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Wael Ghonim and Egypt's New Age Revolution

New names, new labels, new titles, same old business and government as before.

Google's Regional Marketing Manager for MENA (Middle East and North Africa)
Google's Regional Marketing Manager for MENA (Middle East and North Africa)

(DUBAI) - Paul Findley author of “They Dare to Speakout” wrote: “One of my litmus tests is torture. Anyone engaging in rendition and torture is a bad guy.That disqualifies Omar Suleiman as well as others like Mubarak, Cheney, and George W. I believe a great day is dawning for human rights worldwide, not just Tunisia and Egypt. Israel will have to abandon racism and territorial aggression.Thank God for the Internet and young leaders like Wael Ghonim.”


Paul Findley is right, Wael Ghonim is indeed, a beautiful, articulate, and inspiring young man!

Like he says in the interview posted below…. without the advent of the technical means of modern communication available today, this would not have happened.  But, those are but the tools.

Revolutions are founded upon and fueled by the naiveté, spirit and the dreams of innocent young idealists such as he.  And, it is young men, idealists like him, and cold, hungry peasantry, who have always been used as the cannon fodder for revolutions, who pay for the successful revolutions.   But they seldom get what they have paid and bargained for.  Many of them do not survive the post-revolutionary reconstruction era long enough to realize or understand this.

Building a new nation, a new political and governing reality is something else entirely.  As mentioned, he has no ambitions for leadership, and no idea of what lies in the future.

More cause and effect, or rather, in this case, no cause, no more effect!

Revolutions have a history of building big and fast on little but ignorance, passion, hunger and other emotions. But lacking the substance of organization, goals and plans, they usually burnout quickly. Without effective and organized leadership,  which must include a ready-made post-revolutionary plan and organization to immediately drop into place and fill the vacuum, install and establish a reform government, it would not stand a chance of success… and it did not.

Liberty Freedom, Justice, are ephemeral and insubstantial ideals, with no substance and no inertia.  Revolutions built of such flimsy goods do not last and leave vacuums in governance which are usually filled by more practical men with shovels and bulldozers loaded of ambition, goals and plans.

Prof. Richard Falk and Prof. James Petras discuss and analyse “Revolutionary” prospects of Egypt. Both seem to have hit upon some obvious truths, and are shining the light on the right spots.

For a wider view of the Big Picture, I suggest study of the Russian Revolution as a model of Classic Revolutionary evolution, and the effects of counter and post counter-revolutions which brought down the House of Romanov and eventually gave us the Soviet Union with Josef Stalin.  I believe both of these “Revolutions” were engineered and brought to us by the same people.  In such cases, sponsoring Revolutions in other countries were merely stratagems designed and carried out to further and defend their own aggressive revolution against the world.

As professor Petras  surmise “While the White House may tolerate or even promote social movements in ousting (“sacrificing”) dictatorships, they have every intention in preserving the state. In the case of Egypt the main strategic ally of US imperialism was not Mubarak, it is the military, with whom Washington was in constant collaboration before, during and after the ouster of Mubarak, ensuring that the “transition” to democracy (sic) guarantees the continued subordination of Egypt to US and Israeli Middle East policy and interests.”

Overthrow or toppling of a head of state is a coup.

Replacing one government with another which governs under an entirely different set of principles of government, is a revolution.  There is a massive difference, and we should not confuse the two.

Egypt has seen a coup.

It has not shown any evidence of revolution.  To the contrary, the same forces are still in power which supported the last government regime.

New names, new labels, new titles, same old business and government as before.

As Paul Findley wrote, the bottom line is “torturers” are bad guys.

The Police and the Army who supported Mubarak in malmanagement and depredations for all of those years are still in place, and still in charge.

And, they have the guns!

Finally, professor Falk’s concerns are valid “Does this seemingly amateur (in the best sense of the word) movement in Egypt have the sustaining energy, historical knowledge, and political sophistication to ensure that the transition process fulfills revolutionary expectations?”

Harry Smith reports on the latest events from Egypt, including an in-depth interview with Wael Ghonim. ( Wael Ghoneim was one of the activists on the ground in Cairo. He is also Google’s Regional Marketing Manager for MENA (Middle East and North Africa)

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Debbie Menon is an independent writer based in Dubai. An advocate for Justice and Peace for Palestinians in the Occupied Territories. Her main focus is US-Middle East Policy issues while writing cutting edge commentary for today's growing number of Internet news viewers seeking unfiltered information about real events. She is committed to exposing Israel Lobbies control of U.S. Middle East Policy. Her Website,, is a source for many other reports.

Debbie has a fresh perspective in her interpretation of historical events and their relationship to today's current news developments between Palestine and Israel. She can be reached at:

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