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Sex Offender Website Reveals Dangers Lurking Near Salem Schools and Parks

"This is why it is imperative for parents to be ever vigilant for our children and with whom they associate" Governor Kulongoski said.

Photo courtesy: NY Senate

(SALEM) - The Oregon State Police website that lists the names and addresses of predatory sex offenders shows that many in the Salem-Keizer area are living within a one mile radius or closer to schools and neighborhood parks. For example, a search of North Salem High School and Parrish Middle School addresses found that 25 predatory sex offenders live within a one-mile radius of the schools. Of course there are a lot of schools in Salem and that is only fair to consider. But it doesn’t mean people want their kids walking by the homes of predatory sex offenders. Other locations in those areas include Barrick Field, Royal Park and Olinger Pool, all popular destinations for kids during the summer. Bush Elementary School, located at 410 14th Street, has 26 predatory sex offenders living nearby. South Salem High School has 5, and the school is located near Bush’s Pasture Park, another popular place for kids in the summer. In West Salem, Walker Middle School in Keizer has five offenders considered “predatory” while Cummings Elementary School has four. Highland Elementary located at 530 Highland Ave NE has thirteen. The Oregon School for the Deaf, and Liberty Elementary School have one offender living within three blocks. Marion County Commissioner Patti Milne doesn’t like it, “I’m shocked, alarmed, and deeply concerned by this.” The commissioner describes the current situation the result of bad planning. Milne says that while the offenders have the right to have a roof over their head, locating themselves near schools and parks is bad planning not only on their part, the problem also rests with those charged with watching over them, such as parole and probation authorities, who try and help them find housing away from where children congregate. However, authorities say that once the offender does his time, they don’t have any say on where they live or work. interviewed one of the offenders who wished to remain anonymous. He says part of the problem with sex offenders and the way society looks at them, is the lack of media publicity on the ones who turn their lives around. “Some get married, some go to college, and some just work and try to lead a normal life,” he said. “Anyone; a state prison official, a D-A, a community service officer from parole or probation, who tells you that sex offenders get quality or substantial sex offender treatment while in prison, are lying.” “There is very little treatment in prison, it’s only when your released, either because you served your time, or you get paroled, that the offender can get adequate, high quality sex offender treatment that can help them with their sexual deviancies.” “Some of the guys I spent time with were released, and didn’t seek any treatment, what happened, some re-offended, and what could, or may have prevented that, a prison treatment program. You think the state would be more interested in help offenders from re-offending while their serving Measure 11 sentences rather than spending the money on a website. If I’m Joe public reading this, I would demand from state and local leaders why there isn’t better treatment available to offenders in Oregon prisons.” Don’t let them sugar coat it either, there IS NOT quality treatment for sex offenders in prison, ask any offender, they will tell you. Remember politicians lie for your vote.” “Why isn’t there a public outcry for a website that lists men and women who sell drugs to kids”? Seems to me that there is more to a child safety than just sex offenders. Drugs, especially meth, and alcohol, are destroying kids and neighborhoods throughout Salem, yet where are parents calling for a website or registration list for people who sell drugs to their kids? “And where is the website for people who have been convicted murdering, or attempting to murder, or physically abusing kids? Aren’t they dangerous? Would you want your child near these people? They live among us too.“ I agree that some, if not most violent, predatory sex offenders will re-offend, and that is a deep concern. However don’t label all of us, before you know us, some of us work very hard to change and break the predatory label, and to not be given a second chance sucks.” Reporters note… state parole and probation officials say that those charged with sex crimes on parole or probation in Oregon are required to complete a sex offender treatment program before their sentence is complete. This is completed after release while on post-prison supervision, within the window of the sentence. If they don’t comply with the rules, their parole or probation officer can sanction them. The offender who spoke with says if people really want to see change, they should ask an offender to come to a neighborhood meeting. See if he or she is making changes to his life, if not encourage him or her to do so. The past offender’s advice continues: “Be a good neighbor, don’t let offenders slip back into their old ways of thinking. Don’t just live scared, thinking that he or she is going to re-offend, help authorities by being a good neighbor and help him get the help he needs. Give the offender a chance, if he doesn’t change, then at least you can say you tried to help him get back on the right track to become part of society.” Milne and the offender both agreed on one thing; the solution may be for a private donor to donate land, or an apartment complex away from schools and parks that can provide the offenders a chance at rehabilitation, while giving authorities a more secure location to keep track of violent sex offenders on parole and probation. However both felt the chances of that happening are slim. There are approximately 700 registered sex offenders in Oregon who are classified as predatory or sexually violent dangerous offenders. The sex offenders listed on the site represent a fraction of about 14,500 registered sex offenders in Oregon. Because of a separate legal dispute, the list initially will not include the names of serious sex offenders who have been released from prison in the past 16 months. In February 2005, the Oregon Supreme Court ruled that convicted sex offenders may challenge the "predatory" label and ordered the parole board to devise a new system for arriving at that designation. The board is scheduled to meet Aug. 1st to consider new procedures, including granting offenders a hearing to contest a predatory label. These offenders are required to register for life under Oregon law and their information will be permanently available on the state police website. Many counties already provide web-based information about sexual predators, but the OSP website will allow citizens to view the list of offenders in its entirety. As of July 1st, more than 85% of the predatory sex offenders are listed on the site. Not all sex offenders are classified as "predatory," so not every person who has been convicted of a sexual offense is, or will be listed on the website.


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Jesea March 18, 2008 11:27 pm (Pacific time)

Sorry, your NOT too smart if you concider a SEXUAL PREDITOR who hurts innocent little children a WITCH HUNT< WHAT A LOOSER.........

jeseas March 18, 2008 11:24 pm (Pacific time)

As a 7 yr old, I was raped at gunpoint walking home from school. My mother did nothing.As a 10 yr old my mothers boyfriend continually molested me, there was other things as wel. I live with panic attacks, anxiety attacks, and other things that make it difficult not to feelmy heart race. I dont tell other people.What they did was rob a innicent child of their happieness, youth,feeling safeect. I lived in Arabia for 1 yr. b/4 the Saddam ordeal, and theres NO REASON WHY we do nt chop off thier heads every Fri. as they do in Riyadh,Arabia. I have the BEST solution, chop off thier d*$#s and attach them to thier foreheads the first time so EVERY child/adult sees what they really are, and for the second time chpo off thier heads so we dont have to support such sick predators for our children to have a ruined life from there ways....Jesea

Cody February 11, 2008 6:03 pm (Pacific time)

The age of treatment has long since, our system has grown tired, and decadent. We must resolve this issue, not by for strengthened laws, but by more strengthened treatment. For sex offenders will always exist; the issue isn't getting rid of them...its impossible...the issue to to help them get better, and to help prevent others from taking on those thoughts...So let's get back to what can really help us in the long run- Developing cutting edge treatment that will help these people become safe members of our community.

virinia kinney February 11, 2008 5:45 pm (Pacific time)

if you want to ask what i think i think it is sick about bad poeple raping kids i was one of them poeple and i thinkitssick

Anonymous July 25,2007 August 25, 2007 8:57 pm (Pacific time)

Anyone registered as a sex offender is a risk specially to our children. They seem to be the most protected then anyone. Keep them away from all children and the schools even from there god damn own if thats the case. A low risk sex offender is a big threat to my own child.(Angry Parent whose childs father violated another minor) How do I Know next time he won't do that to our child or he hasn't already to our young child?

Anonymous October 28, 2006 8:55 am (Pacific time)

I feel very sad for children that are taught sexualized behavior by their parent(s), then they act out their abuse, our system doesn't protect them, then labels them a "sex offender", what a set up!! We need to change laws on "incest"!

Steve July 21, 2006 4:36 pm (Pacific time)

The laws in Oregon sucks!

Anonymous July 21, 2006 11:16 am (Pacific time)

This is crazy. The way the laws are written now everyone should be on it. From two teenagers have sex, urinating in public, no closing your blinds and someone see you and your husband or boyfriend , a innocent touch, a lie by someone stating you did something to them that is trying to destroy you, misidentification, etc.

Anonymous July 20, 2006 3:07 pm (Pacific time)

Nobody has a right to abuse anybody else sexually, and it sure as hell has nothing to do with what they wear. Get this 50's thinking out of here, women and girls can and will wear what they want and you are a fool if you think that gives people a right to approach them and hurt them, becaue they show a little skin.

SA July 20, 2006 12:15 pm (Pacific time)

Lars Larson has a promo for his local radio show that says to the effect that all sex offenders are perverts and deserve nothing from the state,or federal government. What an idot, so just put them all out on the street with no treatment so they can just re-offend. Try finding a solution Lars rather than just filling Oregon radiowaves with hate messages. You can't just go and say they don't deserve a second chance at rehabilition. What if it was you wouldn't you want a second chance?? oh wait you can't look at it that way, you need to make money. What is going to happen when the Blazers are sold and KXL loses the rights to broadcast the games. Say bye bye to the Oregon Radio Network and LARS! Yes in case you didn't know, in order to carry the Blazers you have to carry Lars show. Look at the stations that carry his show, almost every single one carry the Blazers. Thanks Kevin for a good, in-depth look at the sex offender problem in Oregon and for letting both sides air their veiws without a polictical stance. Scott Andersen Eugene

Dink Aboud Dat July 20, 2006 11:38 am (Pacific time)

Dear TM, The case of your 12-year-old relative is more common than you could imagine. The rapist could have been the son or friend of a son of one of the police officers. Remember the police are there to protect and serve themselves, their friends, their relatives and in addition commit crimes(like the one you describe...not taking action in your situation is criminal). They also like to milk the public with their salaries, pensions, benefits, perks and then stick together to network for a variety of things such as criminal activity. If you want to reduce crime, reduce the police force.

Anonymous July 20, 2006 10:36 am (Pacific time)

TM: I think "hear say" and a DA, cop, or attorney can tell me if i'm wrong on this, but it can't be used in court because the person making the statement didn't acually see the crime occur, and is only testifying on something they heard which is only alleged to have happend. I could be wrong, and your story is probably one of hundreds occuring in Salem where the police have screwed the case up for the D-A.

Anonymous July 20, 2006 10:29 am (Pacific time)

The Gov does sum it up best. Look at what young, and older girls/women throughout Salem, and the nation wear, or what little they wear, during the summer. They are just asking for trouble. Why don't they just wear a sign that says open 7-11 come and get it boys. An what about the parent who give there kids booze, with other adults around. Where are the police when those parties are going on, oh wait there are partying too.

TM July 20, 2006 7:26 am (Pacific time)

A 12-year old relative of mine was raped at the Salem skateboard park about a decade ago. The police knew the 18 year-old offender and refused to investigate. When I asked about what was going on, they omitted the eye-witness interview from their report and said the complaint was based on "hear-say". So nothing was done. The police should have taken more responsibility and not lied in their report to protect the criminal.

Mike July 20, 2006 4:43 am (Pacific time)

The Governor sums it up best. Parents need to take responsibility for their child's safety. Child Safety cannot be legislated away. Parents, it's time to stop crying and take responsibility for your children. The government cannot protect your children regardless of what your legislators may tell you.

Piece July 19, 2006 9:54 pm (Pacific time)

If you have sex in a car with your girlfriend or boyfriend the stupid ass police could ruin your life and have you and your love register for life as sex offenders. Make sure you don't split your pants if they are too tight. Your privates may show and if a cop has it in for you he or she will frame you as a sex offender. I would like to see more privates in public.

SOS Network July 19, 2006 6:40 pm (Pacific time)

A report to the Unites States Senate Judiciary Committee by SOhopeful International ( stated, “It is because of these misunderstandings about the real nature of sex crimes, victims of sex crimes and sex offenders that Federal and some State governments are spending large sums for ineffective policies that do not increase public safety.” The public needs to be more concerned about high-risk sex offenders and absconders, not the low risk offenders who are working hard to comply with their probation and therapy guidelines or who have paid their debt to society and are on the Sex Offender Registry by law. Because of law enforcement needing to spending precious resources tracking low risk offenders, two girls, and a young woman are now dead. Additionally, hysteria created by media misinformation and hyperbole, has a devastating and demoralizing effect on the families of low-risk offenders, including the unintended practice of revealing the identity of victims of intra-familial abuse, traumatizing children a second time. Let’s replace myths, lies, and fear mongering with rational thought and truth through education programs and factual reporting. Let’s tell the truth about proximity laws, they are unjust to wives and children, parents or families of low risk offenders and do not make society safer, they encourage high-risk offenders to abscond. Additionally, they go against the original intent of Megan’s Law. Because of new harsher proximity laws in many states, intra-familial offenses will go unreported in order to keep families together. The victims and offenders of unreported intra-familial offenses, who do not receive therapy, create opportunities for more offenses and victims. How in the world can this make children safer? The good news is that there are solutions, we can put an end to the panic and better manage sex offenders. Some of these solutions are outlined below and are just a starting point for a safer society for all families. We also need to increase the penalties for using the registries to harass or intimidate offenders. These actions are nothing more than vigilantism. Registries are most effective when individuals use them to educate their children of where offenders are living in a neighborhood. Currently in most states, it is only a misdemeanor offense and it is never enforced. Individuals who use the registry to notify others of an offender’s presence in a neighborhood should be charged with felony reckless endangerment, punishable by up to five years probation, community service, and restitution. We must have more faith in ourselves than in government to solve the sex abuse problem. Citizens, communities, journalist, media personalities, and legislators should demand a National Sex Offender Public Policy Forum to address these issues. This would help state and local governments formulate workable, cost effective laws that protect the rights of all citizens. Forums should include mental health professionals, jurist, law enforcement and corrections personnel, victims and their families, offenders and their families. The offender’s families are secondary casualties of ill-conceived laws. In lieu of fostering a fearful witch-hunt mentality for advertising dollars and higher ratings, the media needs to step up to this societal challenge. They should strive to dispel the myths and create the environment for policy and subsequent legislation to succeed, creating a safe society for all children.

Anonymous July 19, 2006 6:02 pm (Pacific time)

Anon 8:44: The "witch hunt" isn't unique to Salem. Americans nation-wide are increasingly frightened by sex offenders. To those who think that sex offenders can / should be isolated to a particular area of the city, a challenge: draw a one-mile-radius circle around every school and neighborhood park in the city and see how much land is available for housing. Then ask yourself: Would you prefer that these individuals be scattered about the city or concentrated into a few tiny pockets?

Save Our Freedoms July 19, 2006 5:34 pm (Pacific time)

The new witch hunt is not just in Salem. Our congress and senators have been hard at work assuring it is natonwide. New legislation will be approved soon that will make the Salem witch hunt look like a Boy Scout convention. It is called the Adam Walsh act and it is unbelievable.

Anonymous July 19, 2006 2:50 pm (Pacific time)

This is a good story, alot of true points here from the "offender". And "Ditto" to the point that Oregon Corrections DOES NOT treat sex offenders while inside, even if they are charged a minor sex crime, and serving a non measure 11 sentance they cannot even better themselves in boot camp wich opens any offender's eyes, Sex Offenders are left for after prison care of parole and probation. This is why PandP is boggled down, and if the parole officer is a rookie, and acts pissed off every time an offender sees him, the offender better do extra things to show he/or she is in complete honesty of their current life.

Anonymous July 19, 2006 8:44 am (Pacific time)

Am I the only one who has noticed there is a new witch hunt in Salem?

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