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Op Ed: Point-of-Attack
Now Preparation
For Policy-Change

Same seductive saboteurs seek simplistic situations.

President-elect Barack Obama
President-elect Barack Obama

(EUGENE, Ore.) - President Barack Obama was elected by universal recognition that change MUST come in an America now driven towards an historic New Depression.

His ascendance demonstrates clearly and most intriguingly-- what empowers our Constitution and its encompassing Bill of Rights. But already the same slippery-seductive set of those determined to shape for themselves --thus seduce or even sabotage-- whatever President Obama is able to produce are right back at work.

With their lushly-nurtured lobbyists darkly lurking wherever they can find contact, you can bet. They hope to perpetuate “what has been”, as their best way to kill off what MUST be, now.

Not yet legally arrived, his new Administration irrevocably faces a nation still riven with distressing, deplorable social/cultural conflicts --including desperate dangers, as we surely know from the past.

The very fact of rapid transition, never as well accomplished before, points to overwhelming necessity reflected in Obama’s huge operational mandate.

Complex deterioration is recognized as arising from continuing extremely serious loss of fair and acceptable, equitable sharing of worker productivity, at increasing historic levels, with large rises in corporate profits.

Millions are now facing desperate struggle simply for survival. That inexorable, irresistible straight-fact of history is now so thoroughly reflected in the current economic crisis as to be out-of-range for even the most radical neoconservative in the deepest of denial-reactions.

But there are those who refuse to recognize the plain facts of reality-now, and still will take any means to their own malign ends, even including dangerous coded words for violent action.

They seek one-time/shots to paste dollar Band-Aids on revolting wounds going much deeper into both our economy and our culture.

Obama’s first moves presage putting taxpayer dollars into investments for our future, long delayed and denied by neocon policy.

He has set course solidly for recovery in substantial terms of wise public investment --NOT more tax cuts for the rich at the obvious cost of the rest of us.

Main Street will soon see his major interest for all the people, in many ways.

Look for due attention to energy independence and the dangerous global warming caused by corporate negligence; that can produce millions of new jobs. Watch for rapid wise infrastructure reinvestment, remindful of FDR’s New Deal programs employing many when UNmanned by massive economic factors beyond individual control.

Youth --his strong supporters from the start-- will find their access to both “regular” college and the now-ubiquitous community-college facilitated by sensible attention to extended funding, easing their necessity to prepare for 21st Century-level work and career.

Pragmatic is the right word for this new President. What he seeks is rapid but practical approaches to matters left far too long open to direct attack by the neocon-shiftless he replaces.

He recognizes that their slashing tax cuts --primarily profiting the very top-incomes in the nation--were also meant to manipulate national fiscal matters; and to facilitate “starving the beast” of government via slashed federal funds for anything.

Ergo: “Government has failed you AGAIN !! All that social/survival-net stuff gotta GO !” --and it did.

A well-recognized, mutually lucrative longtime social compact, early-on, concentrated by far the major U.S. manufacture method and management to produce world-leading wealth and security for both workers and corporate owners.

Unions and then-skilled conscientious corporate management achieved their goal via democratic dialog.

That’s WHY the American auto industry long led the world via innovation --triggered originally by the triumphant concept of “the assembly line” by Henry Ford.

Many complex factors --most unrecognizable and unprepared-for, have combined to complicate and even conceal what has happened since those early days. Rapid worldwide political, economic --and overwhelming technological change has occurred, making commonplace that truism: “The only sure-change you can count on is the fact of change itself.”

But continuing progress around the globe, built by corporate contingents seeking only-and-always “profit uber alles”, finally fell inexorably into false, furious, futile preoccupation with dollar-power uber democracy.

“National interest” ruled the home-roost, and we allowed it to overpower the prescience provided by our Founding Fathers, sharply warning us-in-the-future of the constant dangers inevitably developed by any foreign entanglement.

Too often corporate concerns were backed by U.S. military might seeking world hegemony at any cost. Too many small and most still-developing countries have felt that weighty hand via capital-supplied from world agencies ostensibly as necessary fiscal support.

For too many, while survival help was truly sought, they ended by accepting rigorous, rigid conditions conducive mainly with continuing corporate dominance.

Look for that fiscal folly to end with Obama’s application of pragmatism, for innovative ways for U.S. foreign policy to preserve global peace, while still promoting and projecting our true national interests.

Fair is fair, and freedom is fuel for real forward progress around this hurting world; the U.S. CAN help, not hinder, hamper, destroy and then depart.

One sure thing: NO MORE preemptive attacks to guarantee corporate control of another nation’s national treasure of natural resources. That’s WHY “energy independence” will be among the most-pursued, pragmatically-sought provisions of this Obama administration.

Will it build jobs, generate just-and- effective remediation for long-neglected infrastructure support; renew and strengthen transport developments and air safety measures; manage to motivate massive movement to metropolitan transit from traditional --and failed dependence on personal four-wheels stuff?

That’s a large question: The answer will depend on the degree to which President Obama is granted the full-hearted and good faith support of the American people.

No other question looms so huge and so hard to achieve --not even universal health insurance, now surely shown to be the next-big-thing blowing up its own storm, just over the horizon. The storm. that is: the health problems are ALREADY here.

What happens on health is probably the next badly-needed remedial development, keyed for constant effort until achieved by escalating, unsustainable costs. Fact is millions now out of work are also out of any safety/security on health, with huge, horrendous new costs sure to come via ER-dependence, very soon.

What other choice is left to those so unfortunate as to be “irresponsibly UN-employed“? That’s how the Far Right will be sure to pitch the spin: No more white-Cadillac/driving welfare mothers to mangle, so they will find some others somehow.

That’s too much, too soon, too inevitable, to be allowed to happen for long --so look for renewed and remarkably rapid developments there --sure to relight fires of fury from the Right, regardless of how-done.

Will the Obama-watch answer all of these, for all of the people, all in his first four years?

“Not hardly”, as my favorite Western pistol-toter would surely answer. But then, another-gun might chime right in:

“Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything."
---Wyatt Earp

Which would you prefer, NOW ??

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new2site December 8, 2008 2:25 pm (Pacific time)

Thanks Henry. Tapping the resources you mentioned are far long overdue, and I hope the new administration continues to take this into consideration. I was a little let down when Obama strongly supported the bailout, but maybe that is because I have strong negative feelings in regards to wall steet and the bankers. From my understanding, they have been around quite a long time, and have learned the tricks of the trade. Doesnt seem the tricks they learned are very helpful to the citizens. I also have great concern on just how much power they have over this country. Some say, more power than the president, but I dont know. Just concerned. In any case, we will see what happens. Hopefully, the resources will be tapped, and we wont follow history by engaging in wars during times like these. I also hope the attitude of world domination does not continue.

Henry Ruark December 8, 2008 9:17 am (Pacific time)

To All: Here's "see with own eyes" link to Salon interview with Paul Krugman, Nobel Laureate economist. Had planned excerpt, but so significant a statement you should seek to see it all !:,GGGL:2006-32,GGGL:en (moretocome in Op Eds)

Henry Ruark December 8, 2008 8:53 am (Pacific time)

n2s et al: Welcome, friend, despite thorny question. I'm NO economist -as dizzy as all others re dollar-spins-- but this one is key to what many believe fundamentally, from which doth flow most values in any democracy. Resources for learning-doing resoundingly available now as never before, for friendly sharing via open-channel here. NO EXCUSE for Un-informed, or MIS-informed, OR Malign acts of political-pandering...this is not free-fire zone for any propaganda-pushers... Wealth is created by mutual cooperation of involved and responsible entrepreneurs and essential workers --NOT by unrestrained domination of aristocracy(read:"elite") with some capital, however first accumulated. We left that behind in the Middle Ages... Investors are essential to any partnership project, but must NEVER be sole profit-takers !! We have great, untouched, new resources opening to our famed innovative, inventive genius. We have hugely neglected and well-protected hidden assets now untouched for commonweal purposes. We have new 21st Century openings to put total-of-all to work as Founders intended and set us up for DOING. (moresoon in upcoming Op Eds.) IF I do not upset, irritate, anger, sometimes clarify, to drive cogitation it won't be for lack of effort ! Apathy,avoidance, indifference are death to our democracy. Dialog is life, motivation and only means for ANY progress. Peaceful consensus defeats any deathly violence anytime. Thanks for civil, challenging participation --and look for your forthcoming responses.

new2site December 7, 2008 5:54 pm (Pacific time)

New viewer.. I like the difference of this website rather than the mainstream media websites. Hope to be more of a part. My question is to Henry. All your thoughts and views are nice, but, if you have the time to indulge me, just one question. Where will all the money come to do anything for the economy or for the American people? Its a simple question. Where will the money come from? Last I heard, foreign countries will not lend us anymore money. In fact, the foreign countries are trying to get rid of the dollar. The federal reserve bank just took 8 trillion dollars, and we have a 12 trillion dollar defecit?. I am very confused.Can the U.S. just keep printing money out of thin air? Seems as tho other countries are getting very upset with the U.S. They are blaming us for the world wide meltdown. Just very simply, wondering where the money is coming from. From my research, politicians pacified Argentina in 2001, and Iceland recently. So, yes, I am concerned about the rhetoric our representatives, and media are telling us, and that they might not be telling the truth. thank you for your time.

Henry Ruark December 7, 2008 3:48 pm (Pacific time)

To all: Update Dionne to current crisis we now face ? Here's "see with own eyes" excerpt from Friday column: ( "Obama's luxury is that the economic demands of the moment almost perfectly coincide with his political interests. With even conservative economists urging Obama not only to cut taxes but also to spend and spend and spend some more, he has an opportunity to keep a whole raft of political promises all at once. Middle-class tax cuts? Practically a done deal. New investments in green technologies? No problem. "Smart" meters to help households save on energy costs, plus a new electricity grid? A natural. Universal broadband? It's about future growth. Investments in medical information technologies? Good for jobs now; good later for cost containment, better treatment and health insurance reform. Already, there is grumbling that Obama shouldn't try to do anything special with the stimulus; only old-fashioned programs need apply. The critics are grousing: How dare Obama try to use the crisis to transform the country! But this view is shortsighted. If the government has to spend a lot of money, why not use it for programs that can lift the economy now and also deliver a long-term payoff? Insisting on the same old approach to a stimulus means demanding only backward-looking investments that leave us with the same old problems once the spending spree ends." ------------------ His ref. to "sameoldsameold" is clearly to such statements as we have seen here from some still awakening from the '60s. Check it out for yourselves to see if I evaluate it fairly. But don't hold breath for same treatment by these others who have reason to conceal their ID and backgrounds, as my Va.4 taught a few of us,long ago...

Henry Ruark December 7, 2008 1:34 pm (Pacific time)

PS: Yes-completely aware of non-leak legal requirement. You will be familiar, too, with ways around that, if you are indeed so bound. Have heard that used as excuse ever since early days in D.C. If you are so encumbered you are ill-advised to be making public statements opening up that painful issue. SO, again, prove up point or admit to distortion; ID editor for confidential disclosure. Disclosure of status, I am advised, is NOT precluded in the agreement. OR is yours different ???

Henry Ruark December 7, 2008 2:07 pm (Pacific time)

For our (man) serious readers, this quoted passage from E.E. Dionne's WHY AMERICANS HATE POLITICS (1991 !) will prove highly relevant: (Introduction, p.11) "The cause of this false polarization is the cultural civil war that broke out in the 1960s. Just as the Cold War dominated American political life for decades after it ended, so is the cultural civil war of the 1960s, with all its tensions and contradictions, shaping our politics today. We are still trapped in the 1960s." ------------------- Reading THAT in 2008, after the transformative election of Nov. 4, would seem to solidfy the time-frame from which some commenteers still emerge, to wipe eyes and awake in the 21st Century --OR to continue in the same sleepy trance into which they entered back then. (Check Dionne for yourself, to see rest of Intro which makes this point completely UNcontoversial for those who can read highly professional political English from one of the great masters.)

Henry Ruark December 7, 2008 1:33 pm (Pacific time)

PS: Yes-completely aware of non-leak legal requirement. You will be familiar, too, with ways around that, if you are indeed so bound. Have heard that used as excuse ever since early days in D.C. If you are so encumbered you are ill-advised to be making public statements opening up that painful issue. SO, again, prove up point or admit to distortion; ID editor for confidential disclosure. Disclosure of status, I am advised, is NOT precluded in the agreement. OR is yours different ???

PS December 7, 2008 1:19 pm (Pacific time)

HR in time I imagine the msm will start to report that many in the military (Field Grade Officers) are retiring at a quicker clip than average, and maybe they will come from sources you approve of. Note: Same thing has happened in previous administrations. As far as those who are leaving the intelligence community, that's a story that will be reflected when and if there are successful terrorists attacks in the future (be informed: covert's are covert for a reason). Those Americans that are going to be around in the not too distant future (10-15 years) should demand that we beef up our security, rather than scaling back. Watch border infrastructure cutbacks occur that have already been funded. As the saying goes we have to be right 100% of the time (never a mistake) and the terrorists' only have to be right once. For those who have experience in either military or civilian "operations/intelligence", they know exactly what I'm talking about, those who don't but still profess that they do are why we need covert personnel in helping secure our nation. Leaks and national security are not compatible. HR you may be aware that literally thousands of people (civilian and military, currently working and retired) are bound by confidentiality agreements under penalty of criminal prosecution not to divulge certain information. There is nothing that I have posted that cannot be verified by those who have minimal training in research methodologies, though ideological perspectives may hinder some.

Henry Ruark December 7, 2008 11:57 am (Pacific time)

PS: Nobody questions presence of too many ostensible "cultural conservates" --only their continued politically driven pandering to outmoded and disproven social and cultural progress. THAT, sir, is what MANDATE was all about. Ojections, dissent, even some confrontation, all part of democratic dialog. BUT deliberate distortion and perversion on personal feeling without solid support is akin to sabotage and subversion --of which we've already had far too much --which is why Impeachment will soon come "off the table".

PS December 7, 2008 10:15 am (Pacific time)

Hold on when it comes to major policy changes, for the recent below congressional vote yesterday clearly signals that "cultural conservatives" are a majority presence and demand that their values be upheld. "In a shocker, there will be a GOP Rep. in New Orleans. In a surprising twist, GOPers won a sweep in LA tonight in two general elections, picking up embattled Rep. Bill Jefferson's (D-LA 02) seat in New Orleans, and holding retiring Rep. Jim McCrery's (R) seat in the Shreveport-based Fourth District. But the surprise of the night, and possibly the cycle, was in the Big Easy. Atty Ahn “Joseph” Cao (R) defeated Jefferson 50-47%. Dems outnumber GOPers here [6-1], and [African Americans make up 61%] of the vote." They also now have a republican governor in that state. Now the above is also real change.

Henry Ruark December 7, 2008 9:21 am (Pacific time)

PS: You wrote:"...many have been resigning or putting in their retirement papers before Obama is sworn in. Same thing is happening with our field grade military officers as per my sources." SO if this happening, where's national, rational, reliable source for numbers, names,and necessary details ? Like rank and past assignments ? Which service, how many, and their statements of WHY ?? Easy to write that open-ended assertion here, but now you must prove it or stand very convincingly revealed by your own distorting words. We do not seek YOUR "sources", only corroboration from some reliable speaker we can trust. Surely you do not contend that anything THAT crucial to our national security could go absolutely UNDISCLOSED ? That, sir, is beyond reason in a nation known for its probing disclosures by those very ones you say so dissent from Obama actions now ? For example: Wm. Kristol, of PNAC notoriety; or any of some ten or so, sometimes cited here for high crimes of improvisation.(Check past Op Eds since '04.) Where's your backup, sir ? If you insist on repeated unjustifiable inanities, least you can do is share ostensible sources, OR do you just depend entirely on same level of gut-feelings as Bush ? You will recall he's notorious lie-maker on national security which is why we are attacking preemptively in Iraq. We laid on you a simple test assignment: To evaluate and share from national experts on high-interest issue. Never saw a word of response, did we ? We've asked for ID to prove up credibilities and reveal from whence cometh your ideology; no further data ever received. I did have some training contacts with "four gentlemen from Virginia" at Indiana U., long ago, exploring, sharing content analysis methods for mutual usage --cited here in past. But you never disclose any of your background; which was one of main points-of-warning I lerned early-on at IU --and share here frequently. SO, why not now speak up, and whip off that mask ? If you wish credibility, sir, earn it by same disclosures others here continue on the record.

Henry Ruark December 7, 2008 8:34 am (Pacific time)

To all: OpEdNews has become one of the most-visited blogs in the nation now. SO here's "see with own eyes" from it for our readers, with real relevance to S-N comment: December 7, 2008 The Extinction of Right Wing Neanderthals; The Rising of Bottom-up Intelligence By Rob Kall "I’m getting a feeling for what it might have been like for modern mankind to experience the dwindling disappearance of the Neanderthals. I hesitate to use this analogy, because it is an insult to Neanderthals, but I DO get this funny feeling that we are seeing a similar phenomenon—the dwindling disappearance of right wing, stupid, bigoted, intolerant, xenophobic right wing extremists." -------------- SO check out the most-visited national blog to see reliable view from that perspective. Dissent is democratic motor for rational discussion; when perverted to political pander it undermines, delays, defies and can destroy the will of the majority. Obama, by consensus of reports by authorities, received huge mandate --still denied by a few, including some in S-N. Fact is fact, personal feeling is NOT "informed opinion". Here you pays your nickel for our paper; then you can do with it whatever your most pressing need may be. But please discard it elsewhere afterwards. (I'm tempted to write "Cheap at twice the price", but fear the CHEAP might be distorted, too. Tim has only so much patience, while bearing costs of such silly situations.)

Henry Ruark December 7, 2008 8:12 am (Pacific time)

PS: Yu wrote: "This behavior (criicism of others) has been going on in America since the Pilgrims landed, and throughout recorded history. It's a positive attribute of a democracy, for when we don't see it happening, then we have a dictatorship, as educated people are aware of." Thank you for clarifying your values re reasonable dissent, sir. As always, you distort both intent and demonstration in this channel. We welcome dissent from anyone basing feeling on fact, and able to cite sources for same. It is only when political pandering for a single view is demonstrated continuously that we seek ID as one should for masked man at door anytime. Re rest of your incomparably bent, overblown and otherwise perverted personal feeling re historical fact, ID self to editor for direct contact, as offered numerous times before to preserve attention, time, and reading effort here for many. IF you seek mutual learning from rational dissent-shared, sir, that's the way to get it done. Since you NEVER accept, that, too, proveth my case.

Henry Ruark December 7, 2008 8:02 am (Pacific time)

H-rump: You wrote: "Obama has a degree in law. This hardly qualifies him as knowing a blessed thing about business, economics, finance, or anything else useful." Here's definition of knowledge covered in law degree: law (as in "collection") n. : the collection of rules imposed by authority; "civilization presupposes respect for the law" SO you reflect personal value for all those who know law and what it constitutes, per rest of definition: ""civilization presupposes respect for the law" Again, sir, you prove my point from you own words, including yours re impeachment for ONLY those YOU see as "guilty". With that level of judgment now well demonstrated for all here, time spent on your is simple waste, so farewell and Happy Homeland to you for rest of Obama's terms, sure to come despite determined sabotage now from such as believe as you obviously do.

Harumph December 6, 2008 5:57 pm (Pacific time)

Obama has a degree in law. This hardly qualifies him as knowing a blessed thing about business, economics, finance, or anything else useful. And sure, I think that Frank, Pelosi, Reid, and assorted others should be impeached for their gross incompetence and outright dishonesty involving Fannie and Freddie, an assortment of policies they created and pushed. They are the general cause of our financial nightmare, and their actions, of driving through trillions of dollars of debts and obligations now piled onto the taxpayers is criminal. That's where I stand. Oh, you could throw in Paulsen, too.

PS December 6, 2008 9:39 am (Pacific time)

HR out of the last 40 years you referenced, how many of those years did we have a democrat-controlled congress(they have the "power of the purse.")? Answer, the vast majority of that time. What is coded about "things [may] get dicey?" It should be obvious to most Americans (I hope) that we have not had a significant terrorist attack since 9/11/2001. So it appears that the professionals have been doing their job. I would hope that reasonable people would understand that for intelligence purposes these security professionals will not share with the public their methods for protecting our safety. The fear for some was that the Patriot Act (Obama voted for it) would be used to hurt our privacy. Well what we have seen recently is it is partisan operatives who have illegally endangered our privacy rights. Look what happened to "Joe the plumber." Various investigations are still going on in Ohio, where one state department head was suspended without pay by the governor, and more possible criminal charges may be coming when the "Discovery Process" begins next year. My hope is that Obama retains the professionals that have kept us safe, but many have been resigning or putting in their retirement papers before Obama is sworn in. Same thing is happening with our field grade military officers as per my sources. HR I don't know if you have much experience in "operations/intelligence", but it is a very difficult profession in the best of times, and this is not the best of times. Regarding Obama's background, Harumph is accurate, but Obama was elected and he's in the hotseat. Criticism is a natural and correct thing to pursue. How about if the approx. 60 millions who voted against him treat him just the same way Bush was treated by his detractors? This behavior (criicism of others) has been going on in America since the Pilgrims landed, and throughout recorded history. It's a positive attribute of a democracy, for when we don't see it happening, then we have a dictatorship, as educated people are aware of. It's unfortunate that we had those who were in power compelling Banks and other mortgage loan organizations compelled to issue sub-prime loans which began in 1999. May have had a different political/economic dynamic. We'll work things out, that I am sure of, for we all love America, right?!

Henry Ruark December 6, 2008 8:29 am (Pacific time)

H-rump et al: Here's simple-test for you: Quote: "Demonization, guilt by association, and the politics of fear did not triumph, not this time. Let’s hope they never will again. And let’s hope we might now assert that in our wildly diverse society, talking and listening to the widest range of people is not a sin, but a virtue." Do you AGREE or DISAgree ? ID of speaker on your civil, now-challenging response... Here' another: "Where do ypu stand on IMPEACHMENT ? NOW, Later or NEVER ?" Given yours re "incompetence" seems only fair to ask ! IF one does not know with whom one dialogs, questions and quotes can sometimes light up that darkness. Those who must work in communications rapidly learn that those who stay hidden when challenged ALWAYS have reason so to do, usually because ID-as-in-conversation kills their intent rapidly. NO WAY for "retaliation" here, and concealment when queried is positive proof for WHY it is employed. Comment here is obviously purely public statement, for which speaker MUST be held accountable, responsible for any credibility of "opinion". Publisher is painfully legally responsible; so must source for statement be, too. SO if you send it, sign it honestly and then stand behind it, too.

Henry Ruark December 5, 2008 8:09 am (Pacific time)

To all: HURUMPH wrote: "He has absolutely no first hand knowledge of business, economics, or everyday life." Now we know what a community organizer in Chicago's tough "surround" does for all those years. He simply ignores all learned in life, college, grad degree,law school, teaching, legislature, and Congress. What's YOUR record, Hrmph ? WHY not run for election ? OR did you --and LOSE, as in Nov. 4 vote ?? Denial rears its obvious head once more, making Lakoff look that much better allatime...

Henry Ruark December 5, 2008 7:54 am (Pacific time)

Harumph: "Harumph" to you, too, sir, and I ain't behind any tree, either. Two questions from rapid content analysis: How do you stand now on impeachment of current cabal of incompetents ? NOW, later, or NEVER ?? and Did you buy YOUR gun on Black Friday ? OR do you have it already ? Denial proven to produce plain old violence when untreated long enough. For DIY, see mine re Lakoff earlier; it provide cognitive proof for such s...,(stuff, that is !)

Harumph December 4, 2008 7:29 pm (Pacific time)

Obama's utterly incompetent. He has absolutely no first hand knowledge of business, economics, or everyday life. Everything he seeks to do is wrong, flat our wrong. Our nation's survival is dependent upon his being obstructed fiercely at EVERY turn. From his belief in federal spending as anything but a destroyer of the economy, and his indebtedness to a whole host of special interests, who he appears desperate to pay off with trillions of future taxpayer dollars, there is absolutely NOTHING he wants which should not be obstructed, by every legal and illegal means.

Henry Ruark December 4, 2008 10:54 am (Pacific time)

To all: P. wrote: "Will congress ignore the will of the people? American's (of all races/ethnic backgrounds) want our laws enforced, so this should prove to be interesting, especially in light of the growing majority who feel we will have a terrorist attack under the Obama Administration, and if that occurs, things may get dicey." Again, sir, yours proves mine re denial right on the mark. Again, what's NEW about Congress (cap-demanded for clarity) ignoring the will of the people ? Has done so for most of the 40 neocon years. Re "laws enforcd", pragmatism demands naming those now laxed off, and determining why --which brings us to emphasis on deregulation allowed widely under neocons even as Congress acted --as in Bush signing statements to ignore laws he just signed ! Now count more than 1,000 ! "Terrorist attack" fears ? That hardly justifies last coded words "things may get dicey." Would you care to clarify, or should I make the obvious assumption on the terror-fear act that springs to mind ? IF we had expended 1/100th of Iraq preemptive attack costs on homeland security, we then would have little to fear. SO ? Such reactions continue to demonstrate denial, deeper even than your original re "what the Founders envisioned: Small government and fiscally conservative." Pragmatic they were, too, and first thing they did was radical act to fund worthless Revolutionary bonds...hardly "conservative", and, for then, extremely "radical." Check for yourself, sir -it may help to correct that skewed frame. If you are open to learning, perhaps it may even change your view of O's first steps, as detailed in Op Ed.

Henry Ruark December 4, 2008 10:17 am (Pacific time)

P: You paid your nickel for the paper, so thanks for the massage, not that it is very meaningful. Cognitive science points very conclusively to "frames" as the unconscious controls for mental processes. Have you checked your obvious alignment recently ? For our (many) serious readers see THINKING POINTS;George Lakoff: ISBN-10:0-374-53090-4 for compelling comparative analysis relevant here. Die-hard neocons are defined by that impossibility to learn from realities, retreating ever deeper into denials.

Percival December 4, 2008 10:00 am (Pacific time)

Agreeing to the fact that Obama is pragmatic what shall he do when he see's the below poll by the highly accurate Rasmussen? The below are some serious numbers. Will congress ignore the will of the people? American's (of all races/ethnic backgrounds) want our laws enforced, so this should prove to be interesting, especially in light of the growing majority who feel we will have a terrorist attack under the Obama Administration, and if that occurs, things may get dicey. "Rasmussen: Wednesday, December 03, 2008 Seventy-four percent (74%) of U.S. voters continue to believe the federal government is not doing enough to secure the country’s borders, even as President-elect Obama has named a new secretary of Homeland Security who is opposed to a border fence. Just 11% say the government is doing enough to secure the borders, while 15% are undecided in a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey. Eighty-five percent (85%) of Republicans and 73% of unaffiliated voters don’t think the government is doing enough to control the borders, compared to 64% of Democrats.

Percival December 4, 2008 9:14 am (Pacific time)

No doubt Obama is pragmatic, can you name a politician on the national level who is not? For all you wrote above, there is a recent event that may put a fly in your extrapolated ointment, and that is Sen. Saxby's recent Win on 12/02: 08's Most Intellectually Pure Contest. For all of the talk about "bi-partisanship," the Georgia Senate run-off was nothing if not blatantly partisan. It was, simply, ALL about the party, and by extention, was the most intellectually sound and pure election in all of the 2008 cycle in my opinion. Six years ago, Republican Saxby Chambliss routed incumbent Max Cleland by running a partisan and aggressive campaign that "infuriated Democrats" at the time. Since then, Chambliss has often wandered off the conservative partisan plantation and infuriated mainly his own base. He even got chastised for a "reach across the aisle" energy vote when oil was over 100 bucks a barrel. In the final analysis the people wanted someone more conservative than the democrat candidate and it was Governor Sarah Palin's endorsement of Sen. Chambliss that allowed for his gigantic landslide win by approx. 15 huge points. More important than this race is that Governor Palin who has been vetted by the American people is simply a positive force of nature, so expect her to be one of the experienced executive leaders that will reshape the political landscape in the years ahead to be like what our Founders envisioned: Small government and financially conservative. The cultural conservative movement is gaining steam, so watch Obama move more to the right. Reason: He's pragmatic, but he will lose much of his base when he makes that move.

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