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Border Patrol Shooting Kills 15-Year-Old Mexican Boy at Ciudad Juarez / El Paso, TX border crossing

As in Palestine, even when residents are poor as dirt... They can still pick up rocks.

The crossing at Juarez, near El Paso.  Courtesy:
The crossing at Cd. Juarez, near El Paso. Courtesy:

(CIUDAD / SALEM) - The Mexican border is seeing a problem involving rock throwers aiming at U.S. Border Patrol. In recent days, a 15-year-old Mexican boy was shot dead by a Border Patrol agent who retaliated to apparent rock throwing with live fire, killing the youth and launching an international incident.

The boy, Sergio Adrian Hernandez, was killed Monday by agents at the Ciudad Juarez/El Paso border crossing.

The Mexican government is condemning the act, saying live gunfire is the last thing that should be used in an incident of this nature.

The 15-year old's family is outraged.

I quickly considered an interesting parallel; how every Friday in Palestine's West Bank, people gather to march in peace and they too deal with rock throwers.

Israeli forces typically don't use live fire, they frequently use rubber bullets, though they are made of metal and rubber, and they are deadly.

Mexico has asked the US to conduct a probe into the death of the 15-year-old Mexican boy in this tragic shooting on the US/Mexican border.

Family of the fallen teen say he was trying peek across the border, into the U.S. side, near US Border Patrol agents. The family says Sergio was being chased by the Border Patrol agents, when he was brought down with two bullets. By all accounts the boy was unarmed.

The boy's death came a week after another violent death, which involved a Mexican national being beaten by U.S. federal agents. The man later died in a hospital.

Border Patrol agents say they are under increasing threat from rock throwers. It goes to show that closing down borders, particularly those that a nation 'extended' over the years, can remain the source of violence even when the residents are poor as dirt. They can still pick up rocks.

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Jennifer August 29, 2010 9:16 pm (Pacific time)

The kid was trying to illegally come into the USA and was throwing rocks at the border agents. Why was he throwing the rocks? Maybe he was just trying to play hopscotch??? NOOOOOO....he was trying to kill the agents. Waaa Waaa to all you stupid liberal assess who think that he was trying to do something different.

Editor: You know you have to live with yourself, right?

Mythy June 10, 2010 7:25 pm (Pacific time)

Racist--racist--racist--racist...that's all I hear out of you! It gets old fast!

Tim King: Gee, sorry I forgot your rose colored sun glasses, I guess since the whole world malfunctions over racism, I have to mention it.  I don't even follow folks who think this way, help end racism and join the team. 

RAD June 14, 2010 9:47 am (Pacific time)

All you have is to bash me for loving and believing that Jesus is the Son of God. You have the inability produce a legitimate argument on how to defend yourself and two others against a deadly threat. You refuse to see that the agent was defending THREE LIVES, and unfortunately took one. BTW, what was the 15 year-old alien smuggler doing with a 3-pound hammer and 12 feet of rope if he was "just playing soccer"?

Vic June 13, 2010 9:00 pm (Pacific time)

"RAD" are one SICK individual...very sick...disgusting, actually. So if someone wearing a uniform killed your family, it wouldnt be murder??? If some 24 year old punk in Nevada with a joystick fired a Hellfire missle at your trailer park and killed 80 or so of you, it wouldnt be murder because they were not actually there?.... it would be cool with your "Christian" beliefs? Jesus would spit in your face if he were here...and you bloodthirsty hatemongers who hide behind your "religion" had better hope to God that Jesus doesnt come back because you hypocrites who cheer for murder and death while waving your plastic crosses would be the first vermin he would get rid of....Here is a bible verse that fits your kind to a T..."Not everyone who says to me, 'Lord, Lord,' will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who DOES the will of my Father in heaven, On that day many will say to me, 'Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and cast out demons in your name, and do many deeds of power in your name?' Then I will declare to them, 'I never knew you; go away from me, you evildoers.'" (Matthew 7:21-23).

Anonymous June 13, 2010 11:58 am (Pacific time)


Anonymous June 11, 2010 6:38 pm (Pacific time)

Editor these people were blowing themselves up and their children long before we went into Irag and Afghanistan. You should read the private journals of many of the Founding Fathers to get their take on the free market system and usury. I think you'll see that a fair return for one's investment was highly acceptable then as it is now. Of course high interest rates(usury) by the Jews (and others) was always outrageous. Are you familiar with Shakespeare's "Shylock?" Many school districts have tried to ban that one, some have been successful. Who do you think were the people behind that censorship? Editor I respect your passion in this matter, I just don't agree with your assessments. As far as who was behind the 9/11 attack, it simply was not Bush, for the planning began long before he was elected, but I appreciate your opinion, but it fails to provide a logical timeline, much less any scientific creditability. In terms of slavery, yeah that was going on for thousands of years and more than likely you have ancestors that were slaves for centuries, that is much longer than America had African slaves. By the way, the biggest slave brokers were Arabs and Jews, and Africans. We Americans broke the back of international slavery, though it's still going on in Africa as it has been for thousands of years. I don't know how this will end, the Christians and the Muslims, but we have been at each others throats since before the Magna Charter of 1215 AD, so unless one side will denounce their religion and join the other, expect hostilities to continue far into the future. It is sad people feel compelled to commit suicide, but there have been millions of other people who have been totally devastated and they did not pursue the suicide course of action.

Editor: Well of course it is sad, but Palestine was at peace until 1947.  Israel could have taken a different approach and accomplished the same thing.  I have seen the devastation of a suicide bomber in Iraq.  I have seen other remnants of suicide bombers, rows of exploded buses in Kabul, Afghanistan.  Abject poverty and oppression drives people to do bizarre things.  But you use 'they' and that doesn't work with me.  Most, almost every person in the Arab world, simply wants to raise their family and see their children grow into adults.  But as I said, when countries like the U.S. or Israel destroy the schools, like Operation Cast Lead in the winter of 08/09, (confirmed between 230 and 280 schools struck- nobody in their right mind approves of that, I'm sure you agree) then there are no options for education.  It isn't "those people" as much as it is "us people" and that is the way it is; it is terrible.  Iraq never raised a hand toward us, neither has Iran, and our President like the last, is completely full of it.  I know his hands are tied, but that doesn't make me respect it.  And believe, I had big hope, but see little change.  I believe in heatlhcare and maybe that is all he can do.  I think the USA is on borrowed time, we are destroying ourselves from the inside out with capitalism; privately owned water districts in New Jersey (of all things) Monsanto pushing GM food on American farmers and dinner tables.  Ego kills and kills and kills and we are the kings of ego in America.  I have changed greatly because of the exposure to Israel's crimes, I grew up knowing nothing about it.    

RAD June 11, 2010 3:20 pm (Pacific time)

evidentally, the EDITOR is ignorant. If you take the original Greek and translate it into english you will find that there is no direct translation and the closest translation is MURDER. That being said, being a Christian is more than reading a Bible. It comes from a direct relationship with God, by His grace, through his SON. If you can learn to be free of your hate, one day you will be able to enjoy the discovery of His Grace.

Editor: Well man wrote the book either way, so what does it matter?  This is the sickest thing I have ever heard you guys try to pull off, it's about ending a life man, you are actually trying to excuse your ability to kill, do you even realize that?

"Thou Shalt Not Kill"

Anonymous June 11, 2010 2:28 pm (Pacific time)

How many Christians wrap themselves (and their children) with explosives for Allah (God) and blow themselves and innocents up? I agree that when it comes to "faith" those above Muslims have the Christians beaten in that department, or maybe we are talking "brainwashing zealotry?" Bottom line, the survival instinct usually always trumps allowing oneself to be killed, unless you are absolutely nuts and place no value on life, yours, or others. I have never talked to every Christian in America, considering there is probably well over 200 million of us, and we all have vary degrees of faith, and thank God for that, and also kudos to our Founding Fathers, who by the way believed in borders and law enforcement.

Editor: What is the use when everything a person has, everything they love, has been destroyed?  You wouldn't happen to personally know anything about that right?  What it is like to have Uncle Sam deliver his world aid via F-16?  Do you know the founding fathers were slave owners?  Do you consider that?  Did you know that the Jews were the first to charge interest?  Only on Arabs at first?  Do you know there is not a single reference to 'capitalism' or 'free market' in the Constitution?  Do you know that the Constitution is written on cannabis (marijuana) paper?

I think the simple answer is what I began with: the people you call terrorists have had everything pillaged by the West.  Israel is the worst, Iraq is really super bad also.  Afghanistan has gone on for too long, there is no winning, nobody ever has.  These folks use their children because they don't have the support of the warring western nations.  When people have nothing, they throw rocks and become suicide bombers.  The '72 virgins' thing is mostly a crock; I think there is something to it, but the idea is mostly FOX/Bush propaganda.  I have never met a Muslim who even knew what I was talking about when I brought the idea up, it left me embarrassed.  Maybe I was dealing with the wrong crowd, who knows.  So, now consider that your home has been destroyed, your daughter raped, your grandmother shot dead in the streets by U.S. soldiers, what would you do?  I think I'd probably strap a bomb to my chest (in that event) and blow up as many enemy invaders as possible, for revenge, sort of like us attacking Afghanistan over 9/11.

Want to know something else?  I sincerely doubt that bin Laden had a single thing to do with the attack on Sept 11th.  All scientific reasoning eliminates the possibility, leave alone the fact that the only statement he issued after 9/11 was one claiming he had absolutely nothing to do with it.  I know what the FBI said and Bush, but damn it they had an agenda.  They had wars to launch, and an excuse.  They know: tell the Americans something and make the media repeat it enough, and they believe absolutely anything.  Seriously, Google it yourself and do your own research.  I can tell you I have been to Jalalabad, Afghanistan where he did have a training camp.  I have been to it, today it is run by the Afghan National Army and Americans are in the area.  bin Laden dresses like an Afghan from Jalalabad, though he is Saudi, but don't forget that he was our main man or at least one of them, during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan that is explained in the movie 'Charlie Wilson's War'.  In Jalalabad, every three guys looks like and is dressed the way, that Americans know his image.  Why do Americans make enemies out of everyone they thought before to be great?  Men like Saddam Hussien, I mean he invaded Iran and had both countries embattled in a terrible war for years, all for the stinking U.S. pride over the hostage incident.  Do you have any idea what the U.S. and England did to Persia/Iran in the years following WWII?  Blatantly stealing oil, refusing to let Iran see the books, and then taking out their first Democratically elected president in '53 and replacing him with a western stooge, the Shah, which lasted until people were not going to have it anymore, the Islamic Revolution which took place on multiple fronts starting in 1979.  Believe me, there is little to say about the U.S. and England that is very good; it is a jaded and dirty history almost exclusively based in racism and suppression of the poor.  We went from that, to being Iraq invaders.  We are as bad or worse than the rogue governments we criticize.  So they would not have their children doing this if their lives weren't so screwed up for so long by western greed.  That is the truth; they want their kids to grow up and be successful but then we destroy their schools.  Stop kidding yourself; I did.  I suspect they know that at least those kids don't have to endure the misery of Western or Israeli occupation.     

RAD June 11, 2010 12:31 pm (Pacific time)

What about the 2 illegal aliens the agent had arrested? I'm sure the PRIOR DEPORTED ALIEN( read FELON)in his custody, wouldn't have taken the dazed(from being hit in the head with a rock) agent's gun. I'm sure noone in that group would have taken the agent's gun. The agent has a responsiblity to protect those in his custody.

BTW EDITOR: that commandment when translated properly, is "Thou shall not commit murder". The way you phrase it means you cannot, even, kill animals for food.

Editor: That is a ridiculous fake Christian rationalization.  You are a fake.  What the Hell is wrong with you people?  Why do you think you can modify God's words to fit your murderous agenda?  No way, and by the way, Iraq is an abomination and so are the people who supported the invasion of those innocent people.  I hope others get to someday know what it feels like, or to know the FEAR that you call "the sound of freedom" as U.S. jets reign their evil hell all over the Mid East, while sponsoring and paying for Israel's systematic elimination of the Palestinians.  You're so damned wrong that 'wrong' doesn't even cover it.  May all fake Christians who replace the word 'kill' with 'murder' rot in Hell where they belong.  The Islamic people are very faithful, almost every person calling themselves a Christian in this country doesn't have the first clue about Christ's teachings.  Jewish people are intermittently OK, but Zionists need to rot in Hell with the fake Christians.  Go ahead and support U.S. murder, it is only you who gets to convince St. Peter of all your fantasies.     

Don June 11, 2010 11:28 am (Pacific time)

There are many unfortunate reasons why this young boy was put into a situation that caused his early demise. For example, education in Mexico is free and theoretically mandatory through the sixth grade. In rural areas there are no school buses to take kids to the nearest small town for school, subsequently many of these kids just have too much free time and get into trouble. Impoverished parents do not own cars, although some kids reach school on foot or bycycle. From 6th through ninth grades there are school fees and parents must pay for books, knocking out great swathes of the population from ongoing school attendence in both the urban and rural areas. Senior high school, called “prepa” covers 10th through 12th grades and also requires substantial fees; these schools are found only in towns or cities. Since the kids who go to “prepa” are by definition in a higher socio-economic class, they usually do not attempt to sneak into America illegally, or have the free time to get into trouble. The vast majority of Mexican illegal immigrants have a sixth grade education or less. Just a few are barely literate in their own language, let alone English. The social consequences of this are devastating, not only for them but for children they raise in the USA. Their school drop out rate coupled with their high crime rate is developing a permanent underclass that in time will resemble the unruly mobs you see in places like Paris and Rio. An appalling vista. It is projected that there will be endless cycles of riots, martial law, riots and on and on. These kinds of problems can be avoided and/or reduced in America simply by enforcing the laws on the books. Since the feds have failed, it seems that collective frustration in Arizona got them to enact legislation that was in fact copied federal law. Other states are now entertaining the idea of doing what Arizona did. We have seen congress ignore the will of the people on this matter for many years now, so expect some intense times coming up for those ignoring and breaking our laws. People exercising their 2nd Amendment have sent firearm sales through the roof since 2008 (and coincidently gun crime rates have dropped), so the American people are no doubt preparing to protect themselves and their loved ones, just like they have done in the past. The sleeping giant is awake and stirring.

Kevin June 11, 2010 8:45 am (Pacific time)

Christina you wrote: "And for the person who made the comment on "illegals" killing and harming Americans over criminal violence and DUI'S over the years... Honey, its not just hispanics that commit those types of crimes and kill innocent people. How dare you blame illegals and start bringing stuff like that up." Honey, it's pretty clear that all the people killed and who are victims of other crimes by illegals would not have had that happen to them if our "federal" government did their lawfully required job of keeping illegals out of America. Thousands have suffered and died over the years because of these illegals (happening daily!). How many of our citizens have gone to Mexico and Central America and done the same? Pretty low numbers I imagine. Also, though unfortunate, that teenage rock thrower was in fact using deadly force against an American doing their job. I feel bad that it happened, but his shooting was a response based on a survival instinct. If it gets more violent on the border it will be coming from the south side of the border, and the Mexican government will be responsible if they cannot control their citizens. It's on them.

Mythy June 10, 2010 7:30 pm (Pacific time)

Editor...lets just open the borders and say everyones welcome. The USA has plenty of money and jobs for all don't we? Hell, lets even throw in free social security money for them all until they can get established. The people who paid in don't need it anyway....Lets add a new tax for Americans, the Illegal tax that goes to help import more of them!!! Yeah man lets do it!!

Editor: You know, there is a lot of history that goes with this.  The problem is abject poverty. 

Christina June 10, 2010 6:56 pm (Pacific time)

Well, I don't think killing the 15 year old was right. Killing a child is wrong, no matter what situation it is. You people that are happy this boy is dead, are sick.... Do we the US kill children under 18 for any criminal act?? I thought so!! And for the person who made the comment on "illegals" killing and harming Americans over criminal violence and DUI'S over the years... Honey, its not just hispanics that commit those types of crimes and kill innocent people. How dare you blame illegals and start bringing stuff like that up. I know the boy was wrong to throw a rock, but it should have been handeled a different way. Is all the other borders being thi s way other than in by Mexico?

Archer June 10, 2010 6:21 pm (Pacific time)

There have been many past situations when miltary personnel have been faced with women and children carrying explosive devices and have used lethal force for their survival. You have a situation in regards to the above article where a border patrol officer is securing an illegal and another illegal is throwing rocks at him, a defacto lethal weapon. This situation is on video, I just saw it a few minutes ago. These U.S. Border personnel also had Mexican military pointing their weapons at them (on video!), why couldn't these Mexican military personnel control these illegals from participating in criminal acts, maybe that kid would still be alive? Our Border Patrol officers are doing a very difficult job, not to mention having to see half of congress stand up and applaud the Mexican president for calling those who wrote the recent Arizona immigration law, a law by the way that mirrored word for word the federal law, racists! This is going to get worse, and no one will be able to turn it off until all future threats have been eliminated. The Mexican president and the open border advocates will be responsible for what happens, along with those in congress who blew off the laws they helped write and ignoring their oath to the Constitution.

Steve Hernandez June 10, 2010 3:41 pm (Pacific time)

The editor here is an idiot. If you want all the illegal aliens here, then YOU pay for them. There just isnt enough money to support an exodus of poor people. Its not our fault that Mexico is a dump of a country, nor is it our responsibility to take care of them. Mexico has the potential to be a normal country in the way of natural resources. There is no reason they cant take care of themselves except for corruption. Every other moron like the editor here has no valid argument to let these illegals to keep flooding the US freely so they just call us all racist. That doesnt scare anyone ANYMORE. Just say what you really want, you want them all over here and you want to make Americans support them. We are sick of that and I see an end to that welfare coming soon.

Jaded June 10, 2010 1:22 pm (Pacific time)

Mr. King, I have a suggestion for your next article. “Terrible parenting results in a 15 year boy being shot and killed by Border Patrol” The kid should have been at home, at the movies, with a girl, at a job, helping his family or any but being on the river throwing rocks at a federal agent. This isn’t the first time a citizen of Mexico has been shot by Border Patrol for throwing rocks, but they continue to do it. He could have done any job such as selling tacos, washing windows, selling news papers, worked at a store, but he chose to work for smugglers throwing rocks. It just shows that they have no respect for the U.S. It doesn’t matter how you grew up or how much money you had. I would have never dreamed of throwing rocks at a law enforcement officer, yet they do it on a daily basis. I challenge anyone to go to a city in Mexico and throw rocks at a cop. They might find your skeletal remains in the desert one day, that’s if they didn’t burry you. They have corruption, murders, people getting chopped and put in acid. Their cops beat and steal from Mexican citizens all the time but when we have a justified shooting, wow look out things need to change over here. It’s our fault; we bend over to them all the time. Mr. King, what exactly is this suppose to mean? “As in Palestine, even when residents are poor as dirt... They can still pick up rocks.” Does it mean they are too poor to buy a gun but rocks are always available? Or does it mean even though they are poor and don’t have proper nutrition, they still have enough energy to pick up a rock? I don’t get it….

Mexicano June 10, 2010 10:57 am (Pacific time)

I love ignorant, racist people. They are proof positive of evolution. Their low IQ's demonstrate we are still not very far from the trees. Just watch them beat their chests and hoot when they are threatened. Beware the rocks of mass destruction!

Archer June 10, 2010 9:57 am (Pacific time)

How many country's have open border policies? How many allow for automatic citizenship for the infant born from non-citizens? So why should our country not enforce our laws? What percentage of illegals are working in the agriculture sector? Blue collar? White collar? % involved in some aspect of tax subsidized programs? % in criminal justice system? We just cannot afford to support the world with our diminishing resources and the 3rd world birthrate that is growing geometrically within our borders. Domestic hostilities are festering at dangerously high levels. I imagine in time more info will get out on this shooting, but unless you have had to use "deadly force" yourself, you can only second guess what the dynamics are. Many soldiers and marines have had to kill women and childrens over the years for their survival. If you know why and in what circumstances, then you know there are situations that trump SOP's, and Border Patrol personnel are involved in increasingly dangerous situations, especially as the drug cartels have ramped up the violence factor on "our" borders. I would suggest comparing deaths of U.S citizens at the hands of illegals and vice versa to put things in a more realistic perspective. It's shocking for the uninformed.

Terry June 10, 2010 3:23 am (Pacific time)

Credit goes to my Wife :)

Terry June 10, 2010 2:16 am (Pacific time)

I am sorry I am so black and white about this. I don't believe a grown adult should ever involve their children in illegal activities. I'll add one more thing. My wife just told me "Your just lucky you were born here or you might think differently." As much as I hate to say it, she's right and I am totally wrong, because if I was born there I might try to get out of that hellhole and try my way into America. But as I was born here, I am just deadpanned that we have borders and we should protect them.

Editor: Terry, bingo.  It isn't that you don't have many good points.  You are a real human being for writing this; a good person trying to figure it out.  I have people in my life who have very strong feelings about all of this, and in the end it is you who hit the nail on the head.  It really does have a lot to do with where you start.  Thanks.

Terry June 10, 2010 1:35 am (Pacific time)

I entirelly ignored teh age of the child, because I believe criminal can be any age. He was a 15 year old criminal, and he was shot for committing a crime involving violence against border patrol agent[s]. And who knows how big the rock is. I've seen some small rocks that would fit in your hand, and be easily thrown that could EASILY kill a person, specially the flat shale-type rocks that are razor sharp. Who knows, the rock might have been deadlier than the bullet that was shot, but the guy with the gun had better aim?

Editor: Oh please!  Do you know what a helmet is?  Do you know what in IBA is?  Our soldiers wear these in 130 degree weather in Iraq, there is no reason the BP's can't do it.   And this is sad, I'd bet money that BP agents left and right are totally pissed and embarrassed about this.  You may have what it takes to condone the murder of this kid, but most LE officers wouldn't, because as critical as I am of them, there are many great people in that system.   

tita carrillo` June 9, 2010 11:12 pm (Pacific time)

Is this the new palestine they throw rocks we choot them ridiculus

Terry June 10, 2010 1:48 am (Pacific time)

My parents loved me. Want to know how I have proof? They didn't enter America illegally and put me into the situation that thousands of thoughtless immigrants put their families through. It's like this. If I care about my family, I am not going to involve them in my criminal acts. I'm not going to invade another country and make them illegal people in another country. My parents love me, want to know how I can prove this? [holding up my social security card, selective service card, college diploma, medical insurance card, drivers license] That's how. They didn't make me have to do things illegally. THAT is proof, not to mention the fact that they tell me they love me every day in ENGLISH despite the fact that they are native spanish speakers.They chose to learn the local language and speak it.

Editor: They don't have the same opportunities that you did, and I'm sure you know but are ignoring the fact that most people cross into the US for a better life, for their families.  Let me list a couple of things, a local car dealership told us that if we did any news related to the Hispanic community, that they were interested.  Why?  Because if one person buys a car and likes it, every member of that family will buy their cars there.  Elements still exist in their culture like customer loyalty, that no longer exist in the land of the lowest bidder' the USA.  You don't know what it is like for them Terry, and no offense, but people like yourself don't try.  You take the only approach your eyes can see, but that is not the only approach.  I harbor no resentment toward these people, I love all human beings the way I am supposed to.  Again, reading your words, makes me think you are a racist and there may be little hope, at least at this point. 

j.v.m June 10, 2010 1:48 am (Pacific time)

that officer that shot the 15 year old should b punished in cd juarez, da juaritos way

Terry June 10, 2010 1:32 am (Pacific time)

@Editor: Seriosuly, are you so messed up that you think ANYONE CROSSING A BORDER ILLEGALLY is not a criminal? Just the act alone makes them a criminal. I could be wrong, but I believe that is what the last poster means. I am starting to think you would have called me a racist if I hadn't mentioned I am from El Salvador. Don't assume someone is a racist just because he wants a tighter border. We want a tight border so these CRIMINALS don't enter ILLEGALLY.

Anonymous June 10, 2010 1:21 am (Pacific time)

good, it's about time to send a message to mexico. i'm for deadly force any time if someone just comes to close to the border. why do our officers have to take the abuse from these criminals? why do you all defend these scrumbags? and i don't care how old they are.

Editor: Do you have any idea how much of a racist you sound like?  Do you know that all racists when measured, have notably lower IQ's?  Probably not right?  Criminals, because they want to make sure you can sit down to a dinner with vegetables?  Your thoughts are criminal in my book, sickening.  People who wish violence on teenagers are the scumbags.  No wonder America is so screwed up.

Terry June 10, 2010 1:11 am (Pacific time)

@Editor: Yes, I would care if he was my son. However, my son would not be at a border throwing rocks, specially if that border was a tight border that people knew was going to shoot at them if they came too close. Frankly, if he's dumb enough to throw rocks at a guard with a gun, then it's his fault. Doesn't matter what your using. If I shoot at a bear with a pellet gun, I would expect to get eaten. Just because he's stupid is no defense.

Terry June 10, 2010 12:53 am (Pacific time)

Who cares. I am glad he was shot. We need more extreme measures at the borders so we don't have to have new laws like in Arizona. Either tighten the borders or start requiring people to carry papers to prove they are not here illegally. My family comes from El Salvador, and I am an American who is very annoyed at this invasion force of hispanics. In any other country, a flood of illegal people entering your country would be an act of war. I say, let's goto war if that's what it takes to stop these people. Screw Iraq, let's pull back and start defending our own borders so we don't have to become a nation of nazi's having to carry papers. We have 2 choices. Tighten the border, or require papers. I'd rather have tight borders than a nazi state. "papers please" does not sound great to me, but a tough border sounds awesome.

Editor: Would you care if he was your 15-year old son?  This: "I'd rather have tight borders than a nazi state", is the biggest contradiction I have ever read. 

RADAS June 9, 2010 11:40 pm (Pacific time)


PJ June 9, 2010 8:14 pm (Pacific time)

YOu guys are all stupid! A border patrol is a trained officer. He could of done something else. Taser, or should of shot at mass! not at the head. Stupid ass agent. He ll get punished!

Jaded June 9, 2010 5:03 pm (Pacific time)

The mother says she wants justice, well justice was already served. The little puke won't be throwing rocks at a federal agent ever again.

Like always the Mexican news just twists things all around, kind of like Mr. King on this site. Mr. King your wrong, FOX news is more accurate than what you claim. You say they are a right wing propaganda news agency, well then you are a far left extreme liberal propaganda news organization.

I know, I’m wrong and misguided and delusional and whatever else you can think of…..But I think you’ll agree with me if I say lets just blame it on Bush.

No, let's blame it on Hitler, would you argue with that one too?  You like the way Bush destroyed your nation do you?  What exactly does that make you?  I have seen the results of Bush ambitions in Afghanistan and Iraq, and it is really an abomination.  I mean he really screwed a lot of Americans up, got a lot killed too.  But when you cater to the top 1% of the income level, you are bound to let people down.  I think it is a joke that you approach it the way you do.  You are a racist.  That means there is nothing to do but argue, and that won't get us anywhere.  

You say far left; I believe wars should only be fought in defense of this nation or to counter genocide, I am pro-Veteran (big-time) I believe people have a right to own guns and should, I appreciate the value of the American farmer but hate the evil company Monsanto which brought us Agent Orange and GM 'mad scientist' food.  I believe in honesty and being faithful and being a good parent.  I do think poor people should have more and I do think the rich should have less.  I also believe the middle class has been erased.  Mostly though, I think capitalism is a tragedy and a terrible system.  I hate interest, and if I had my way, we would all be much better off.   

Hawkeye June 9, 2010 2:47 pm (Pacific time)

What's being reported here in Phoenix is that several people surrounded the border patrol agents and began attacking them with rocks. Sadly, we may never know exactly what happened, but this incident is ANOTHER example of why we need to regain control of the border: to protect citizens on both sides.

Anonymous June 9, 2010 2:42 pm (Pacific time)

israel IDF puts 4 bullets in the head of an American citizen, 19 years old, on international waters. Anyone who questions it (helen thomas), is thrown to the wolves.. we have no government, we have no constitution, we have nothing but corporate/israel/wall street whores.. said it before, and will keep saying it. What to do? start with turning your TV off. Start not let the media and government say u r with al ciada just because u question.

Steve June 9, 2010 2:24 pm (Pacific time)

According to an AP wire story  "Sergio Adrian Hernandez Huereka was shot once near the eye as U.S. Border Patrol agents on bicycles were "assaulted with rocks" as they tried to detain illegal immigrants on the Texas side of the Rio Grande." Not saying that this allows someone to be put down for bad behavior, but if someone is gtrying to take you out with a deadly weapon, what would be your response? Also considering the fact that you were wrangling with an illegal at the time?  Huereka was charged with alien smuggling in 2009, according to sources who requested anonymity. Further details were not immediately available.  "He is a known juvenile smuggler," a source told Fox News. He was also on a "most wanted" list of juvenile smugglers compiled by U.S. authorities in the El Paso area, sources said.

Editor: First, you need to be very careful using FOX as a news source, if they have information right from time to time it is a coincidence.  What this sounds like more than before, is Israel.  Thugs detain people trying to seek a better life for themselves, using deadly violence against kids throwing rocks.  You can construe it many ways, but it comes out the same way.  That perfect fits the FAUX News pattern; don't listen to the boy's family, the source I used talked to them.  Use an American right wing news propaganda agency, that will not advance anyone in any way.  Fox has literally mistranslated the words of Iran's president in the past, trust me that they make it up as they go, especially when it says sources who requested anonymity.  That is BS when it is a network like FOX.  They have been proven to be false far too many times, there is a documentary about this that features the last wave of Fox reporters who refused to report per company policy.  I think that is ten times the problem of any poor person trying to get to the U.S. to pick vegetables.  For the record, I think the FOX information is competely and utterly false, unfounded information.  That type of take on a story sounds like it is directly out of the Jerusalem Post. 

Martin June 9, 2010 1:58 pm (Pacific time)

This and the death in San Diego and all the other incidents is just proof that the illegal immigration problem is out of control. It's time to put the national guard and /or military on the border to enforce the laws. The longer we do not enforce the immigration laws fully, the worse it will get. Thank you Arizona for making it an issue and opening eyes around the country. Maybe more stories on the thousands of Americans killed by illegals over the years from criminal violence and DUI's would help clarify just how violent this illegal situation is for "our" citizens. And let's not forget the latest incident of an Arizona rancher cut down by illegals while working on his border ranch. This happens to Americans daily throughout our country. Rocks are deadly weapons when thrown purposely at someone. Life is full of useful lessons, but sometimes they are fatal. Talk to people who have had to use deadly force and you will see people feeling bad for using it, but if used to save life, no guilt should be felt. If this border patrol officer has done something illegal, then a jury of his peers will decide after hearing all pertinent evidence, not uninformed banter.

Anonymous June 9, 2010 12:41 pm (Pacific time)

I agree with Tim's reminder of what is happening in palestine. May I please add: you can go to youtube, and do a search on police brutality, and there are enough videos to keep you busy all day. Just thought the mexicans might want to actually do some research, and see how the border is actually less violent, than big cities in the U.S. Be careful what you wish for. It is only going to get worse for both mexico and the u.s.

Dennis June 9, 2010 12:07 pm (Pacific time)

The first thing that comes to mind is they shouldn't bring rocks to a gunfight. But it's about time our people are allowed to stand up for the United States instead of being charged with a crime for defending the borders. What other country lets illegals attack bordr agents and stream across the border? None.

Editor: I wonder if St. Peter would agree with you, what do you think?  Let me tell you this, 'Thou Shalt not kill" doesn't have a disclaimer.  

RAD June 9, 2010 9:56 am (Pacific time)

What a pack of lies. Will you stand while I through rocks at you? What about the 6 murders that took place in Juarez on the same day? Where are the calls for the investigation of that? A rock IS A DEADLY WEAPON. It sounds like the agent was defending himself while making a legal arrest and was assualted with a deadly weapon.

jimmy June 9, 2010 9:06 am (Pacific time)

Are we in Israel now?

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