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Obama and Whistleblowers

As for revealing government secrets: from whom were they secrets? The fact that Americans were killing civilians was no secret in Iraq.

Free Manning

(RICHMOND, R.I.) - As a presidential candidate, Barack Obama advocated greater protection for whistleblowers. But as President, Obama seems only interested in protecting whistleblowers with whom he agrees.

A woman who revealed illegal practices by the pharmaceutical manufacturer where she worked received an award of $96 million under the federal Whistleblower Law. (See the “60 Minutes” episode of Jan. 2, 2011 at

But a young Army private suspected of revealing a terrible war crime has been held in brutal solitary confinement since May 2010 by the Obama administration.

At 22, Pfc. Bradley Manning was suspected of being the whistleblower who gave WikiLeaks a “secret” video of American troops massacring Iraqis. Soldiers in Apache helicopters laughed and cheered as they killed unarmed Iraqi civilians. A wounded journalist who was trying to crawl to safety was shot again. Medical personnel who came to treat the wounded were also killed. Even children were shot (

But instead of being outraged at this atrocity, government officials and many in the media directed their wrath at Bradley Manning.

Manning’s crime, if any, was his belief in (1) his oath to ”support and defend the Constitution of the United States” and (2) the principle of individual responsibility established at the Nuremburg trials.

As for revealing government secrets: from whom were they secrets? The fact that Americans were killing civilians was no secret in Iraq.

It was only supposed to be a secret from the American public!

Rod Driver is a former Rhode Island State Representative who lives in Richmond, R.I.

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Danny Haszard January 9, 2011 10:43 am (Pacific time)

Solidarity for Whistle-blowers Glaxo whistle-blower gets $96 million. The case with the Zyprexa scandal is that Eli Lilly drug company pleaded guilty to criminal wrongs ("viva Zyprexa" campaign) the Zyprexa saga was rotten through and through. Eight Lilly EMPLOYEES got millions each as supposed informant 'whistle blowers'.Lawyers on BOTH sides got millions and millions......most patient claimants who got sick are 'mentally challenged' and less able to advocate for themselves. The Class action Lawsuits in the US had payouts of $85,000 BUT the lawyers got 45 percent and then the govt got most of the rest for having to take care of the victim/patients medical expenses.Soooo,,,,$85K turned into about $9,000 for Zyprexa claimants many had their food stamps and other state benefits taken away because of their *windfall profit* making them worse off in the end. * Daniel Haszard Zyprexa victim activist whistleblower and patient.

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