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Missing Female Student from California Subject of FBI Search

Information can discreetly be provided via telephone to the Reno Police Department tip line @ 775-745-3521.

Brianna Zunino Dennison has been missing since January 20th, 2008 from Reno, Nevada.  She is a student at Santa Barbara City College.
Brianna Zunino Dennison has been missing since January 20th, 2008 from Reno, Nevada. She is a student at Santa Barbara City College. Photo: FBI

(RENO, Nevada) - 20-year old Brianna Zunino Dennison has been missing since January 20th of this year. The FBI says Ms. Dennison disappeared a few hours after attending a social functions at an event center and a hotel/casino in Reno on January 19th 2008.

Reno City Police who are also working on the case, have listed it as a Kidnapping.

She reportedly left the hotel/casino at approximately 4:00 AM on January 20th and decided to stay at her friend's house near the University of Nevada in Reno.

That same morning, at approximately 9:00 AM, Ms. Dennison was reported missing.

Ms. Dennison is a student at Santa Barbara City College in Santa Barbara, California. She was in her hometown of Reno for winter break at the time of her disappearance.

Reno Police report that Brianna disappeared from 1395 Mackay Court in Reno, Nevada.

They say they have now confirmed that the suspect responsible for a sexual assault and kidnapping that occurred on December 16th 2007 in the 1400 block of Terrace Drive, alongside the backside of North Virginia Street, is responsible for Brianna’s disappearance.

The Washoe County Crime Lab has established an DNA evidentiary link between Brianna’s case, the Kidnap/Sexual Assault case from December 16th, and now the November 2007 case in which the suspect attempted to sexually assault the victim.

Police cite that all of these cases occurred within close proximity of each other in the neighborhood immediately west of the University of Nevada Reno.

The cases listed below cause police in Reno to believe that there is a connection between Brianna's disappearance and three other crimes in the area:

• November 13th 2007, 5:55 PM – The female victim was battered and sexually groped in the 400 Block of College Drive, Reno.

• December 16th 2007, 2:00 AM – The female victim was battered, kidnapped from the 1400 Block of North Virginia St. Reno, sexually assaulted, and then brought home by the suspect.

• January 19th 2008, 5:00 AM – An unknown suspect unsuccessfully attempted to break into the residence of the victim of the December attack.

• January 20th 2008, 4:30 AM – Brianna Denison goes missing from 1395 Mackay Court, Reno.

The Reno Police Department is seeking the community’s assistance in identifying anyone with the following or similar characteristics and/or a vehicle possibly with the following notables:

- Extended cab pick-up or SUV

- with a forward mount dome light near the windshield, floor-mounted console that was described as "fairly skinny" that opens in front towards the rear of the vehicle, a stereo with blue and red LED lights, cloth seats, and an automatic transmission.

- A baby shoe was observed on the front seat floor board. An 8 ½” x 11” white pieces of paper with typing on the floor board of the front seat.

- Suspect description

The suspect is described as a 28-30 year old white male, who is taller than 5’6” but not excessively so.

He is further described as having a belly that that is not excessively large and firm but not flabby, and an "innie" belly button. He also has a shaved pubic region, a light covering of hair on his arms, and facial hair about a quarter to a half an inch long below his chin which was soft.

It is important to know that because the DNA that has been collected is valid and conclusive, any person that is brought to our attention can be easily, definitively, and unobtrusively be eliminated or identified as a suspect.

Additionally because of the scientific evidence, the source of the information is not required to further the investigation.

Information can discreetly be provided via telephone to the Reno Police Department tip line @ 775-745-3521

- Brianna's Description

Ms. Dennison's nose is pierced on the right side, and she has a scar on her left knee. She was last seen wearing a white tank top with pink angel wings, rhinestones & "Bindi" on the back and pink sweat pants.

She is five feet tall and weighs approximately 98 pounds. Brianna Dennison has brown shoulder length hair and blue eyes.

Individuals with information concerning this case should take no action themselves, but instead immediately contact the 24-hour Tipline at 775/745-3521, or the nearest FBI Office or local law enforcement agency.

For any possible sighting outside the United States, contact the nearest United States Embassy or Consulate.

For those who want to distribute the Reno Police flyer, you can make a master from the 640x860 size image below, or contact the Reno Police Website and download the PDF file. Reno Police information on Brianna Dennison.

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BRIANA28B April 17, 2008 8:36 pm (Pacific time)


Corrina February 18, 2008 4:58 pm (Pacific time)

I Totally agree! Kill them , Kill them all! Sick-Sick Bastards out there. Half the time there repeat offenders too. If anyone took my girls and did what these sicko's do to them- I'd want to pull the switch myself and whatch. It is a shame that we have to see so many children gone from this, and not to metion if they are returned home "Safely" they call it, there are so damanged and so ripped from innocence and the real world probably scares the crap out of them. Problems for life ya know- so sad.

PitViper February 16, 2008 11:15 pm (Pacific time)

Who should be ashamed is the people who elect these lawmakers and don;t hold them accountable. Further, because we are divided in this country, no-one can agree on anything proactive to keep these things in check. How long will these type of things need to happen before we wake up? The answer is...we never will because women have been subjected to this since the dawn of time....and it's not changed. I say if you rape...you get it cut off. PERIOD.

mike February 16, 2008 3:31 pm (Pacific time)

death penalty for first time sexual offenders, oh you dont agree with me? Let them rape and kill your child, and then tell me you dont want them to have the death penatly! That was someones little girl! And any saine american would gladly throw the killswitch for that criminal!

Deliza C February 16, 2008 11:29 am (Pacific time)

...and this is exactly why first offense sexual offenders should never be released back out into the public, how much longer do we have to sacrafice our children for the world to wake up to this growing problem??? the lawmakers of our country should be ashamed!

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