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Feb-03-2007 18:46printcomments

69 Percent of Eugene Businesses Fail Recent OLCC Minor Sales Checks

An OLCC inspector and minor volunteer did the compliance testing as part of the OLCC’s priority effort to curtail underage drinking, which is a serious problem in Oregon.

liquor store shelves

(EUGENE) - Nine of 13 licensed businesses tested in Eugene sold alcohol to a minor during a recent compliance operation conducted by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission.

“This is an alarming 69 percent sales rate, which is nearly triple the average statewide rate of 25 percent,” said Inspector Mark Jaehnig, of the OLCC’s Eugene office.

“That tells us that licensees and their employees need to do a much better job of checking ID to ensure that we keep alcohol out of the hands of minors.”

The licensees that sold were:

Everyone’s Market, 1245 Echo Hollow; Rick’s Pub, #20 Highway 99 N.; El Jarro Azul Mexican & Salvadorian, 764 Blair Blvd.; Dari Mart, 4099 W 11th; Dari Mart, 2920 W. 11th; West 7th Shell, 1080 W. 7th; Shari’s, 2950 W. 11th; Kamloon Restaurant, 2674 Roosevelt; Duck Inn, 1795 W. 6th.

Servers and bartenders or licensees whose employees provide alcohol to the minor or fail to verify their age, are subject to administrative sanctions including fines or license suspensions.

Store clerks who sell are cited into court and face at least a $350 fine.

An OLCC inspector and minor volunteer did the compliance testing Jan. 19th as part of the OLCC’s priority effort to curtail underage drinking, which is a serious problem in Oregon.

These licensees refused to sell to the minor:

7-Eleven, 1107 Bertleson; Keg Tavern, 4711 W. 11th; Lok Yaun Restaurant, 2360 W. 11th; Safeway, 495 Bailey Hill Rd. In a compliance test, the volunteer attempts to buy alcohol from licensees or their employees to determine if they are properly checking identification and obeying state law prohibiting alcohol sales to anyone under 21.

The minors are supervised by OLCC inspectors or other law officers, carry their own legal ID and are advised not to disguise their age or encourage the sale of alcohol.

The OLCC tests about 1,500 licensed liquor businesses annually and a number of police agencies also do compliance checks.

The OLCC offers training to store clerks, service permit holders and others on ID checking, identifying false identification and laws regarding minors and alcohol.

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Henry Ruark February 5, 2007 10:17 am (Pacific time)

T-abt-It: Yr remarks make so little sense,must ask: You drinking ? Re societal attitude toward "selling soul", even that sometimes works out, a la GI Bill...surely as good as what society dishing out for youth these days. Your "yawn" might play best for you if you apply mirror.

think about it... February 4, 2007 9:06 pm (Pacific time)

While you continue to push this prior restraint law on someone you don't believe is old enough to make smart decisions with spirits, yet society is perfectly fine with him selling his soul to uncle sam??? Yeah, that makes sense... So, lets say all sales to minors is stopped. Does anyone believe that teenagers won't find another way and continue to drink at will? All your force to stop these businesses is mute, but I am sure you 'feel' good for trying... yawn

Henry Ruark February 4, 2007 2:34 pm (Pacific time)

Cmdg: Agree re 98% of businessmen, even larger ones...it is that other 2% needs serious consequence and most painful for them is dollars... Note same principle at work widely in Justice system, and worldwide. We pikers on using it as learning-tool for Two-Percenters -- same bstrdly bunch found elsewhere generally, including--always-- in politics.

Curmudgeon February 4, 2007 1:03 pm (Pacific time)

Considering that this is almost triple the non-compliance rate seen in the rest of the state, I suspect is has to do with the permissive, socially irresponsible attitude that seems to be pervasive in the Eugene area. When OLCC conducts these operations, I think it will depend entirely on who is working at the time as to whether a particular business will comply. I doubt there are very many business owners who condone selling to minors. But I suspect there are some who don't take it seriously enough. If I were the owner of such a place, I would make it very clear to my employees that they wouldn't get a second chance. Sell to a minor once, whether it be alcohol or tobacco, and they will be an ex-employee, with no unemployment benefits. Unfortunately, some employers need a significant incentive to issue such an ultimatum to employees.

Henry Ruark February 4, 2007 5:58 am (Pacific time)

JAFO: "Heavy consequence for heavy violation" might by $50,000 fine for selling first-time to minor. Given your point re life endangerment by many via wheels, this is rational and reasonable. Second-timer surrenders business license irrevocably. Wanta bet minor-sales would stop ?

JAFO February 3, 2007 11:12 pm (Pacific time)

whose idea was the formation of OLCC anyway!? they take money to provide liquor and less potent brews and they take money to restrict it at the same time!., while controlling distribution routes and liscensing point of purchase locations.,breweries et.al. Federal specs over legal age are already in force, at least on paper, throughout the United States, and here's another circle of alcohol industry lobbyist-beurocrats regulating their own lethal buisness. Who is lying to who? If you want to take a drink, that's your buisness. If you want to stop, don't believe their media jive, they'd be in buisness selling nerve gas if they could get away with it and maybe already are!

JAFO February 3, 2007 8:10 pm (Pacific time)

Let me get this straight. They sell alcohol to minors who drive away and frequently kill people and themselves in auto accidents, and commit other related intoxicated behavior, just like those of "legal age", and they get fined $350.00? Why not $500.00 or $783.21??

Should Make YOU Wonder February 3, 2007 7:57 pm (Pacific time)

With 69 percent failing this test, maybe, just maybe, another prior restraint law has fallen flat on its face? Or maybe we should fine these businesses, push the law even harder, and force 100% of businesses to pass the test. If anyone thinks that will stop teenagers from getting booze at will... please tell me why a drug which is COMPLETELY illegal -- marijuana -- still gets into their hands at will? Or just go on about your day, (nothing to see here), while they push still harder.

Henry Ruark February 3, 2007 7:49 pm (Pacific time)

Trust is the heart of every commercial transaction with youth. If businesses fail on their legal and moral obligation to protect the immature, they deserve the heavy penalty for the heavy behavior. We need to commend and support strong enforcement of this foundation principle.

brilliant! February 3, 2007 7:46 pm (Pacific time)

Great to see OLCC on top of things! I now have confidence the tobacco industry will monitor sales points where their products are criminally obtained from vision impaired check out clerks, and publicly abused. Fine them too! Or at least introduce legislation to lower the "legal" age of these miscreants! Then you could sell them a license, and tax revenue would soar! Brilliant! Then firearm aquisition could be addressed in a similar venue, like no one under 14 years old without parental consent, be allowed to have or legally purchase an American manufactured automatic rifle or pistol with more than a 13 round magazine, unless for hunting purposes.The state treasury will need to expand their facilities!

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