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Gagging on Green - Agenda 21

It was GHW Bush, the former CIA head, the President who appointed Clarence Thomas, a Monsanto lawyer to the Supreme Court, and a man whose family made its fortunes in Nazi Germany.

Agenda 21

(LONDON) - To be able to stop the global corporate control our lives, we are going to have to speak a common language and have a shared understanding of what's going and excuse each other some lapses.  However much we have been taught by corporate media to fear or hate each other, we share common goals: We all want a decent country and world.

Starting with one example of who we are.  


It was used to invade Iraq.  

While many people on the left know that and many on the right and left are working to expose that 9/11 as an inside job (our government attacked its own people), there are many on the right who still believe it was Muslims who attacked and we needed to invade Iraq and get rid of Saddam Hussein and righteously went to war.

What is in common about that?  

The left was busy exposing lies, right and left are working for justice, and the right, however much they may have hated Muslims for allegedly causing 9/11 and still believe Muslim terrorists are a threat to us, they were willing to risk their lives or encouraged their children to do so, to "bring freedom and democracy" to a Muslim country.  

The left might fault them for being naive, but there is no way around their deeply abiding belief in democracy and their willingness to die for it, even on behalf of people they don't know and people they supposedly hate.  

Bring together people exposing truths and people willing to fight for freedom and democracy, and that is a powerful combination.  Keep them apart, and we can't get where we need to go.

In that example, it was the right that was naive, quickly responding to threats to the country and ready to fight.

With Agenda 21, it is the left which is naive.

For many years the right has been saying we need to get out of the UN, they are communistic.  While that choice of description makes the left reject every word past that one, the right has been saying something very true for a long time, though "totalitarian" or "fascist" would be a more workable term.  How can this be so?  The UN is funded in large part by the Rockefellers, the oil cartel and bankers who came up with eugenics and had half interest in IG Farben, the German pharmaceutical and chemical industry that put Adolph Hitler into office and ran the concentration camps, performing hideous "medical" experiments on people.

They want a New World Order (a continuation of Hitler's plan) but they had to disguise their intent after WWII and have done so through using philanthropic foundations funding international agencies as the means to gain control over them.  Eugenics is still going on, but it is advertise anymore by a raving Nazi lunatic but bureaucratized inside the UN's population programs and the WHO presented as helping people.

The UN is controlled by multinational corporations and banks however much it presents itself playing as a peace-maker and protector of the earth.  UN Agenda 21 is their New World Order dream, an extensive plan to impose totalitarian control on the world.  How would one even begin to sell such a monstrosity?  Under the guise of "Green economies" and "Sustainable Development."  How much does the UN care about either?  This is the same UN that sits silent as multinational corporations savage rain forests to mine ore, for oil, to grow cattle, to raise GMO crops, working to steal global control of land, resources and food, and displacing populations whose land they are seizing for a pittance or even for free, in the process. Green?  Sustainable?  This is PR packaging for corporate predation.  The Supreme Court of India appalled what is happening to people and their land under "development," bluntly calls it privatization. Survival International, a group dedicated to saving rain forests as the homes of indigenous people wrote "The UN’s flagship business initiative is being used as a tool to mask human rights abuses, according to Ayoreo Indians in Paraguay. ...The UN Global Compact was [allegedly] designed for companies ‘committed to aligning their operations with ten universally accepted principles,’ including respect for human and environmental rights."

Here is a photographs of UN "sustainability."  It looks for all the world like mowing down rain forests to steal the land of indigenous  tribes.

Agenda 21 is more of the same. But it is aimed at every inch on land on earth. It designed to move whole populations off their land, the justification being to protect it from development and save the world from imminent collapse from Global warming. The left needs to look at the UN's Agenda 21 maps showing plans to force millions if not billions of people off their own property (including in the US) and into dense populations centers, leaving the land on earth completely available for tar sands drilling, oil drilling, gas drilling, mountain top removal, nuclear power plants, industrial agribusiness and concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs), immense biotech labs, etc.

Those behind UN Agenda 21 were quite clever in throwing in some things it won't be doing at all, as an incentive to lure in leftists.  So it includes such things as no use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, and stopping giant dams.  But anyone who would take that at face value isn't aware the Rockefellers control the the pharmaceutical industry which produces pesticides and chemical fertilizers, and are behind GMOs which depend on both, and while the UN runs an Indigenous People's Day, it does nothing to stop the “Green” energy boom in mega dams that are destroying tribes.

David Rockefeller whose family funded WWII for the Nazis, says "We are on the verge of global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the new world order.”  Agenda 21 is the new world "order."  It has been cleverly dressed in green and called "sustainable" to sell the most outrageous things needed for total global control - the  end of national boundaries, the end of property rights, the end of Constitutional rights, the end of human rights, the seizing of all land, the displacement of world population into cities so they can be easily controlled.  The dressing up is to appeal to sincere people on the left who care about the planet.  Global Warming is the bugaboo to add terror to drive it all forward.  The tale told is that we all face extinction if we don't radically alter how we live and UN Agenda 21, never voted on by population and without them being aware of what it entails, is the plan, run by the very corporations and international bankers who have gotten rid of jobs and homes, made food dangerous, wrecked economies - all ready to now "save the world."

The Rockefellers as pharmaceutical industry were part of telling the world that a virulent Spanish flu was killing millions in 1918, when, in fact, it was Pharma, along with governments and "medical experts," urging aspirin on the world "to save everyone," that killed between 20-50 million people.  Homeopaths actually did save people.  Having noticed that, immediately after 1918, the Rockefellers used "philanthropy" to take control of medical education and hospitals and got rid of homeopathic hospitals.  This is to say, they can tell whoppers.  They managed to cover up their causing the greatest industrial catastrophe in human history, and shift the blame to a "terrifying" flu.  Are they not doing the same with Global Warming?

There too, people being told the planet is going off a cliff from changes in climate (nature).  It is important to realize that to whatever degree natural global warming is an issue, the cause is corporate industrialization - destruction of rain forests, of oceans, of air, of soil, through insatiable industrial greed and filthy industrial processes.  Yet it is just those corporations which are bringing UN Agenda 21 to the world under the aegis of saving it from global warming.  One might wonder whether corporations, in concert with military, are using HAARP to create a bit of drama and maximize temperature changes and storms and droughts, which is all within the capacity of HAARP.  Are they ramping up fear the world is falling apart?  One might ask since If the UN is so concerned about Global Warming  why it is not asking those who control HAARP to use those capacities to alleviate droughts?  One might also ask how sincere the UN can be as it plans for the entire world to change everything about life on earth under its Agenda 21 to save the earth, if it isn't even bothering to lift a finger to stop a single instance of corporate destruction in the present?

Liberals need only look at who signed Agenda 21 for the US, a country infamous for not signing any international agreements that are good for the world.  It was GHW Bush, the former CIA head, the President who appointed Clarence Thomas, a Monsanto lawyer to the Supreme Court, and a man whose family made its fortunes in Nazi Germany.  On what basis, then, are liberals to believe such a monumental UN (that is, Rockefeller) scheme, however wrapped in "sustainable" and painted in green, is about saving the planet and not, as even their own maps show, about wresting control of all land on earth from human beings, and crowding them in vast numbers into controlled cities, for the sake of a totalitarian corporate global governance?

"Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as "internationalists" and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure - one world, if you will. If that's the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it." - David Rockefeller

The following video comes from the right.  There are few places in it where liberals might shrink back but perhaps with the introduction above, it will be clear that it was the right who saw this coming long ago and are already organizing to stop it.  They may call UN Agenda 21 "communistic" but liberals can just translate that into "fascist" which it is, and see the picture.

While the people in the video like pesticides and oppose alternative energy, here is where left and right must see past tricks being played on both sides.  Food can be grown without pesticides (the right will get that in time) and alternative energy under by UN Agenda 21 is a means to lure in the left.  The multinationals made sure alternative energy up until now was seen as inadequate and they won't allow it to exist on any workable scale unless they control it.  Real alternative energy is something the right should appreciate because it can help people become free of the global corporate control and manipulation of shortages  As with water, the corporations talk shortages (which they are causing) to urge control of government/corporate water as they are working already to charge people even for rainwater they collect at their own homes.

What the left needs to see is the megalomaniacal greed behind the the plan and the extreme threat to all human rights, human life and all freedom.

Between the right's wanting freedom to do whatever it wants and the left's seeming willingness to give up freedom for the environment, there is an essential space in the middle for what both want - freedom to live good lives with full rights to control our own lives, and inventiveness about not destroying the earth that gives us life.  Real people, not corporations, can strike that balance.  But only with both right and left will it be struck.  The task is to value the other as essential to get there, and to be together (despite differences in language and details)  to stop the Rockefeller's fascist UN Agenda 21.

A final word before the video.  Obama just signed an Executive Order to establish a Rural Council.  Congress was bypassed.  Obama's Rural Council is designed to begin implementing UN Agenda 21.

Now the video.  The right was ahead on this.  The left will begin exposing it.  Together, they will stop it.

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NoMan'sLand August 12, 2011 9:08 am (Pacific time)

I suspected that Agenda 21 had a hidden agenda. What better way to hide it than out in the open? Talk about transparency!

Jeff,, July 24, 2011 8:47 am (Pacific time)

It's 11:59 Do you know what your governments doing?

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