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Spread the word about 'Sri Lanka's Killing Fields'

The recent Channel 4 documentary tells a harrowing story of government terrorism and Genocide...

Sri Lanka Campaign
Learn more, visit: http://srilankacampaign.org

(WASHINGTON D.C.) - It has been a few weeks since Channel 4 screened "Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields." This documentary examined the last few weeks of the war in Sri Lanka, and showed videos illustrating the horrific war crimes that were committed on both sides. This included, in their own words, "some of the most horrific footage [Channel 4] has ever broadcast".

This was a harrowing piece of broadcasting. But it has been watched by over a million viewers in the UK with over 270,000 views online and has been viewed in over 30 countries. A special screening took place for MPs in the British Parliament on Wed 22nd June. Here at the campaign, our website traffic has increased enormously, with a huge leap in numbers signing our petition to the UN calling for a war crimes inquiry.

The documentary has permeated the public consciousness and engaged people in Sri Lanks’s situation like nothing before it. Members and volunteers of the Campaign have worked on Sri Lankan related issues for a number of years, and it is very apparent that the response to this documentary is unprecedented. The challenge for the Campaign, and all those interested in improving the situation in Sri Lanka, is how to use the momentum given to us by Channel 4.

Please help us keep up the pressure instigation by this landmark documentary. 

Tell your friends and family they should go to our website and sign our petition at http://www.srilankacampaign.org/takeaction.htm

Many people have said how helpless the documentary made them feel, but there are things individuals can do to help. Talk to people who are talking about the documentary on blogs and social media (using the hashtag #killingfields) about the petition, and send them the link.

‘Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields’ is a difficult program to watch. But it is important that as many people as possible see it and understand what took place in those weeks in May 2009. People also need to understand that there has been no serious attempt to bring the criminals on either side to justice - or even to fully investigate what happened. This despite the Channel 4 footage and the recent UN Panel of Experts report show which both show credible allegations of serious war crimes committed by the Government of Sri Lanka and the LTTE.

An independent investigation needs to happen because some of the perpetrators are still in positions of authority, and some of the crimes are still taking place - nearly 4,000 people are being held in camps to which theinternational community has no access.

The Government of Sri Lanka continues to insist that the footage is fake. The reporting of Channel 4 to Ofcom by pro Government supporters shows a ramping up of attempts to discredit the horrific footage. But the footage shown is genuine, in all its horror: 5 forensic experts commissioned by the UN's High Commissioner for Human Rights have testified that they believe the footage to be authentic.

Please help us fight for justice for those war crimes victims shown in ‘Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields’, and for all those who weren’t filmed but suffered immensely too.

The Sri Lanka Campaign for Peace and Justice


You can donate to the campaign at: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=GEQPPH7GDP368

Americans for a Stronger Israel

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Harendra Silva July 19, 2011 9:07 pm (Pacific time)

Dear Editor (aka supporter of terrorists causes),

The Sri Lankan people will defend our motherland to the last person if we have to. We are proud of our democratically elected government and our armed forces for ridding our country of terrorism. No matter what you do you will never defeat us. Sri lanka is a country that is booming - economy doing great, stock market out performing the world, tourism increasing by leaps and bounds. We will never allow people such as you that gloss over the 30 years of misery we faced at the hands of the LTTE and focus just on the last few months of the war the government waged to rid our country of terrorism. Sri Lanka stands tall and we challenge you to take Sri Lanka before the security council, non aligned movement, human rights council etc and punish us for getting rid of terrorism. Fortunately for us many countries understand the reason why sri lanka chose to confront the terrorist since appeasement failed many times earlier on during the conflict. Tim i suggest you reach for more donations from your terrorist buddies. Do they pay you per article disparaging Sri lanka or is it per the number of words for every article you publish? Either way you must be a rich man forever held in high esteem by terrorists. As for us we will never give up, we will never yield to terrorists and victory is the only option. I am willing to bet my house you can not make an impact? Are you man enough to take me on - I doubt it


Dear Harendra (aka supporter of Sri Lankan state terrorism),

I am a supporter of civilians being slaughtered in a war zone, I am on the side of humanity, and it doesn't matter what side it falls on.  You can go on and on but you know we aren't funded by any of these groups, it is a fact.  I am simply moved by the tragedy and the government's denial of what took place in such a blatant way.  Do I think I am making a difference?  Possibly, absolutely to a degree of course.  I do not stand up for what I know is wrong Harendra, and you fault me for that?  The terrorists in this story are the Sri Lanka soldiers who committed the atrocities.  The LTTE had not been waging attacks wildly right up to the Genocide, and everyone knows this.  The only thing they did was resist the violent occupation of Tamil Eelam, that is all.  Terrorists are government stooges who rape and leave tens of thousands dead; ladies, kids, you know what happened.  And all of the screaming of the word "terrorist" means nothing.  If I thought it did I wouldn't approve your comment.  All you do is fit the mold of what we know already.  Man enough?  That is an interesting question, I guess violence is all some people know.  

Ananda July 7, 2011 10:55 am (Pacific time)

I saw here mere mention about war crimes done by LTTE. Dear editor, can you list what are the all war crimes done by LTTE.

kannan July 6, 2011 9:49 pm (Pacific time)

If one tamil can be a bias, how about mono-ethinic sinhala army occupied tamil territories for 30 years? in the ratio of 5:1 civilian per army?? how about the the ministers and judges are all sinhalease? How about the LLRC is itself sinhalease majority where tamils are seeking justice? how about all the commsissions are 90% sinhalese? It is real an excuse to say one tamil can be bias. It is an open forum, where arguments are allowed to put openly. Not like in sri lanka where the truth is not allowed. even tamil elected politicians are not allowed to have a meeting, tamils mothers cannot submit petition for the lost children and family members, they were chased by the army in Wanni last week, and al jazeera media personal were shadowed when they went to meet locals in wanni, open the land for media people, NGOs - all, black white pink blur purple, all kinds, then you know know what really happened. these sinhala budhist have no idea bout justice, fairness. LTTE bobmed 10% civilian targets, 90% military targets from your own loists, whereas sinhala budhist army bombed for 30 years from sky and camps into civilain areans for 30 years, ready to face an "unbiased" inquiry sinhala budhist thugs?? how about killing tamil children in boiling tar in 1958, it was 1958 sinhala budhist, you were so babarian then , after and now. nothing will chnage your babaric brains if you have one, tamils have nothing to do with you thugs. get out of our lands. get out.

Ajith July 6, 2011 9:07 pm (Pacific time)

Dear LTTE supporting Editor
Enough is enough. Stop spreading created stories. Sri lanka is back on the track.How can you say that the Tamils are less benefited when almost all major businesses are owned by Tamils and they carry out their operations peacefully in the Colombo the capital of Sri Lanka.At least now stop fooling the innocent white skins, with crated stories.

Editor: Do you forget about this thing called 'overwhelming evidence'? It seems that you easily dismiss this.  If the story was the other way around friend, I would be right where I am, doing exactly what I am doing, only then it would be on your behalf, to restore the dignity of your people and to see justice for you.   My point is that there is no favoritism, no people I am in contact with are from the LTTE, but that is beside the point.  I admire resistance fighters who battle inequity and a lack of justice.  I am sorry any of it has to take place, Sri Lanka is a beautiful country and I know these stories aren't helping tourism, but it is the military and the president and frankly, it is the Sinhalese religious leaders who should have prevented such a tragedy from taking place. The LTTE had been nothing to all of you in recent years, there was peace, and Rajapaksa intentionally shattered that.  Neither Sri Lanka or Israel or Afghanistan are legitimate countries when they restrict the religion a person can follow.  The Tamils should have been granted the autonomy they sought.    

Lahiru July 6, 2011 8:37 pm (Pacific time)

"5 forensic experts commissioned by the UN's High Commissioner".And the High Commissioner is an ethnic tamil herself.This is where the biasness begins.This is like asking your mother if you were guilty.Stop cheap propaganda and help rebuild the country

If you have forgotten about LTTE's horrific acts please see this link:http://www.spur.asn.au/chronology_of_suicide_bomb_attacks_by_Tamil_Tigers_in_sri_Lanka.htm

Editor: Sorry, that is lame.  Is that the best you can do?  One Tamil and that means no fairness?  That is not a logical conclusion, however if you are right, then every single person from Rajapaksa down is guilty since we know they don't like Tamils, right? .

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