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Polk County Sheriff’s Office Sex Offender Compliance Sweep

Polk County arrested seven different sex offenders in the operation.

Polk County, Oregon Sheriff's car
File photo by: Tim King

(DALLAS) - Polk County Sheriff’s Office, along with many other Law Enforcement partners conducted its annual County wide sex offender sweep July 11th. The purpose of the sweep is to ensure that convicted sex offenders are complying with required sex offender registration laws.

The annual event utilizes law enforcement teams who locate and contact those registered sex offenders believed to be non-compliant with the sex offender registration laws, especially those offenders determined to be predatory in nature.

Polk County Sheriff Bob Wolfe says the sweeps make Polk County safer, “The purpose of these sweeps is to better protect our community by insuring compliance with the sex offender registration laws and making continuous, routine, contact with past offenders to encourage continued compliance or face the consequence of additional charges and jail time.”

Members of the following law enforcement partners participated in the event:

  • Polk County Sheriff’s Office Deputies and Reserve Deputies
  • Oregon State Police Detectives
  • Salem City Police Officers
  • Dallas City Police Officers
  • Monmouth Police Officers
  • Independence Police Officers
  • Polk County Parole and Probation Officers
  • Polk County Juvenile Officers
  • Protective Service Workers, DHS-CW, Dallas Branch Office
  • Polk County Commissioner Ron Dodge
  • Polk County Parole and Probation Director Marty Silbernagel

Details of the event:

Polk County Sheriff’s Office Spokesman Dean Bender says that during the sweep, 29 noncompliant and predatory sex offender packets were assigned for contact and follow-up.

In Grand Ronde, 2 Arrests were made. Both were for outstanding arrest warrants. One person was arrested in West Salem on an outstanding warrant. Two were arrested in Dallas, one person in Monmouth was arrested on drug charges, and two people were arrested in independence, one for a warrant and one for drug charges.

Bender says that brings the total number of arrests to seven, four people were “deported” from Polk County and in the conviction in one case has been overturned.


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Joseph May 4, 2007 2:57 am (Pacific time)

Very good website you have here. I found it very interesting.

Grey March 12, 2007 11:30 pm (Pacific time)

Wow America. If sex and lemonade are the same to you I would hate to see how the kids selling it on the sidewalk come out of the deal. A sexual predator IS a sex offender. They target the weakest among us, hense the term "predator." They don't do it the legal way, which makes them an "offender." Now that we have that straight, sounds to me like you have had a knock at the door a time or ten by the boys in blue. Maybe if you put down the doobie-doobie-do and contributed to society you wouldn't have to stay in the closet.

Thecla March 12, 2007 4:43 pm (Pacific time)

Wow :)) super site and guestbook. I will put reference on my sites. You are fine fellows.

America July 14, 2006 5:45 am (Pacific time)

Most people don't even know the difference between a sexual predator and a sex offender. If two people heterosexual or homosexual are getting it on in their private car in a dark parking lot at night, they can be arrested for being a sex offender. What happened to enjoying the natural things in life. Sex and lemonade are the same thing to me. Here is another example of the public not knowing a thing about definitions and the police waste of time on easy arrests. See if they ever get you back your property when you are burglarized. They could care less. But if they or one of their friends homes are hit, they will find the people and the property. The police are just out for a paycheck, a sinecure job, power, retirement benefits, health benefits and the networking that goes along with the mafia in blue.

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