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Foster Parent Who Had 90 Kids Over the Years, Arrested for Sexual Abuse

If you have any information regarding victims of Warren Tripp, please call Detective Doug Cook at (503)846-2597.

Warren and Kenneth Tripp
Warren and Kenneth Tripp (Larger photos below)
Photos: Washington County Sheriff's Office

(ALOHA, Ore.) - Criminal investigators say Aloha resident 59-year-old Warren Tripp, was arrested in January on charges involving sexual molestation of a child in his foster care home.

Sheriff's Detectives are seeking the public's help with identifying any other victims that may have suffered sexual abuse by Mr. Tripp but have not yet reported it to law enforcement.

Sgt. David Thompson with the Washington County Sheriff's Office, says that on January 9, 2009, Washington County Sheriff's Detectives arrested Warren Tripp at his home in the unincorporated Community of Aloha. Mr. Tripp was arrested for sexually abusing a former 15-year old foster care child.

Thompson says the investigation started when the Oregon Department of Human Services was contacted by a school counselor who learned that there may be sexual abuse involving a student and Mr. Tripp.

"DHS workers then contacted Sheriff's Detectives who took over the investigation. Detectives learned that Mr. Tripp has been a foster parent since 1995 and has had at least 90 children placed in his home during that time," Thompson said.

Not surprisingly, he said, "Sheriff's Detectives are concerned that there may be more victims who have not yet reported sexual contact involving Mr. Tripp."

During this investigation, detectives say they also discovered an unrelated case of sexual abuse that was allegedly perpetrated by Warren Tripp's brother, 49-year old Kenneth Tripp.

Kenneth Tripp has been arrested for molesting two relatives in 1990. His arrest is unrelated to Warren Tripp's arrest.

Warren Tripp was booked into the Washington County Jail on two counts of first-degree Rape, four counts of first-degree Sodomy, three counts of first-degree Sexual Abuse, and Sexual Penetration with an Object. All the crimes listed are Measure 11 offenses with minimum sentencing guidelines.

He is being held on $250,000 bail. If you have any information regarding victims of Warren Tripp, please call Detective Doug Cook at (503)846-2597.

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a person who October 5, 2009 11:06 am (Pacific time)

its crazy when u lived with the man

Unknown September 25, 2009 8:32 am (Pacific time)

I'm glad he's in jail... i'm only upset with how much time he got he should have got more time I can't stand him... I love the person that got hurt...

Worried Dave June 25, 2009 5:37 pm (Pacific time)

And this joker had all three of my kids for a couple months while I fought (and beat) Oregon's uniformed and police backed kidnapping agency. Good thing they got em out of my home for a few months and into the safety of Mr. Tripp' we really want the government running our homes/families?

Joe May 19, 2009 6:02 pm (Pacific time)

Hey, Donald L. Tripp is trying to help Kenneth Tripp raise bail, so he can get out. Hillsboro, are you listening?

Joe February 28, 2009 4:34 pm (Pacific time)

These men have a brother who is a convicted sex offender in Hillsboro, Oregon. His name is Donald L. Tripp. He was convicted through the military at Nellis AFB

Editor: Just a reminder, comments here do not reflect or express the opinions of I hesitate to approve this comment, but will go ahead for the time being. We have not verified this information from a comment poster named Joe.

Sandy February 28, 2009 4:32 pm (Pacific time)

Your DHS needs to be held accountable, as I had warned them in 1991 that they had molested the child relatives, and recontacted DHS when I heard that they were allowing him to have foster children. They continued to ignor my warnings. If anyone knows an attorney that would represent the children placed for civil rights violations. The state was negligent and should be held accountable. All the state will answer is that all information is confidential! I want to know who dropped the ball and choose to disregard my repeated warnings.

bob February 19, 2009 6:33 am (Pacific time)

hey shouldn't even get bail he needs to stay for could you do your family and children that is just nasty when there is freaks out in the world that don't mind who they get sex need to stay for life and never to be around children or people...hope they mess you up in there since you like sex and being nasty so much...

courtney February 19, 2009 6:31 am (Pacific time)

you are just sick 50 children i would be mad to have a dad like you because if you did me that way i would of done some damage there wouldn't be no don't tell anybody type shit i would of kicked yo ass and called the police on yo nasty ass it would only be the first time you would of had cause keeping that a secret when you even no its you know something wrong and threat people and think yo nasty discusting slef is going to get away with it...

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