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Obama Wins South Carolina

Early counts indicate that Obama will win by a substantial margin.

Barack Obama
Barack Obama took a big step forward today in South Carolina

(COLUMBIA, S.C.) - Senator Barack Obama has won South Carolina, this means the chances of the United States having an African American President have risen substantially.

His race with Hillary Clinton and John Edwards may take on a new form after today. The news from CNN that Obama drew more votes in South Carolina than Hillary Clinton and John Edwards combined may be a clear indicator of things to come.

Exit polls show a substantial, even incredible lead from Obama. We are constantly updating the number below:

Omaba 53%

Clinton 33%

Edwards 15%

According to the exit polls, Obama's voters were 78% African Americans 20% white and 2% other.

64% of Hillary's vote came from white voters while 32% were black and 4% were of other racial backgrounds.

91% of those who voted for Edwards were white, 7% were African American and 2% were registered as other.

Black voters make up a large part of South Carolina's registered voters. Their support for Obama was strong but many wondered if white Democratic voters would have what it took to send a black man to the White House.

61% of the Democratic voters in South Carolina were female, 39% were male.

55% of males voted for Obama, 53% females voted for Obama.

68% if the 18 to 29 age group went to Obama, as did 62% of the 30 to 44 age group and 55% of 45 to 59 age group. 37% of the 60 and up vote which is more than Hillary pulled.

13% of Democrats were 18 to 39. 25% were 30 to 34. 35% were 45 to 59. 27% were 60 and over.

Early exit polls indicated strong support for both Obama and Clinton among South Carolina voters. South Carolina represents a total of 54 delegates. They also have 9 Superdelegates which are not bound by the outcome of the primary election.

NBC news projects that Barack Obama has won the South Carolina primary "by a substantial margin." They also say John Edwards is out of the running for the state.

58% of the voters for Obama go to church regularly.

50% go to church occasionally.

38% of those who supported Obama never go to church.

26% of the voters for Hillary go to church regularly.

29% of Clinton's voters go to church occasionally.

33% of those who supported Clinton never go to church.

16% of the voters for Edwards go to church regularly.

22% of Edwards' voters go to church occasionally.

29% of those who supported Edwards never go to church.

Of South Carolina's voters who go to church more than weekly, 65% voted for Obama, 22% for Clinton and 12% for Edwards.

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Albert Marnell January 30, 2008 4:35 pm (Pacific time)

If you really want to know who runs the country, google F.R.E.E., the Fund to Restore an Educated Electorate.

Jefferson January 30, 2008 9:47 am (Pacific time)

Hi Albert. How's it going? You are right on re: Schwab. I instructed my broker many years ago to give them wide berth, thankfully! Though I do know many that have done quite well using their services, so it depends on the individul situation (they are successful for a reason). I prefer futures, so I use more scientifically grounded investment descriptions...e.g. , acquiring long range climate patterns for area's of South America for different agri. productions. A brother of mine made a fortune in coffee back in the 70's when the crop was nearly wiped out because of (global cooling), and coffee prices have remained way up ever since. Remember when coffee was simply complimentary beverages when having a meal? I would suggest buying fava beans, and do it soon...

Albert Marnell January 29, 2008 2:51 pm (Pacific time)

He can not save you, neither can Charles Schwab.

Neal Feldman January 27, 2008 7:57 pm (Pacific time)

Not unexpected... the vast majority od SC democrat voters are black and Obama does well in that demographic. The fact is, though, he only got about 70% of the black vote... so it is not as monolithic as he would like. Clinton does equally well with the women voters and there are more of those. We will have to continue to wait... we might even have a say this time around in Oregon, late primary or no. But this is why I wish there was a single primary day just like a single election day. Ah well...

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