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Blow the Whistle on the Army-CIA McCarthy Saga

Please sign this petition and forward

John McCarthy
John McCarthy- the quintessential writer; a government whistleblower pushing honesty at all costs, we strongly encourage our readers to sign the petition.

(WASHINGTON D.C .) - John McCarthy’s is one military officer's saga of battle with the most powerful and criminally insane Government of the United States of America. He’s fought to regain his reputation for over three decades now, consistently stone-walled by two Government agencies-the Army and the CIA.

John McCarthy in Vietnam

If his case comes out in the open, as it might, perhaps if the petition he has circulated is signed by sufficiently large number of people from around the world, it’d also reveal the deep involvement of CIA in rogue actions intended to prolong the Vietnam War, as also a host of TREASONOUS ACTS by a small group within the CIA and the US Administration. John’s case dates to 1968.

As Larry Bryant, also a Vietnam veteran has added, which I repeat here: “John notes that the Congressional Record in September 1969 has an entry acknowledging the gravity of his case.”

If he wins this battle, it’ll do a world of good to other veterans as well who have suffered similar fate but did not have the courage to battle it out.

You are welcome to his website here:

Very Pissed Off Combat Veterans -- And Blueprints For Change

It is not a news site but one that has important articles, videos, and depositions by experts that expose the true nature of the US Government.

If Ted Kennedy had not taken up his case at the highest level, John would still be behind bars. For many patriotic Americans their Guantanamo is within the USofA. John’s saga is briefly mentioned in Mike Ruppert’s classic “Crossing the Rubicon-The Decline of the American Empire at the End of The Age of Oil” first published in 2004, a well researched book that exposes th true nature of the American Empire.

For convenience, I have pasted the petition below. Should you wish to write to John, please do so; his email ID is on his website.

Kind regards
Arun Shrivastava
PS: LWB is Larry B Bryant

LWB Update (21 Aug 11): John notes that the Congressional Record in September 1969 has an entry acknowledging the gravity of his case.


To:  U. S. Congress

PREAMBLE: The U. S. Central Intelligence Agency -- that federal organization most deserving of operational oversight by Congress and by the news media -- ironically continues to elude such broad accountability. Perhaps some of the best evidence for this conclusion lies in the 1960s case of former U. S. Army intelligence officer John J. McCarthy, who to this day suffers from the CIA-orchestrated wrongdoing that led to his months-long confinement at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, for his allegedly having murdered a Vietnamese double agent. If ever an aggrieved veteran deserved reparations via an act of Congress, then McCarthy remains at the head of the candidates line.


BACKGROUND: To gain a (painful) understanding of what McCarthy has endured, and continues to endure, start with my classified advertisement now posted upon the web site of , whose text is quoted here:


[LWB Note: The following ad originally was submitted several years ago to a few U. S. military installations for paid placement in their weekly newspapers (which are contracted out to local printers, who in turn profit from their sale of advertising space). Each paper's editorial content is managed by the installation's public affairs office. But in the case of my ad, each public affairs chief could not resist rejecting it -- on the grounds that the paper's publishing it would violate (the fairly new) Defense Department policy against accepting "political" ads. (Never mind that, back in the 1970s, these papers did routinely publish paid political ads -- even full-page display ads like those submitted to the Pentagram by political activist Lyndon LaRouche, whose persistence caused the Army and, eventually, the rest of the military to ban such ads.) For more background on McCarthy's case, visit his blog at . (If a scriptwriter for, say, Oliver Stone wishes to access more research material, (s)he can find it at these additional links: and /22.html.) See also Item 2.22 of my blog at -- which entry, as of Aug. 21, 2011, has garnered 11,492 views.]


== Blow the Whistle on the Army-CIA McCarthy Saga! ==


Near the end of the Vietnam war, then-special forces captain John J. McCarthy, Jr., found himself involuntarily transferred to clandestine duty with a CIA-run operation called "Project Cherry." There, close to the Cambodian border, he had no idea what lay ahead for his Army career -- and for his well-being as a U. S. citizen. That transfer resulted in his being railroaded as an expendable pawn in rogue activity that, to this day, eludes even congressional oversight. And, even in today's wartime situation, we see that the inadequate oversight perpetuates treasonous conduct amidst the president's closest advisors, the "intelligence community." McCarthy's continuing story provides enough foreign intrigue, official skulduggery, and personal pathos to warrant an Oliver Stone-type docudrama. But before such a blockbuster expose of official U.S.-led treachery and treason in wartime can reach the screen (and hence consign him to history as hero rather than villain), he needs to hear from all prospective whistleblowers brave enough to help bring to account all perpetrators of this career-ending episode in U. S. military-intelligence abuse and of its subsequent, ongoing cover-up. Contact: Larry W. Bryant at (703) 931-3341; e-mail: .




WHEREAS, John J. McCarthy's saga of official abuse and false confinement have left an indelible scar upon his psyche and on his once-stalwart faith in America's justice system;


WHEREAS, certain elements of the U. S. Central Intelligence Agency and the U. S. Army continue to stonewall McCarthy's quest for behind-the-scenes official information that may help him gain closure in this egregious failure of justice; and


WHEREAS, the investigative resources of Congress's Government Accountability Office should be applied promptly toward his achieving full, unequivocal justice --


We, the undersigned persons from throughout the world, hereby petition Congress to enact prompt legislation granting McCarthy all appropriate reparations (including monetary award) for what certain officials took from him -- physically, emotionally, and financially -- so many years ago.




The Undersigned


Arun Shrivastava is's South Asia Correspondent. An accredited management consultant, Arun is also a highly experienced researcher and writer. He studied in India and England and returned to India in 1989, after a brief stint as senior officer with Economic Development Unit of Birmingham (UK). From 1989 to 1994, he taught Strategic Management and Long Range Planning to MBA students at International Management Institute in Delhi.

About twenty years ago he founded two institutions, one for consulting and another for doing sponsored research work; today both are known for excellence. Since the events of 9/11, he has devoted much of his time to researching NWO issues. Arun also moderates International Human Rights Organizations’ discussion group. is very pleased that Arun Shrivastava chose to join our dynamic team which has been paying increasing attention to problems taking place in India. He is's 94th writer and his presence allows us to better cover important events in an increasingly interconnected world community.

You can send an email to Arun Shrivastava at this address:

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Daniel February 28, 2016 10:16 am (Pacific time)

You have suffered so much John. I wish you get the justice that you deserve. I wish you all the best!

charles August 29, 2011 10:28 am (Pacific time)

CIA Clowns-In-Action!

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