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Arlington Mayor Gets Recalled, Turns to Ebay

142 people in Arlington voted in favor of the recall, while 139 voted against it.

Carmen Kontur Gronquist
Carmen Kontur Gronquist

(SALEM, Ore.) - The Mayor of Arlington, Oregon, Carmen Kontur Gronquist, has been recalled from office over a photo she posted of herself on her personal MySpace page. The photo showed her wearing what appears to be lingerie, or possibly a two piece bathing suit.

The photo had been taken before her election to office, but that didn't stop the townspeople in this conservative eastern Oregon city from recalling her from office over it. Some cited the fact that the picture was taken by a city fire.

142 people in Arlington voted in favor of the recall, while 139 voted against it.

Gronquist is now selling the images on EBay,

What do people outside of Arlington think about the recall? One of the best ways to gauge that is by reading viewer comments from our earlier story: MySpace Photos of Oregon Mayor Causing Stir in Arlington.

Here are a few that were posted in recent days:

"Well, they got what they wanted. If I was her, I would want absolutely nothing to do with 'citizens' such as that. Good riddance to them, I say. Go somewhere and do good for folks who deserve it, and good luck to her!"

"Somebody is jealous of other people and can wait to take people down. It's just like having a bathing suit on standing on a beach. Grow and get a life."

"Holy Cats! If you bozos in Arlington have a surplus of hot mayors PLEASE feel free to export! - Hey Carmen you ever think about running for office in Tampa? Being hot is actually considered an asset here (no pun intended) and I used to think it was an asset everywhere .. i think i read once that sex sells.. if Hillary had a spread like that the race would be over!"

"Well, they got what they wanted. If I was her, I would want absolutely nothing to do with 'citizens' such as that. Good riddance to them, I say. Go somewhere and do good for folks who deserve it, and good luck to her!"

"Somebody is jealous of other people and can wait to take people down. It's just like having a bathing suit on standing on a beach. Grow and get a life."

"Heh, looks like a bathingsuit picture. Ive seen plenty of suits on the beach more skimpy than that, and the STATE PARK up in Portland has a nude beach on it. So.... just remember it's EASTERN Oregon, and tells you all you need to know about the people up there."

"All the + comments seem to be coming from the horny side of the street. How about taking a reality check fellas? Dignity of the office, propriety, decorum, respect. Take a cold shower and look at the issue through your grown-up glasses."

"i agree with the others who are positive about this issue. if she is a positive force as their mayor what is the big deal. i have seen less on kids going to school and in church. i think she is a good looking lady that takes care how she looks. so for those who are upset with how she looks just have another ding dong and a coke and shut up..."

We hope to hear back from Carmen Gronquist today to bring you her reaction.

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in the know March 5, 2008 1:44 pm (Pacific time)

Oh.....and they apparently tried going after her daytime job as well. Why would the nimwits of that town with 9 months left in a term split a town over it. Ms Gronquist is probably laughing her way to the bank now. She should now write the community a note: Thanks for the promotion idiots!

in the know March 5, 2008 1:50 pm (Pacific time)

Apparently they also tried getting her fired from her daytime job too. She's got to be laughing her way to the bank now. My suggestion is she writes a note to that community: Thanks for the promotion idiots!

Ma Dro March 5, 2008 9:38 am (Pacific time)

It is absurd and so obvious that this little city is looking for a reason to get rid of her! The question is are they going to stand by and let this happen! So, her pictures were a bit revealing, take them off, give her a slap on the wrist and keep moving FORWARD! Seems like the city is doing everything in its power to stand still or stagnant and she is bringing some reason to the place! Way to turn that around! Selling pictures and donating to the ambulance program! KUDOS to Her! Also, mentioning "other" comparable situations, Bill, yanno, the former president had his little-HUGE affair deal and guess what, NOTHING HAPPENED! So, get over yourselves and let Gronquist do her job! YES, may The Mayor of the small town Arlington, Oregon Carmen Kontur-Gronquist be allowed to continue to bring good things to the city! GO !

in the know March 4, 2008 9:32 am (Pacific time)

She had the Kahunas to stand up to the gold ol boys in town. She made cuts at the city owned golf course which included the lay off of the brother of Arlingtons last mayor....aka "the Messiah" when that happened the golf mafia aka "self proclaimed upperclass" of Arlington tried to destroy her. Now I hope she gets rich off of her recalled non paying volunteer mayors job. The opposition tried using the photo against the former mayor but in reality it sort of backfired on the nimwits.

ThePennsylvanian March 3, 2008 9:05 am (Pacific time)

Just in case you're missing it...Carmen Kontur-Gronquist's signed posters are selling like crazy on Ebay...the bidding starts at $15.00 and one poster is up to $66.00 as of Monday morning...whether they realize it or not, the Arlington board members have turned Carmen into a's going to be fun to see how far this whole thing is going to go... remember what happened when the Miss America Pageant stripped Venessa Williams of her title over photos that surfaced from her past???...she became a mega star because people don't worry about the trivial stuff...they look beyond the surface and see the true heart and character.

Chris February 28, 2008 5:35 pm (Pacific time)

She obviously eats well and exercises (ie, takes care of her body). She also handled this situation with a very honest and professional demeanor. All these things are EXTREMELY rare to find in government personnel. Heck, they are rare to find in any American. Our population is overloaded with fat, overweight, lazy, greedy snobs who just want to tear down other people. This lady was a victim. I hope that town burns down to the ground someday. Backwards ass primal idiots. I see the same idiots in the town and city council around here. Fat, lazy, stupid, ignorant, uneducated. Yet they just have to make it a point to get involved as if they have something to offer the world.

ThePennsylvanian February 28, 2008 8:31 am (Pacific time)

Did Carmen pack up and leave town over this mess???, she's turning her misfortune into a fundraiser for the volunteer ambulance service and the health department which speaks volumes of her character...Arlington made a big mistake with their decision to make her step down...she obviously loves this town...I will be buying a signed copy of her poster to show her my support...

Joseph February 27, 2008 6:05 pm (Pacific time)

I would have to agree too many of the comments are based on physical attraction, however I do not see anything wrong with her picture. Would she have been removed from office is she was to be photographed at the beach in a bikini? I would hope not.

T February 27, 2008 4:43 pm (Pacific time)

There are only two things that Arlington is noted for: being the birthplace of Doc Severinsen and this. To me, they really blew their chance to make a positive statement about the world, by voting to recall this mayor. If more mayors looked like this, we'd probably have fewer problems in the world.

CyberSkull February 27, 2008 4:43 pm (Pacific time)

Ok, taking a grown up look at the subject: The woman in question posted a picture of herself on her website years before running for mayor. Said picture could be considered reasonably conservative for the beach. As an adult with the right to free speech, why shouldn't she exercise it? She wasn't recalled for policy or criminal activity. They just didn't like her. Anyone during her campaign could have googled her and seen the photo.

Anne February 27, 2008 2:14 pm (Pacific time)

I have to hope that there were more significant issues with her performance as mayor that led to the recall than this nonsense.

Nat February 27, 2008 3:30 pm (Pacific time)

She's hot! Wish all Mayors looked like that!

Common Sense February 27, 2008 2:53 pm (Pacific time)

Yes, and Carmen. Keep up the good exercise. You know she doesn't look this way unless she really worked at it. She doesn't look 16 so it isn't just natural, its from really considerable effort. Great job.

From Arlington February 27, 2008 1:03 pm (Pacific time)

Carmen keep up the good work.

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