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Palin the Wolf Killer (VIDEO)

A wildlife group is forcefully opposing efforts by Governor Palin and her Board of Game to arbitrarily kill even more wolves just to boost game populations for out-of-state hunting interests, and to shine the national spotlight on Governor Palin’s brutal wolf-killing programs and pressure her to end them.

Roger Schlickeisen (left) reintroducing wolves in Yellowstone
Roger Schlickeisen (left) reintroducing wolves in Yellowstone. Defenders of Wildlife helped lead the fight to reintroduce wolves to Yellowstone National Park and Central Idaho

(SALEM, Ore.) - I'm the first person to admit that numbers have to be balanced when it comes to deer and elk and other animals; otherwise we would be plowing into them with our cars and that certainly doesn't benefit anyone.

But the animal elimination taking place in Palin country, also known as Alaska, may come to represent what could be the bloodiest aerial wolf killing season yet in Alaska.

Seriously, is there some kind or accomplishment in gunning down animals from a helicopter? My dad always talked about creatures having a "fighting chance" and that is missing here.

Wolf advocates say that already this winter, aerial gunners in Alaska have slaughtered at least 47 wolves.

More wolves were reportedly killed this past November than in any November in the past five years. And, under what many call "Governor Palin’s out-of-control wolf-killing program," nearly 600 more wolves could die before this year’s season is finished.

Wolves are dying right now, and we need your help to stop the killing.

Rodger Schlickeisen with the ghe group Defenders of Wildlife, says that with new leadership in Washington and unprecedented awareness about Governor’s Palin’s senseless killing programs, they are now in a better position to stop what he calls, "this terrible, needless practice" and save wolves.

The group is hoping to gain support in order to:

* Forcefully oppose efforts by Governor Palin and her Board of Game to arbitrarily kill even more wolves just to boost game populations for out-of-state hunting interests;

* Shine the national spotlight on Governor Palin’s brutal wolf-killing programs and pressure her to end them;

* Work with the incoming Obama/Biden Administration to close the loophole in the Federal Airborne Hunting Act that Governor Palin is exploiting to continue Alaska’s unfounded aerial wolf killing programs; and

* Build support in Congress for the reintroduction and passage of the Protect America’s Wildlife Act (PAW), federal legislation to end aerial killing of wolves once and for all.

To learn more about this group, visit their Website: or you can write to them:

Defenders of Wildlife
1130 17th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20036

Here is a video clip of wolves being killed in Alaska.

Warning: This video contains graphic images of aerial wolf killing.


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Henry Ruark December 31, 2008 7:30 pm (Pacific time)

Brett: You may be correct factually, sir, but re "dump on" Gov. Palin surely overstates the case in this report. For me, as experienced editor (are you so qualified ?) the story is straight, factual, with due regard for the group, and furnishes visual proof for what it states. For your nickel, what else do you seek ? Re heat on Palin, she opened the kitchen door herself, and one might say even lighted the can hardly complain. She might well regret some of those national-tv exposure situations, but that, too, is part of the game she's so obviously playing.

Brett December 31, 2008 1:29 pm (Pacific time)

Governor Palin has wildlife professionals providing her advice on this matter. The thinning out of wolves, and other species has been going on since the early part of the 20th century. We currently have over ten times the number of elk and deer that we had in 1900 (lower 48 states) because of these types of conservation techniques. Wolves have had an extremely negative impact on ranchers and various livestock owners. Possibly this site can ask a professional wildlife biologist to provide a counterpoint to this article. To dump on Governor Palin for this just shows that it is more an agenda to cause political mischief for her than what the professional biologists are doing. The use of aircraft in this process has been going on in the lower 48 long before this method was used in Alaska. How come they are not going after other governors for the same policy? Not a tough one to answer.

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