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The Ancient Powers of the Forest People

'Visits From The Forest People' also includes a wealth of information on the origins, history, and observed habits of Bigfoot, along with other supporting eyewitness accounts.

Book cover - The book can be ordered at <a href=
The book can be ordered at

(SALEM, Ore.) - Be aware than when you seek the solitude of the shadowy forests of Oregon or Washington, you are not alone. A new book titled 'Visits From The Forest People', published by Pine Woods Press, is giving the world a startling window onto the existence of the legendary creatures known as Bigfoot and Sasquatch.

'Visits From The Forest People' is based on the journal of former Oregonian Julie Scott, as she and her family discover that their home near the coast of Washington state has placed them in the domain of mysterious inhabitants of the forest, whose bloodcurdling screams and numerous footprints leave no doubt that it is Bigfoot who watches them in their own backyard.

Julie's journal entries are unique in the field of Bigfoot research, owing to their extended period of contact with the forest people. Never before has a body of evidence been so compelling, detailing interactions that confirm previous observations by others that point to beings possessed not only of high intelligence, but incredible telepathic power.

Read about the Scott family's journey into a realm on the edge of anthropology, that few have dared to discuss. The following excerpt relates to one of the most bizarre categories of Bigfoot behavior, that of reported "walls for force' and warnings that appear in the mind without any words being spoken.

"Elizabeth and Rachel decide to take a walk in the backyard at night. They pass the goat shed, and start walking toward the gate at the far end of the backyard from the house. All of a sudden, they have to stop because it's like they "hit a wall" and can't go any farther. Rachel has a really strong kind of surreal feeling and she hears words in her mind that say, "That's close enough. Don't come any closer." They turn around, and walk back toward the house. They have that "feeling" of being watched."

'Visits From The Forest People' also includes a wealth of information on the origins, history, and observed habits of Bigfoot, along with other supporting eyewitness accounts. The book can be ordered at

Independent scientists are developing new theories that challenge the view that Bigfoot, if it exists, is a primitive form of humanoid. A new theory gaining traction is that Bigfoot is a hybrid species descended from the interbreeding of the Neanderthal and Homo Sapiens, and has acquired the lion's share of the Neanderthal DNA that is responsible for it's telepathic power and Earth-energy manipulation.

Smarter Neanderthals? articlesafari

The fact that the brain of the Neanderthal is 20% larger than modern man, and certain aspects of its theorized social behavior, have led researchers to propose the Neanderthal-telepathy connection. Genetic analysis has shown that most of us possess significant Neanderthal DNA, and researchers have ample evidence that it may be responsible for the most ethereal aspects of modern human intelligence.

A recent article titled 'Did Neanderthal Genes Make Us Smart?' gives additional weight to the revelation that the Neanderthal's DNA may be the key to our own mental abilities. In the article, scientists at the Natural History Museum in London have proposed that there is no gap in the behavior between Neanderthals and modern man.

The findings are based on 80,000 year old samples of a glue made from Birch pitch. One of the samples has the imprint of a finger and a stone tool made from flint. Altogether it suggests the remains of glue attaching a handle to a stone blade.

Equally amazing is that the Birch pitch must be heated to within 570 to 750 degrees F, which would require an intentional effort born of high intelligence. Within the population of modern man we have those individuals known as savants who display amazing abilities with music and mathematics. And the porpoise is known to possess high intelligence, which in it's aquatic world is expressed in forms we humans cannot relate to.

A scientist who is an administrator for the Bigfoot Field Research Organization, related in a phone conversation a Bigfoot sighting from a colleague, who saw a large, upright, hairy creature actually run down a herd of elk in plain view. You may be skeptical of Bigfoot, but never in a hundred years will you convince these witnesses that Bigfoot doesn't exist. They know otherwise, and like the Scott family, the legend of Bigfoot has become all too real. The BFRO is on Facebook at

It's actually quite easy to dispel the mainstream view that many creatures considered mythical don't exist. Recently the Okapi, a animal thought to be extinct, and resembling a mixture of a horse, zebra, and giraffe, was photographed. Furthermore, biologists at the University of Queensland, Australia, recently studied 180 species thought to be extinct, only to find that a third of them were still alive. The Tasmanian Tiger, a fearsome animal more dog-like then it's name would suggest, has also been sighted.

No reports have yet surfaced indicating that Bigfoot intends to harm humans intruding into their forest domain. They merely want us to respect their privacy, something we all can relate to.



J. D. Adams was born in Salem, Oregon, a descendant of Oregon Trail pioneer William Lysander Adams. As a wilderness explorer, photographer, and writer, he sustains a kinship with the spirit of the Oregon country. JD inhabits Oregon's Silicon Forest as an electronics professional with degrees in Electronics Engineering Technology and Microelectronics.

He maintains a Web presence with a signature presentation in genres including travel, history, and technology.

You can write to Jim Adams at this email address:

Also, visit Jim's Website:

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Autumn Williams February 7, 2011 8:14 am (Pacific time)

As someone who has been working with long-term witnesses for over 20 years, I'm happy to see witnesses like Julie and her family having the opportunity to share their experiences with the public. These backyard ongoing encounters happen more often than one might think, but folks are generally afraid to come forward for fear of ridicule. If you or someone you know has had a similar encounter, you may contact me at All location and identifying information is kept confidential.

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