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Ethnocentrist justice, racist justice!

"The alienated subject is mad in so far as he takes himself without mediation for what he identifies himself to."[1]

Tools of circumcision
Tools of circumcision. Courtesy: Ha'aretz

(PARIS, France) - Without remission jail for exciser parents in France,
circumcision still authorized to adults in Germany,
European justice, ethnocentrist and racist

Once again in matter of excision, a French criminal court has brought in, against a whole family since the victims did not complain, a racist, ethnocentrist, ignorant of religious and cultural realities verdict. Both parents got five years jailing. Such a judgment imposes the Western law in the imperialist spirit inherited from colonialism.
In matter of circumcision, a German court has pronounced a decision that makes a lot of fuss. Nonpunitive, it similarly displays apparently irreproachable intentions. Indeed, the court of Köln declared that:
- circumcision was a "severe and irreversible interference into physical integrity."
- the "fundamental right of the child to bodily integrity outweighed the fundamental rights of the parents".
- "This change contravenes the interests of the child to decide later on his religious beliefs."
Human sacrifices upon the person of others are very obviously reprehensible. Yet, those two decisions do not apply the rule of law. Indeed, a basic principle of criminal law says that "There is no crime or offence without the intention to commit it." (French criminal code, art 121-3).
1/ Now, sexual mutilation (excision, circumcision) is acted out within love and "for the sake of the child", which explains the submission of the victims. This in the respect of ancestral, millenary and sometimes religious laws and traditions, and, therefore, under the effect of a powerful moral constraint, of a "compelling force imposing itself as an absolute necessity" (Jean Larguier, law Professor). It seems impossible to condemn its authors.
2/ Moreover, they are very obviously a genuine collective madness (transgenerational and collective syndrome of Münchhausen by proxy) and, not being healthy of mind, those who perpetrate them cannot be condemned.
Therefore, those two decisions are forgery in public writing. If we think of the number of Jews in history who are dead for their alleged right to mutilate their children, it is obvious that they will be inoperative.
However, sexual mutilation is operated in the nonsensical pretence to render the individual and the group morally superior. They assault natural sexuality through bullying the body in a madly puritan way. The thing is well-known since Maimonides who naively – and maybe treacherously (?) – advocated that moral order (sic):
"This commandment has not been prescribed to correct a physical deficiency but a moral one."[2]
Moreover, behind that racist pretext, excision and circumcision are very obviously acted out in the aim to favour endogamy. Things are particularly clear for excision since the parents warrant themselves saying: "If we do not excise our daughters, they will not find a husband.", which is openly racist in our countries. But it is the same for circumcision; young women are led to believe that the so-called "noncircumcised" lack hygiene and are awkward customers, that "they are not men", according to the African saying.
But sexual mutilators discriminate their children, discriminate themselves and discriminate us in an artificial racism worse that ordinary racism; this is some Gobineau enacted by Mengele. The only way to stop them is to denounce the intolerable racism which inspires them and that they provoke on their children. The Jewish writers Alina Reyes and Stéphane Zagdanski testified of that quasi-racism induced into the mind of the young Jew:
"In my little boy's head, an uncircumcised penis looked like a sex of dog, the irregular aspect, the bright red little top…This really did not seem very aesthetic to me compared to my own penis or that of my brothers. I remember a shower taken with a friend in snow-classes, we were, let’s say, nine or ten years old and he showed me what his penis looked like, explaining me how he had to wash it, every day, because otherwise, there was a risk of infection or getting dirty. He had shown me the whole operation, I was rather stunned, I had never seen this in my life. Above all, I had never seen a glans all red like this, and, right away, very subjectively, it evoked me a dog in erection – as I could have seen one in the country, or even in town. A feeling of great difference, thus, on the one hand between me and women, anatomically, and between me and nonJews, the majority. In other words, between me and all others. With all the same a slight complex of superiority because of that disclosure, namely that the penises of nonJews looked like sexes of dogs." [3]
But these barbarous rituals are not only condemned by natural ethics:
"But a private person may not perform such an ablation, even with the patient's consent; it would be committing an injustice to society, to which man belongs with all his limbs."[4]
They are also condemned by:
1/ article 7 of the Universal declaration of human rights of the Organisation of the United Nations :
"All are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law. All are entitled to equal protection against any discrimination in violation of this Declaration and against any incitement to such discrimination."
2/ the principle 10 of the Universal declaration of the rights of the child of the United Nations organization:
"The child shall be protected from practices that… may foster racial, religious or any other form of discrimination..."
But here we are, a racist justice, influenced by the far-right that very particularly holds sway in judiciary circles, is unable to apply not only its own rules concerning blacks, Muslims or Jews, but foremost an antiracist principle. It only opposes racism to racism, madness to madness, the psychological violence of forgery in public writing to the puritan falseness and hypocrisy of ritual pedo-criminality. Such a justice leads us to catastrophe.

[1] Leguil C. Sartre avec Lacan. Paris: Navarin – Le champ freudien; 2012.  p. 71.
[2] The guide of the perplexed. 1190. III. ch. 49. Chicago: Chicago University press; 1963.
[3] Reyes A., Zagdanski S. La vérité nue. Paris: Pauvert; 2002. p. 145-46.
[4] Saint Thomas Aquinas. Summa Theologica. 1273.

Sigismond (Michel Hervé Navoiseau-Bertaux)

Michel Hervé Navoiseau-Bertaux (Sigismond) is the author of "Sexual mutilation: excision, circumcision, the victims' point of view", for free at circabolition.multiply.com; he is an Independent psychoanalysis researcher (Chercheur indépendant en psychanalyse) based in Paris, France, who works with Salem-News.com to help raise awareness of the massive societal problems connected to the blindly accepted, mutilating practice of circumcision. He says, "Non violence is as fundamental as violence, love and hatred, justice and injustice. But power is at the tip of the tongue and the sweet violence of speech, if one takes hold of it, can silence weapons."

(La non violence est aussi fondamentale que la violence, l'amour et la haine, le juste et l'injuste. Mais le pouvoir est au bout de la langue et la douce violence de la parole, si l'on s'en empare, peut faire taire les armes.)




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