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5 Gifts for People Who Stay Indoors All the Time

Ring in the New Year with some great "stay at home" gifts!

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(SALEM, Ore.) - Thanks to the pandemic, we’ve all been forced to stay indoors more than usual. Social isolation has been difficult for most people- even the most introverted introverts have experienced a difficult time after being cut off from the outside world. However, with things slowly returning to normal, the future looks bright.

But what if you have a loved one that doesn’t like leaving the house at all even before the pandemic? That’s a whole new challenge.

Whether your loved one prefers staying indoors as a result of personality traits, are sick and high risk or they prefer to be isolated for any other reason, you probably want to do your best to help them feel as safe, loved, and as entertained as possible.

But we all know that finding a great gift is easier said than done. So, we’ve pulled together a great selection of gifts to make your isolated loved one feel a lot more comfortable.

Here are 5 great gifts for people who stay indoors all the time:

  1. A Ping Pong Table
    Ping pong tables, whether indoor or outdoor, can be wonderful additions to the home and they are not as costly as many people assume they are.

    Sometimes your favorite recluse just wants to throw a great party with friends and loved ones over the weekend. Having a ping pong table at home can be a great way to ensure that your loved one relaxes and enjoys themselves while keeping fit at home, and it's a game that can be played while socially distancing.

    Before you buy a ping pong table for your loved one, make sure that they have sufficient space to store their table once it’s delivered. You should also think about how the recipient intends to use the table; a low budget ping pong table would be best for anyone that intends to use it for entertainment purposes in their game or man cave.

    However, if you are buying a table for someone who takes ping pong seriously, it would be best to invest in a superior table that will last for years to come.

  2. A House Plant
    Just because your loved one prefers to stay indoors doesn’t mean that they cannot enjoy nature. No one needs to sacrifice all the benefits of nature.

    If your gift recipient is not lucky enough to have a back or front yard or one that finds themselves stuck in a dim 5th-floor apartment, then a simple house plant would make the perfect gift for them.

    Be creative! Surprise them with a monthly subscription box of easy to care for potted plants. But if that sounds like a bit too much, simply look for an individual plant that can fit well in their living situation.

    When shopping for a house plant to gift your loved one with, be sure to get one that’s easy to take care of- you don’t want plant care to become another chore that your loved one has to handle.

    Some of the best house plants to consider are rubber and snake plants, money plants, shamrock plants, peace lilies, and spider plants. Even someone without a green thumb will have a hard time killing these easy-to-care-for house plants.

  3. An Audiobook Subscription
    Invest in a quality audio book subscription for your special someone so that they can curl up under a soft fleece blanket as someone reads to them.

    Audiobooks are great for anyone that is too tired to read a physical book but is still alert enough to listen to something entertaining. Audio books are modern storytelling at its best.

    There are lots of great audio books subscriptions and plans that you can choose from out there in the market. Many come with a wide array of novels in different genres to give the user variety.

    Not sure whether your special someone will like an audio books subscription? That’s easy- simply start then off with a free trial which will give them plenty of time to gauge whether they would like to go all in.

  4. A Meal Kit
    Meal kits are popular for good reason. Not only do they take the stress out of the whole meal planning process, but they are perfectly designed for loners and people who don’t necessarily want to venture out of the confines of their home for restaurant quality meals.

    These subscription boxes deliver your loved one recipe, ingredients and dishes at home, which will make it easier for them to prepare otherwise inaccessible gourmet meals.

    What could be better than ensuring that your loved one is well-fed and happy when they are isolated indoors? Meal kit subscriptions are great for people that love to eat good food but do not always have time to shop or the expertise to prepare such meals.

    Meal kits are also an excellent way to switch things up when one finds themselves stuck in a rut meal wise.

    Most meal kits can be delivered right at one’s door, at any time of the day, making them convenient. They are also typically available for 2 to 4 servings every night but customers can commit to automatic recurring subscriptions.

    Whenever your loved one prefers to eat something different, changes and cancellations can also be made.

  5. A Weighted or Gravity Blanket
    Get a quality weighted blanket to keep your hermit warm and toasty when they are indoors. Being gently hugged by a warm gravity blanket is just the kind of comfort one should enjoy when they are stuck indoors.

    If you have a loved one that doesn’t like leaving their house or if you just want to help your loved one take their Netflix and chilling game to the next level, this gift would come highly appreciated.

    Weighted blankets are typically filled with beads that are well distributed in the blanket which is what gives it the extra weight. The glass beds exert a nice amount of pressure that makes it easier to fall and stay asleep. Who would dare say no to the gift of improved sleep?

Final Thoughts

Do you know a self-proclaimed loner? For anyone that prefers staying at home, having tools and items on standby that can make things easier is always a good idea.

We hope that you find these top 5 gifts to be perfect for the people in your life who stay indoors most or all of the time - even if that person is you. Enjoy your life and help others enjoy theirs. Source: Special Features Dept.


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