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Working with Midland Credit Management

Tip: Don’t take responsibility for a debt until the agency proves it is actually yours.

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(SALEM, Ore.) - As many people are keenly aware, credit agents have one job: to get in touch with consumers who are delinquent on debt payments.

Midland Credit Management is a debt collection company. When working with Midland Credit Management, or any debt collector for that matter, it is important to understand your rights and responsibilities for the best possible outcome.

Do Not Be Rash

While under pressure due to the nature of the financial situation you find yourself in, it is quite easy to make unwise “knee jerk” decisions.

Bear in mind whatever decision you make may lead to drastic consequences. Remember whatever the case may be, do not ignore their calls or their efforts to make contact with you as that may get you into even bigger trouble.

Handling this difficulty is inevitable so don’t put it off. If you do not answer their calls, you simply delay a fixable problem.

If they send letters and calls, respond to both, as ignoring Midland Credit Management will lead them to take up legal action against you. Besides, it’s the only way you can find out what they think you owe.

Now, with that said, in the course of responding to those initial calls and or letters do not take responsibility for the debt until the agency proves the debt is your responsibility.

Without admitting ownership of the debt tell them they need to provide you with a written document outlining the date the debt was incurred, with whom originally — and for what amount.

They also need to verify the current balance and disclose how much of that figure is interest and fees.

Stop Taking Their Calls

You are well within your rights to send them a letter requesting they cease their contact efforts. Know you’ll still owe the debt, but they’ll be barred from calling you constantly to tell you about it.

However, make you sure you get all the information you need to determine the validity of the debt before doing so.

Be Polite

Follow the golden rule and treat the Midland Credit Management representative the same way you would want to be treated by other people.

Your aggression toward debt collectors may seem justified however, it won’t make them go away, nor will it make dealing with them easier. Hence being disrespectful will not make them anymore sympathetic toward your case, if anything it does quite the opposite.

This is why it is crucial to remain polite throughout calls, regardless of their attitude toward you.

Limit The Information You Give

The most important thing to remember here is not to say anything that will make you liable for the debt. Thus, when speaking with debt collection agents avoid taking responsibility for the debt.

There is a plethora of scams out there, be wary not to fall for them.

One of the things you can do to ensure this does not happen is to verify your debt through a process called the debt validation process. If you are provided with such details you will know what steps to take next.

Credit agencies like Midland Credit Management will typically take notes while on the call with you.

Important: It is wise for you to either record the call or take notes as well in case you need to present evidence of malfeasance.

Thus, the first rule of working with Midland Credit Management is being careful to ensure the information they have is correct before taking any action at all. The last thing you want to do is take ownership of a debt that isn’t yours.

Settling outstanding debt may take some financial strategizing, but the satisfaction of having the difficulty in the past is a great stress-reducing life improvement.

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