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Cameron Whitten, More Green than Eileen

The next Mayor of Portland?

Cameron Whitten
Cameron Whitten

(PORTLAND, OR) - The newest face in Portland activism is breaking traditions and making waves. Cameron Whitten has placed himself at the forefront of a new generation of leaders dedicated to a sustainable and equitable future for all of Portland.

He may be reminiscent of a young Martin Luther King Jr., but trust us, it's just a coincidence that he's thrown himself into the center of what appears to be the next Civil Rights Movement- Occupy Wall Street.

Along with his admirable energy, Cameron has expressed a vision of Portland's future, where the People have true authority over their government. His brilliance has garnered praise and positive reception from groups throughout the Portland community. He has even earned the endorsement of the Portland Green Party, and is making good impressions for the Oregon Progressive Party's endorsement.

Cameron has every intent on winning the instant run-off during the May Primary. Although he has been barred from a number candidate forums due to a lack of wealthy campaign donors, he compensates by hitting the streets daily in a true grassroots fashion and embracing the people of Portland like a real human being.

Feedback from his supporters confirm that the three most advertised candidates (Hales, Jefferson, and Brady) have more similarities than differences when it comes to maintaining the status quo in Portland. Real change is going to require a dramatic shift in our culture of governance.

Along with officially entering his name on the mayoral ticket, Cameron launches his debut of 'The Progressive Portland Plan', which provides innovative solutions to the systemic potholes left in our outdated city charter. Cameron is already soliciting community leaders and organizations for their endorsement of the PPP, and seeking public input for its constant evolution.

But the road to Mayor does come with its shortfalls. Cameron has to combat a number of political stigmas in the local environment, where he often feels the discrimination of being a young, low-income, African American male. Cameron continues to be an advocate for the neglected neighborhoods of immigrant and minority communities, which have suffered from budgetary neglect and police hostility.

A daring attitude and an award winning smile has proven to be a successful asset in the campaign, and Cameron is a beacon of Hope for the underdog. Portland has the promise of breaking glass ceilings and setting a new precedent in history. As Bud Clark and Tom Potter have shown, the City that Works doesn't always favor the most likely candidates. We can only find out in May.

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Anonymous February 29, 2012 3:24 pm (Pacific time)

Portland needs this kid as a mayor like it needs to re-elect Obama. Unqualified to the nth! More will be coming out on this kid as per concerned Portland voters. You shall see...

Charlene February 29, 2012 9:17 am (Pacific time)

Portland needs to have a mayor coming out of the business community. All these inexperienced yo-yo's have turned the place into a hellhole for having a city that can attract business, which means jobs and taxes to provide quality of life services. The city is declining rapidly and may be beyond help. Progressives and liberals are the last people this city needs in leadership positions. Pie in the sky promises is what Obama gave you, well see how that is working?

Editor: I have to say that before, I called you out for violating our rules about not using multiple names, you told me Marci Young is your relative, but how about 'Bob' and 'Chuck'?  

Anonymous February 27, 2012 1:12 am (Pacific time)

To say we are past racial tensions, is to deny Portland's history. The State of Oregon was the last region to revoke it's white supremacy, and we are still feeling the effects of targeted criminalization and gentrification. I checked out his website. I loved his emphasis on returning the power of the people back to their government. I hope he wins. I'll do whatever I can to support him.

Anonymous February 27, 2012 1:06 am (Pacific time)

Portland is one of the places still drastically torn by the racial divide. Don't pretend race tensions don't exist in Oregon, the last State to revoke its white supremacy. I looked at his website. I liked the changes that he proposed, to return power of the government back to the people, not just to elected officials. I hope he wins. I am going to do whatever I can to support him.

Anonymous February 26, 2012 10:20 am (Pacific time)

Portland had some great mayors, but Earl Riley was the last great one in my opinion, though Frank Ivancie did some good governing compared to what followed. The downward slide began under pedophile Neil Goldshmidt (ditto for the state of Oregon when this zionist child rapist became governor), and now we see a whole range of incredibly inexperienced people throwing their hats in the ring. A lowering of standards in all aspects of our culture has been going on from the top on down for quite a while now. Just look at public education and not just the drop out rate, but the lack of job market readiness of those who graduated. Please remember it was these old white men so many of you dislike who designed not only our federal and state constitutions, but also developed a peerless infrastructure. It has been far left libs who have squandered our hard-earned tax money and pursued their pet projects. Now it's time to face the music. Look at California, nearly bankrupt, and Chicago has a 10.5% sales tax, and the schools, highways and water systems, bridges, everything is falling down. The current Portland mayor ignored potholes and water/sewer needs for more bike paths and other lower priority projects. We need strong and experienced leadership, not bs talk from feel good con artists. What has the "hope and change" brought you? Our good people, our top business leaders, what we need in political office, simply cannot deal with the grief the zionist media created and perpetuates. Portland will soon look like Detroit, and actually, it will be worse, because it will fall so quickly compared to these other urban areas. Expect serious criminality. It's already picking up, as the local news seems to start all stories with shootings and robberies and assaults.

Anonymous February 26, 2012 9:11 am (Pacific time)

Yup we had that kind of change in 2008. It makes me sick reading the bullshit about discrimination because he is bLack. He makes good in Politics, just slam the race card. Maybe people dont want a progressive Major. We have a progressive President already. Maybe people are ready for a real chNve. A conservative Mayor and I sure really dont give a damn if he is black. See i'm not a racist I take a black man ir woman any day - just be conservative.

Douglas Benson February 26, 2012 5:14 am (Pacific time)

This is what real democracy looks like. Regular people running for office .The real threat of occupy is that they cant buy our vote. Even if he doesnt win he will steal votes and if the politicians want those votes they will have to give attention to the concerns of those voters. Just look how quickly our reps started spouting 99% when occupy started gaining ground. Vote third party !

Anonymous February 25, 2012 5:59 pm (Pacific time)

Portland is due for a change!

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