleas in your cat’s coat, here are a few things to keep in mind.

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(SALEM, Ore.) - The generally pleasant weather in Sacramento may be a gift, but it also means that fleas can be a big problem all year round, as opposed to a problem only in the summertime.

If you have a cat, especially if your cat goes outdoors regularly, fleas can be a huge problem. Here’s how to manage flea issues with your cat.

How to spot fleas

Fleas are often only less than an eighth of an inch long, which can make it difficult to catch the fleas themselves. Here are a few issues to look out for that can indicate that your cat is dealing with an infestation.

Issues with scratching and biting Flea bites are incredibly itchy, and the only recourse your cat will have, is scratching and biting at their skin. If you start noticing that your cat is scratching and biting at itself more frequently, check your cat thoroughly for fleas.

Inflamed, red skin The itching and scratching can lead to inflamed, red skin, which may be more obvious if your cat has very little hair in the area of the flea bites. It can also happen if your cat is having an allergic reaction to flea saliva.

Hair loss Allergic reactions and excessive scratching can easily lead to hair loss, which is especially evident in a long-haired cat. Always consult a veterinarian if you notice hair loss. But hair loss that’s not accompanied by other illness signs could indicate fleas.

Tips for avoiding fleas

How can you avoid fleas in the first place? Try these tips:

Keep your cats indoors Indoor cats live longer, are healthier overall, and have less of an impact on local wildlife than outdoor cats. Especially in an urban area like Sacramento, keeping your cats indoors can keep them safe.

Avoid bringing home unknown furniture pieces One common way for fleas to invade your home is by bringing furniture in that has been infested with fleas already.

If you don’t know where a piece of furniture has come from, you should avoid bringing it home, especially if it has any fabric components, like a sofa or chair.

Check your cat for fleas if they’ve been outdoors If your cat has been outdoors, whether your cat regularly roams outside or you’ve taken your cat out on a leash, you should check them for fleas. Just take a few minutes to look for fleas so you can avoid an infestation.

What to do in case of a flea infestation

What happens if, even after all your work, you still end up with a flea infestation?

First, contact a Sacramento veterinarian to get help with your cat’s flea issues.

It’s especially important for cats since over-the-counter flea products may not be formulated appropriately, potentially leading to serious side effects, such as violent seizures, coma, and even death.

Next, contact an exterminator to see whether you need a whole-house flea solution.

Preparing for and preventing fleas in Sacramento, CA

Fleas are a problem year-round in Sacramento, but they don’t need to be a plague on your home that entire time.

If you’re experiencing issues with fleas in Sacramento, you can talk to a veterinarian and fix the problem quickly. You may even be able to get some pointers to avoid the same problem coming up again in the future.

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