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Jews for the Rights of the Child: Jewish Intactivists Support Outlawing Circumcision

“Intact Genitals are a Human Right” – Protest by Jews for the Rights of the Child

anti-circumcision protest
Courtesy: Intact News

(WASHINGTON D.C.) - The last 100 years have been marked by the declaration and protection of universal human rights, and a marked increase in the quality of life, both in America and worldwide. With these improvements, higher expectations regarding a child’s right to bodily autonomy have become socially accepted and legally mandated. Many argue that since female children in the U.S. are protected by a 1996 law banning female circumcision, this law should be expanded to include the protection of male children as well. The groupsJews Against Circumcision, Jews for the Rights of the Child and the Israeli Organization Against Genital Mutilation have all endorsed laws that would outlaw child circumcision.

There are an increasing number of Jews who are vocal in questioning both the ethics and the legality of circumcision surgery. Jews in the Reform movement have already been advocating for an end to circumcision during the past 170 years. Influential Jews including radio personality Howard Stern and filmmaker Eli Ungar-Sargon also called for laws against circumcision. What follows is a collection of statements from Jews who question the ethics and legality of forced infant circumcision. 
Jews who Support the Circumcision Referendum and Legal Issues 
Jews for the Rights of the Child 
Jews Speak in Favor of Banning Circumcision on Minors 
The Forward: Outlawing Circumcision: Good for the Jews? by Eliyahu Ungar-Sargon 
The Circumcision Referendum: A Liberal Jewish Perspective by Sandford Borins, Ph.D. 
Jewish Journal: Circumcision critic has Board links 

“Good afternoon. My name is Brian Levitt… I am Jewish, the eldest of 3 children and the son of a doctor… I feel deeply harmed by circumcision, and this view has only been confirmed over time. I do not feel closer to Judaism because of my circumcision. On the contrary, I deeply wish one thing had nothing to do with the other. The genital cutting of infants has driven me away from my religion, and I'm far from alone in this view. Eventually my father understood these issues, and even apologized for having allowed my brother and I to be circumcised at birth… There are hundreds of thousands of men who resent their infant circumcision. There are tens of thousands of intact Jewish boys and men around the world who thank their lucky stars they were not circumcised.”
- Brian Levitt, Jewish Intactivist, co-founder of Jews for the Rights of the Child 
Testimony at the California Senate Judiciary Committee Public Hearing on Circumcision. 

Jewish Mother and Childbirth Educator Kathryn Mora Testifying in Support of the MGM Bill at the Massachusetts State House.

"I am a Jewish mother against circumcision and in support of passing Bill 1777. For years I was a certified childbirth educator and now a journalist and filmmaker. I continue to educate people that childbirth is a natural event rather than one filled with unnecessary drugs and other medical intervention, and circumcision is an unnatural event. These are two clear-cut examples of interfering with nature."  
- Katherine Mora, Jewish Mother and Childbirth EducatorTestimony before the Massachusetts Joint Committee on the Judiciary.

“The human right to body integrity would, in this instance, override their religious right.…non-fundamentalist Jews, who constitute a very large number of Reform, Conservative, and even some Orthodox Jews, believe that human ethics are an essential element in the Jewish tradition. … This should give pause to any non-fundamentalist religious Jew, and it is a black eye for the liberal movements that they have not taken this issue more seriously. Perhaps a law prohibiting circumcision is just what these Jews need to start a serious discussion about the problem of brit milah.” 
- Eli Ungar-Sargon, Outlawing Circumcision: Good for the Jews?, The Forward, the Jewish Daily, May 20, 2011.

“I happen to agree with you that foreskin removal should be illegal. It is a mutilation… I agree with you that men should not be circumcised... I don’t know where this circumcision came from… There’s been all kinds of myths. I think it’s nonsense. That if you’re born that way, it seems to me it’s a mutilation to cut it off. The same way in Africa they sometimes cut off a woman’s clitoris and they think that’s justified. I think our foreskins were cut off in order to desensitize us, and I think it was a bunch of religious nudnicks who decided they didn’t want us going around fornicating so they cut off some of our penis skin.” 
- Howard Stern, Talk Radio Host 
Howard Stern, Jewish Intactivist by Rebecca Wald, J.D., BeyondTheBris , March 31, 2011.

"Laurie Evans, the Jewish director of New York's National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource CentersNOCIRC), told the Committee that under Jewish law, the son of a Jewish mother is Jewish, whether circumcised or not, and that despite great pressure she had kept her son intact. She said that many Jewish mothers confide to having been horrified by their boy's circumcision ceremony. She said that initially the ceremony involved removing only a small amount of foreskin, not all of it, and that several Jewish organizations recommend a peaceful birth ceremony instead. She urged the panel to watch a circumcision and raised the issue of botched circumcisions. The second Jewish mother to speak,Kathryn Mora, testified she had been devastated that her son was taken from her in the hospital and circumcised without her consent." 
- Peter W. Adler, A Bird's Eye View of the Hearing On the Massachusetts Bill to Outlaw Genital Mutilation 
Attorneys for the Rights of the Child Newsletter, Summer 2010.

“Jewish baby boys are human and have rights too, and those rights are violently trampled by his (and my) religion, in the case of brit milah. We must all learn to take the blinders off and somehow stop this heinous practice -- yes, by a law, if necessary. 
- Tina Kimmel, PhD, MSW, MPH, co-founder of Jews for the Rights of the Child
Letter to the Bay Citizen.

“In Massachusetts, two Jewish mothers testified in favor of a law making circumcision illegal. Moreover, several Jews and Jewish organizations throughout the country are backing a proposed national law against circumcision. Jewish groups such as Jews Against Circumcision and the Israeli Association Against Genital Mutilation have endorsed the proposed American MGM bill, which would rewrite the U.S. Female Genital Mutilation Act of 1996 so that boys are also protected from genital mutilation.”
- Questioning circumcision, by Shani McManus and Sergio Carmona, Florida Jewish Journal, June 06, 2011. 
“I’d heard how my uncle had fainted during my bris and what a horrible event it was. This was the thing everyone would talk about at the Passover seder… The ban on circumcision that’s on the ballot in San Francisco is a triumph for intactivists… I'm totally for it. San Francisco has often lead the country in elevating our consciousness. It has already helped spread awareness of this human rights crime to other states and hopefully will lead people everywhere to be more compassionate, thoughtful and rational not only towards their own fragile newborn children but to other fellow men and women as well.” 
- Jason Paige, Jewish Singer 
Blood, Sweat & Tears Lead Singer Protests Infant Circumcision, by Rebecca Wald, J.D., BeyondTheBris, July 1, 2011.

Intactivist Jewish Voices - Many Jews Question Circumcision 

Jewish Voices: The Current Judaic Movement to End Circumcision: Part 1 

Jewish Voices: The Current Judaic Movement to End Circumcision: Part 2

Jewish Voices: The Current Judaic Movement to End Circumcision: Part 3

Some International Jews Also Favor Outlawing Child Circumcision

“What about religious freedom? Certainly, the ability to freely practise one's religion remains a vital component of any liberal democracy. But should this trump an individual's right to their bodily integrity? And shouldn't such a principle be extended to all those who, by virtue of their age, are too young to decide on which body parts they would or would not like to keep?... 
"Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights outlaws the kind of "harm" that circumcision can cause; article 14 forbids the discrimination that prevents baby boys from enjoying the same protection of their genitalia as baby girls. In the 21st century, it is time to remember that men, too, can be victims of unjust hegemonic systems tolerated in the name of tradition, culture or religion. If we oppose female genital mutilation, has the time not come for us also to oppose male genital mutiliation?" 
- Neil Howard and Rebecca Steinfeld, Time to ban male circumcision?, Guardian (UK), June 14, 2011.

Rebecca Steinfeld, is a PhD. candidate at Oxford University. She served as an under-35 director and as an associate of the Board of Deputies for New West End Synagogue.

“It seems to me that for liberal Jews the choice comes down to this. Do we want to in some way circumscribe the sexual possibilities of our sons by performing a body modification when they are infants so as to bear witness to the covenant? Are there not other ways to bear witness? Are there not other ways to maintain our distinctiveness from the society around us? Despite having circumcised my two sons, the more I think about the issue, the more likely – were I a resident of San Francisco – I would support the referendum.”  
- Sandford Borins, Ph.D., The Circumcision Referendum: A Liberal Jewish Perspective. 
Sandford Borins, Ph.D., is a professor of Management at the University of Toronto.

Jewish Religious and Historical Issues

Vadim Cherny: How Judaic is circumcision?(Israel)

Being rational about circumcision and Jewish observance by Moshe Rothenberg (NY)

Eli Ungar-Sargon Debates Rabbi Shmuley Boteach on the Ethics of Circumcision (NY)

Defying Convention: An Interview With Miriam Pollack

(U.S.) • One Rabbis' Thoughts on Circumcision by Rabbi Nathan Segal (CA)

Jewish Parents are Trading Circumcision for Peaceful Covenant Ceremonies (U.S.)

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clumsygirl September 1, 2011 2:04 am (Pacific time)

Understand female orgasm from difference between Male and Female Circumcision

Today, people are still entangled in the problem that the real female orgasm is vaginal orgasm from G-spot or clitoral orgasm. Such a simple, easy and instinctive physiological problem actually has deceived all women for so many years. Today I take you to close the truth of female orgasm from the other cruel side.

Circumcision is divided into female circumcision and male circumcision. Male circumcision is the surgical removal of some or all of the foreskin (prepuce) from the penis. Female circumcision is female genital cutting including the clitoris, labia majora and labia minora. But the same circumcisions bring the different results to men and women. I don’t know male circumcision is beneficial for men or not, but at least not affect the male orgasm. Then look at the popular female circumcision in African tribes, in total it’s estimated that as many as two million girls a year are subjected to genital mutilation.

I need to ask why women suffer cruel circumcision. In fact, woman implemented circumcision is as "asexual person." She is never going to have any lust, and in her whole life she can never experience sexual pleasure. I need to ask another philosophical question. Since vaginal G-spot only can give women real orgasm, why did women suffer cutting clitoris, labia majora and labia minora, but not G-spot? Circumcised Women have no any differences from castrated eunuchs in the court of ancient China, and eunuchs have been cut off the penis, testicles, and scrotum. In essence, circumcised female are as same as eunuchs and never going to have an orgasm once. Circumcision makes women lose only one organ which is only able to collect the sexual pleasure - the clitoris. Women lost the rights to orgasm, leaving only the vagina, and became male orgasm'receptacles and reproduction'tools.

G-spot never exists, and do not be deceived by absurd theory. Only clitoris can bring female an orgasm. Female Circumcision makes me even more convinced that there must be some organ in labia majora.

Rob August 28, 2011 11:52 pm (Pacific time)

Nice article. Makes me feel hope that someday there could be peace in the middle east. BTW residents of SF will not be allowed to vote for the rights of children. The revenue stream is too high to allow this tyupe of mutilation to stop.

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