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Jun-02-2009 10:51printcomments

Open Letter to Rush, 'Backlash' & Cheney,
aka the 'Society to Protect Privileged White Males'

New American Challenges Rising Like an Ocean: Your Chains of Mental Slavery Are Sooo Last Millennium.

Bush, Cheney, Limbaugh and Gingrich
Members of the GOP who have stood for torture and led the country into an abysmal economic state are still blowing their horns and vying for power, does it ever end?

(HONOLULU) - "Ours is a world of nuclear giants and ethical infants. We know more about war than we know about peace-- more about killing than we know about living."
-- General Omar Bradley

Predictably, in our reality-managed, self-deluding industrial-Roman, colonial American culture, the Rushes, Newts and Dicks are all popping out of their Jackboxes to attempt to continue their neo-fascist fearmongering campaigns of attack, denial, accusation and disinformation, or to sum up the CIA-generated Bush Era agenda: Operation Mind F*ck (where "u" must be censored for secret reasons).

Witness them squirm, rant, name-call, reverse the idea of "racism" and all the old familiar "backlash" tactics of the past century, as the turning tide crashes over the bastions of American SLAVERY, genocide and historic, institutionalized Euro-American supremacy, much of which, it must unfortunately be pointed out, is yet to be reckoned with, and thus festers just below our Sunbelt.

We must give due credit to the capitalization of the far-right on their marketing of weapons, ammunition, and wholesale lots of Bush family memorial Shinola.

Seriously, these people can take the worst political crimes in human history, the most outrageous corruption of our Constitutional principles, the loss of trillions of dollars, truckloads of cash just "disappeared"-- and turn it inside out as an attack campaign, given their ability to dominate the corporate media, make a profit off their war crimes, then just waltz away back to Texas, into the smog-tinted sunset.

These neofascist mouthpieces appear to be able to be as "Anti-American" as they want to be, when it serves their own profits and the interests of the wealthy weapons manufacturers, drug companies, oil and chemical corporations and war contractors-- now that they've unequivocally LOST the past Presidential election and control of Congress.

Has anyone informed them that we are still officially "at war" with terrorists, in fact more endangered than ever thanks to their chickenhawk corruptions and invasions?

See how they magically appear to continue to dominate the dialogue with ignominious accusations against the Obama administration, which the media give equal coverage to, including these privileged white males now claiming "racism" against a widely-respected Puerto Ricana Supreme Court nominee, for a humorous comment 8 years ago, which if you really examine the minds at work here, turns out to be TRUE.

A latina woman judge in a recovering, predominantly white-supremacist, sexist society WOULD be expected to give a "more wise" perspective on a Supreme Court, which purports to represent our increasingly diverse nation. These type of legal attacks are painfully familiar here in Hawai'i Nei, and if you scratch beneath the surface of the attack, you'll find English-only, anti-immigrant, Euro-status individuals and organizations who are deeply afraid of "multiculturalism."

The Obama phenomenon is their worst nightmare, so expect a daily dose of strident accusations and attacks, regardless of the vulnerable state of our nation, in the midst of Anti-American terrorism and nuclear threats.

Here's the challenge we must make to these various Rush/Rove type campaigns of "divide & conquer through confusion": Now that the "American identity" has shifted into an enriching, inclusive realm of multicultural respect, listening and honoring of history-- will you retreat into a fortress of hatred and fear, join forces with the Neo Nazis and Klan, who also make unending claims of "racism" to defend what they percieve as "their America?"

After 8 years of the Bush Jr.-CIA regime in which 100's of thousands of people have died for unbelievably ignorant, bigoted and terroristic reasons, will you insist on perpetuating an elaborate cover-up of our true American history?

Yes, predictably, many of the parties who benefited most under the Bush war regime, most notably Richard Cheney and his associates, must needs be waging an ongoing disinformation and attack campaign, even in the midst of an inherited war.

These desperate characters can sniff their own blood on the internet, calculate the exposure of their crimes, which have barely begun to be documented in the mainstream. American history will have to be radically rewritten, for example, when, like the science behind climate change, the science behind the 9-11 World Trade Center bombings finally sees light of day.

Building 7 was a control center, without a doubt destroyed by thermite demolition. The 9-11 attacks were engineered by the Bush regime, and this crime is unprecedented, as are all of the lies and corruptions, war profiteering and MURDER which followed upon this nightmarish event. Can you see how these people KNOW they are teetering on a house of wildcards?

Instead of going into hiding and shame, as honest human beings would, these folks are rising again like a Frankenstein monster: FEAR, TORTURE & WAR IS GOOD FOR YOU.

No explanation or atonement for leaving our nation in dire emergency and insane, criminal debt-- just the trumpetting of their own privilege and priority. It's in their interest to muddy the waters, to confuse issues, make accusations, blame others for their consequences.

Oh yes, and keep their asses out of prison, which is where many of these war profiteers really should be. National Socialism indeed, the Mussolini version where oil, drug and weapons corporations rule us all, plunder the economy and keep wealthy white men in positions of power.

Many of these crimes which have been perpetrated since 9-11, and those of Bush Sr. going back to President Kennedy's murder, don't even have a classification, they are so vast and unprecedented you have to return to the Roman empire.

Now a challenge to all of our fellow American people-- liberal, progressive, conservative, radical, creative, or child: do you have the COURAGE and historic GUMPTION to raise America above this mainstream corruption of character?

Look around you-- China, Korea, Russia, the rest of the Americas all are facing you now, asking this question. Is America the shining experiment which colonized the continent for a sacred and beautiful human purpose? Or will we be dragged back down into our spook-infested, mournful history of denial, corruption and conflict?

Be aware, Americans, we are in a vulnerable corridor, where liberation and cultural triumph coexist with truthtelling and justice-- for all the nations of the world-- but war criminality, crypto-fascism and hatemongers surround us and challenge our very existence.

In cultural terms, the key to this new millennium can be dug out of the mud of the Mississippi in "Huckleberry Finn." It can be unraveled in our real American blues and jazz, celebrated in our agrarian roots and ingenuity. And remember, all Americans-- our military strategists and historic successes are built largely upon our Native cultures.

Custer taught Washington the hard way.

Code-talkers and scouts, hunters, trackers and marksmen can be credited with America's military success against the Nazi techno-fascists. Call upon our roots. Our children are all the colors of Earth, our memories all the cultures of the world. This is the new millennial vision. It is a tide which noone can hold back, no matter how high they claim their floodgates are.

For any Euro-American, like myself, to cry out "racism" in the face of Huck Finn, to claim our history is not wounded and bleeding out beneath us, having been slammed to wall and beaten down by the Bush regime, is to be in a delusional denial of the world around us, and is a dangerous state of mind with which to face such challenges as the North Korean warmongers.

Or the liberation of Cuba. Or the rescue of many millions of African people. Or if you ever want to have a culturally satisfying visit to the islands of Hawai'i.

One major flaw in our daily cultural lives is our corporate-owned and controlled media, which should be held accountable for their failure to confront, investigate and report on the myriad crimes of the Bush regime, which they continue to allow to flow "under the bridge" as if it's all an entertainment.

Consider for example, if the mainstream media had insisted on ANY rational explanation to the demolition of the massive WTC Building 7 (which we remind, was NOT hit by any aircraft). Or how about a comprehensive report on the relationship between the Bush and Bin Laden families?

Or where did all of the billions given to Cheney's war contractors go? Our media continues the charade that it was all just water beneath their editorial bridge, and Mr. Murdoch doesn't want us to go there.

So instead we get Rush Limbaugh every day for hours-- a megalomaniac drug addict, compulsive braggart and liar, to repeat daily the terrible things wrong with anyone in America not like him.

How long will this sorry excuse for "truth" go on? Anyone with a curious glint can find more at Amazon.com for sale, simply by entering "9-11" than has ever been reported anywhere in corporate media.

"Immaculate Deception: The Bush Crime Family Revealed" was written by one of Bush Sr.'s drug-running generals back in 1991, people!

This Pentagon veteran laid out the endangerment of our country by these militarist/CIA mafiosos, yet no corporate media would dare touch it. Even after their "Enterprise" was CAUGHT, with Oliver North, trading drugs for arms for illegal "Contra" wars.

So now where do we find ourselves, due to this documentary negligence, or more legally proper-- collusion, acquiescence and censorship? Truth should have set us free. Bullsh*t media has burned us all like gasoline.

One final reminder from a half-century of American memories: We are called on these days to honor our activists, our conscientious citizens and civil rights defenders. Many thousands of our own countrymen have served time in jail, been beaten back with batons, dogs and waterhoses, been sprayed in the eyes with chemical mace, even been hanged from trees, simply to tell the truth and demand justice be done.

To insist that all men ARE created equal. That even though the revolutionaries who declared our country's independence did not liberate African people, and continued a war on Native people, their insistence on the Bill of Rights and justice for all gives us the tools to lift our nation up into this new millennium.

Here's a bit of historic trivia to weave into your new American identity: Betsy Ross, who sewed the first American flag, was a Quaker, and thus a pacifist. Amongst bombs bursting in air, by the dawn's early light. Lady Liberty holds her golden torch out to the world, and a trumpet blares out in New Orleans... Free at last, will we ever be FREE, at last? That also means free from bullsh*t attacks, deceptive media mind control and warmongering pirates masquerading as politicians.

Bravo Z. Burnbridge,
Perception Recovery Collective Hawai'i

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Henry Ruark June 2, 2009 12:56 pm (Pacific time)

Denial prevails all too deeply and painfully for far too many across nation NOW, one consequence of GOPster noise machine. (See mine under current Op Ed still "up" !) Despite the "rant and rage" so obvious here, far too many factual details are developed denoting its dependence on the pages of recent history, still checkable for any who will but look. Remove happy/lensed eye glasses first ! IF any doubt on details so well supplied here, dig up and detail further-fact here via links and documentation in plain English, as herein. That's what open, honest, democratic dialog is s'posed to do, so let's fly at it here and now with any rebuttal from whatever historic source. Thanks to Tim for "playing the music loud and clear" ! If anyone dislikes the tune, why NOT whomp up your own ? That's best way to overwhelm sound of simple truth perhaps too strongly "loud" here for some...but unfortunately one cannot turn down the volume, which is bound to get "louder" in the next few months and years.

Daniel June 2, 2009 12:04 pm (Pacific time)

Bravo Z burnbridge ? I thought the salem news used writers who use there real identify . Operation mind f*ck , what happened to civil language for young readers . There is much i agree with in this opinion piece but to me it comes across as too much of a rant with little solid facts and refrences to back up all the ground covered .

Editor: Well, I guess it is harsh and maybe over the line.  As far as I could tell that is the person's name at least for writing.  They sent from the Islands last night.  Anyway, concern noted.

Middle Ground June 2, 2009 11:30 am (Pacific time)

This article is so far to the left, I fell off my chair trying to read it. Maybe you should re-name Salem News to Salem’s far, far, far, far left, extreme leftist view we hate law enforcement, we like criminals news paper. When I want to get mad or get a good leftist extreme far left anti law enforcement view, I come to your site. Your article just oozes rage and madness. Ya, I know you’re just so angry for how bad the Bush administration wrecked the country or better yet the world, right? You should be mad and angry, it was the Bush administration that planned and executed the whole terrorist attack right? And law enforcement, they are taking over. People have no rights any more and are being beaten in the street while the cops lie about it right. Man I think I need to move to a different country, this place is getting out of control…. Thanks and have a good day…….

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