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Gun Sales Surge in Oregon as the Industry Takes a Dive

An Oregon gun shop owner says the election of Barack Obama has dramatically affected gun sales.

Pistol from George's Hole in the Wall Gun Shop
Pistol from George's Hole in the Wall Gun Shop

(COOS BAY, Ore.) - Gun sales in Oregon have slowed dramatically because most of the desirable firearms are sold. Prices on the AR-15 assault weapon and the AK-47 have tripled, according to Coos Bay, Oregon gun shop owner George Davis.

He says the shelves are bare at his store, George's Hole in the Wall Gunshop. He has seen a lot of his changes since he started working in the gun business 14 years ago.

Davis believes the progressive Democratic politics of Barack Obama put the rights of gun owners in jeopardy. "This stuff has failed time after time, and all the promises Obama made, it was 'yes we can', and now, for gun owners, it's 'No we can't'".

It is true that Obama has made a number of moves in his political career that would give fear to groups like the National Rifle Association. Oregon released today that there was a record number of gun sales on "Black Friday", and that the record numbers took place throughout the entire month of November.

It all comes down to a state of mind. Many Americans believe these may be the last stages for the sales of certain weapons that fall into the "assault" category.

George Davis says gun buyers are "panicking, buying anything," adding, "I'm amazed I have any rifles left at all." He says several high-powered pistols are also a hot ticket.

The craze hasn't affected some of the smaller weapons sales. Davis continued by saying, "I haven't sold out of .22's and weapons like that quite yet, but the AR's and the 308's are long gone, they're next to impossible to get."

A year ago, it took Davis two to four weeks for a firearm delivery from the major manufacturers.

"Now it is two years easy," he said.

"They aren't backordering yet, but that will probably happen eventually. I have people come in and say, 'Hey what guns have you got?' and I just smile at them and explain that what they're looking for is probably next to impossible to get. In the meanwhile, I'll buy whatever I can find," Davis said.

It's the same story when it comes to ammunition.

"They'll come in here and ask, 'What's your ammo special?'"

"I look at 'em and say, 'Well, I have some, that's the special, pick up that box right there, it's yours if you want it.'"

"I just kind of laugh," Davis said. "Seriously, that box is yours if you want it".

That, George Davis says, is the reality in the gun world today. It isn't happening just locally either; the gun buying panic is taking place nationwide.

He says a national manufacturer he often buys from, Davidson's, is normally so packed with activity that you can't even see the floor. For the first time in 20 years, the floor is showing.

Davis says he believes there are dark times for gun owners in the future.

"I pray the country comes to their senses and we get some kind of a turnaround in 2010 and in 2112, we elect a real Republican conservative, which McCain wasn't, and we'll see."

He continued, "The U.S. dollar is headed down the tubes. You can't triple the money supply and get the real value; I think we're into hard times."

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PS December 8, 2008 10:57 am (Pacific time)

"Gun Dealer" I hope your profits are doing well during this period when people are rightfully stocking up on self-defense needs. It's interesting to note that you are selling a product(s) that has been edorsed by our Founders and also our Supreme Court via their recent 2nd Amendment ruling. As a capitalist country you are probably the most important vendor we have in the long term. Hopefully the gun and ammo manufacturers out there can be provided immunity from some of the absurd lawsuits they have had to deal with. Of course those suits that address quality negligence are fair game, many though are beyond nonsensical for a product that is literally the only one that our Constitution/Bill of Rights mentions.

PS December 7, 2008 10:03 am (Pacific time)

I certainly agree that we need judges that interpret the U.S Constitution as it is written (by our Founders). Too often we do have "activist" judges who simply make some new law out of some mystery interpretation they find that no one else does, plus they overturn the will of the people quite frequently in their measure/proposition votes, as do some politicans when they do backdoor fee (read TAX) increases. The 9th Circuit is an excellent example, for the U.S. Supreme Court frequently overturns this court. As far as what the Founders meant to have happen (change according to time?) in the future interpretation of what they wrote, please cite a primary source for that. Thank you. By the way, the Supreme Court made it quite clear to the DC leaders (and other big city bosses) that they were violating the people's 2nd Amendment rights by restricting their lawfull gun ownership, so they certainly knew what the Founders meant by the 2nd Amendment currently and over 200 years ago, as per time and the change(?) that provides.

Henry Ruark December 6, 2008 12:07 pm (Pacific time)

Gun Dealer et al: You wrote: Well said !". No doubt fingering SOLD button on cash register at same time.

Henry Ruark December 6, 2008 12:04 pm (Pacific time)

Ammo et al: You wrote:"This is why it is so important to appoint judges that are not "activists", for they simply ignore the U.S. Constitution and the will of the voters." The Founders plainly intended both the Constitution and the Bill of Rights to be perfected as demanded by changes over time. That's WHY there is a Supreme Court, atop a judicial system designed to interpret as time, change, culture, economics, and values-reflected make all too necessary. Where do you stand on abortion sir ? Wit, wisdom, will of our wise people long ago made their way through that one, as for some others. "Activist" judges have long defied will of the people far more than they have defended what the Founders meant to grow, strengthen, develop as absolutely sure to be needed; usually on religious-value points--which is why the Founders separated "state" from "religion". Where do you stand on impeachment, sir ? Bush has by consensus of many historians attacked, damaged, denied and avoided Constitutional surety, so question is fair: "Impeach NOW, later, or NEVER ?" Yours is typical reaction to anything threatening your OWN values, thus judgments. (See Lakoff's THINKING POINTS for assistance here.)

Gun Dealer December 6, 2008 11:45 am (Pacific time)

Well said!

Ammo plus December 5, 2008 3:37 pm (Pacific time)

It is amazing how they take a semi-automatic like the AR15 and call it an assault weapon. This is typical propaganda-speak by the radical gungrabbers. Two of the biggest anti-gun senators (so they preach) are Schumer and Feinstein. Schumer has a CHL as does Feinstein, plus Feinstein has an armed protection guard that would rival the secret service. This run on guns is a good thing though, it will make it very difficult to start taking them away other than in blue urban area's, where the vast majority of crime happens. A story you never see is one that details the criminal acts by CHL's, mainly because it's statitically nil. There is considerable merit as to be concerned about Obama's view on the 2nd Amendment because of his past voting record. Both in DC and in Chicago the power's have essentially ignored the recent Supreme Court ruling on individual gun ownership. This is why it is so important to appoint judges that are not "activists", for they simply ignore the U.S. Constitution and the will of the voters. Change will be coming...

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