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Stop Reducing Syria's Victims Into Political Bargaining Chips for Israel

Americans are being fooled again; rooting for war in Syria is the last thing we should do

Carlos Latuff Syria image

(SALEM) - Why do the same Americans that preach peace instantly jump on the war bandwagon as soon as the media tells them they should? Lessons are all too soon forgotten. Follow the money to the end of this trail and you might find yourself sipping a latte in Tel Aviv.

Our writer Rod Driver Ph.D., a former Rhode Island State Representative, recently wrote, 'Compare Responses to Israeli Massacres and Syrian Massacres', and I can't stop thinking about it. People are so upset about the killings in Syria, and they should be, but where were those voices when Israel was playing target practice with children's bodies during 'Operation Cast Lead' in 2008 and 2009? Among Gaza's 1400+ victims, were more than 400 children; thousands were maimed and left as amputees. Why did the media barely cover this? Why is Syria' opposition is receiving coverage nearly 24/7 in the US?

We all know why; but most Americans aren't willing to admit it.

The general pubic is living in an oblivious state of denial, rooting for war whenever media and public pressure stresses that they should. I keep hearing peace oriented people talking about "doing something about Assad". I suspect only God and a handful of witnesses know who is responsible for what, in the terrible Syrian conflict.

I have news for you; when it comes to artillery, you don't know who fired it, that takes intelligence and technology. These victims have none of that. But if they are told that one particular side is responsible for having harmed them, they tend to believe it, and so do we, but who is being served by this terrible publicity and to what end?

Assad's comments about the Houla massacre were convincing, he and his staff questioned why, if the government forces were responsible, were they nowhere to be seen? Only anti-government activists were in place with video cameras, prepared to go on YouTube and tell everyone Assad's forces were responsible. It seemed too convenient from the beginning. The victims should not be reduced to serving as political bargaining chips.

It is a game and a terrible one at that. There is no question that Bashar Assad's government is by and large, an egregious offender of human rights. But this is not unique to Syria in any way. Lest we forget that this is a nation situated on the Israeli border. I think it is very clear that the excessive security of Syria and Iran and Lebanon, also Egypt, is almost entirely a result of Israel's eternal agitation of its neighbors who refuse to sign on to the Zionist program of apartheid and war crimes that define Israel's fundamentalist, right-wing military / religious structure.

Tyler Vincent II writes...

When you consider what kind of bullshit is peddled in the mainstream media... and after all of the brainwashing and indoctrination that so many people have been through then lies might make sense but the alternative media is winning out over the mainstream. You know that designated enemies in the middle east are not the problem. This idea that there is somehow a consensus for these wars is fabricated to try and convince you that war and mayhem is the norm. Netanyahu, Hillary are trying to convince you that Assad is the problem, and that Israel and their own governments are innocent, above the law, and beyond question. They are trying to channel peoples attention away from the international Jewish bankers who are behind all of these wars and onto the bankers enemies, and the last remaining resistance to Zionism in the region, Hezbollah. Another thing to consider as that many people in the so called truth movement have opted out to the highest bidder in order for some kind of temporary illusory gain and sacrificed everything of any real value in the process.

For the record I have noticed accounts that have not been used for nearly two years suddenly activate and began pumping out disinformation about Syria out of the blue. This propaganda campaign against Assad on facebook and elsewhere has been in the works for years.

Syria has an on-again off-again history of working with Israel, but its record of doing this does not touch the Arab nations that have been in bed with Israel for generations.

Saudi Arabia, ironically a friend of Israel and the hallmark of anti-Jewish religious extremism, is the land of the Wahhabi sects and they, along with the Salafists, keep this part of the world in the hands of Islamic tyrants.

They are regularly regarded as friends by American politicians, but the Saudi dictators belong to religious sects that are offshoots of the Muslim faith, like Taliban in Pashtun country, and Westboro Baptist Church in the US, the fundamentalist Zionists in Israel, or the Buddhist firebrands of Sri Lanka.

As diametrically opposed as these religious and national groups may be, they have quite a bit in common. They're dangerous religious fanatics willing to literally purge females and minority cultures of human rights without ever even knowing how wrong it is. Some of the Israeli friendly Middle east Arab countries, are also known for detestable behaviors like female circumcision, and banning women from driving, and voting.

Palestine is perpetually at the center of this conflict and nearly every other in this part of the world. It's people were murdered en mass and forced to flee by the newly arriving Israelis in the post-WWII years. This created a massive Diaspora of Palestinian refugees, who left behind homes and lives; entire villages... that their families had possessed for centuries, taken by the Jewish settlers of Palestine who became 'Israel' and took everything. The Jewish refugees did this, it it is all hard, documented fact. The Palestinians were victims from the day it started, and all who accept Israel as legitimate, are complicit in theft and murder.

Get over it, that's how it is. Israel is a military manifestation of fundamentalist Judaism, is is not a representation of the Jewish faith, only a spinoff from it.

The idea that all of Israel's killing machines are adorned with the Star of David is really a sad, obcene picture when you consider what that means. God and the Jewish faith are not about hate and military power. David has become Goliath, and his spirit is reborn in the spirit of the Palestinian children, not their oppressive counterparts.

Anyway, just remember that a small number of countries have governments that speak out over Israel's endless unpublished war crimes like 'Cast Lead' and the more recent attack on the unarmed peace ship 'Mavi Marmara' that left nine dead in international waters from a massive Israeli attack

Each time Israel is drug in front of the United Nations on war crime charges, some serious enough to lead to executions, the United States invokes something called 'Super Veto Power' to make the matter disappear as it if never took place. But it is always after a full UN vote, where most nations vote to punish Israel. That is when the Americans use this unfair political advantage.

Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Iran, are nations with governments that have taken a stand by the Palestinian cause. Saddam Hussein called out for the freedom of Palestine as he was put to death; from a war that was based on false information. Hezbollah in Lebanon is a key supporter and defender of Palestinians; a staunch opponent of Israel, Assad's government and Israel are enemies, but of course Israel wants to drag Iran into war more than any other country. The point is that Iran's government, Syria's government, and Hezbollah in Lebanon, are all keenly connected. If Syria sees regime change, it will weaken this chain of resistance against Israel. Many charge the Free Syrian Army of strong association with Israel, this appears that it could be true and it fits into the puzzle as it should.

Israel, armed with hundreds of illegal, undeclared nuclear weapons, wants World War Three because Iran might be developing a nuclear weapons program, which it denies and those denials are backed by reports from world inspectors.

Syria has a close relationship with Iran and if the rebels take control, it will become like Libya, and the western nations always hungry for more corporate claws in international business, will become inserted into this country. Then, any attack on Iran would be far more easily facilitated. It seems the answer for Syria is simply to end the violence, draw up cease fires; Assad needs to make major concessions and if the right formula could be found, even following the failure of the Annan Peace Plan, peace is possible. We are hearing much from both sides of this conflict and most of the major players agree that this conflict needs to end.

Those who think the US should assume the warmonger role in this cause are simply warmongers themselves. No peace advocate should ever call for war; the media is dragging the minds of Americans through the mud once again with selective information all derived from a government they NEVER question unless of course, a sex scandal arises.

Special thanks to Carlos Latuff for the images included with this entry; I am not sure where he stands with regard to this conflict; the use of his artwork does not equate to his endorsement of this article.


Tim King in 2008, covering the Iraq War

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Rmas May 29, 2016 7:19 pm (Pacific time)

Non-biased, balanced, and objective journalism like this is what we most need!

Anonymous June 10, 2012 12:11 pm (Pacific time)

I dont think anything matters anymore. 911 was an inside job, the patriot act, NDAA, the police state that is being built, the elimination of our bill of rights, major radiation contamination from fukishima, they control who is elected president, the dumbing down of America thru the education (indoctrination) system and mainstream media, the FDA closing down healthy farms and allowing sickeness from other farms because its Monsanto, a president that seals his records the first day in office, chemotherapy to add a few years to a cancer patients life, while there are cures, marijuana being illegal which hurts nobody, while pharma drugs kill hundreds of thousands, the 'child protetion services" (CPS) is ran by a bunch of pedophiles and child kidnappers, the TSA pedophiles feeling up little children, the chemtrails spraying aluminum and baride on us, our vegetables and our livestock, the bankers making billions while 50 million (out of 300 million) are on food stamps, the one trillion dollar student debt loan that will crush whoever took out loans, an economy that is about to collapse, gas at 4 bucks a gallon, etc etc etc... It just doesnt matter anymore, the bankers/globalists/khazars/whatever, destroyed any type of a God given humanity that may have existed. Its over, and it aint coming back..It is fand%king over. Good luck. And this blaming of israel is crazy. The rothchilds birthed and control israel (reearch WW2), theyuse israel as an intelligence hub, and a strategic geographical location to control the middle east, they use western countries to fight their battles to expand their world empire, they took over the banking system, the health system, and the education system to control us.. they are sick, psychopathic, pedophile, pieces of sh*t and they control mostof the world. I tell ya, NOW I totally believe the main foundation of the Bible. These friggin bankers are friggin satanists, and anyone who studies know this. And the dumbed down military and police will go down in flames for trusting them. Someday, the wheat and tares will be seperated.

Joseph Zrnchik June 10, 2012 9:19 am (Pacific time)

Netanyahu calls the Syrian civil war in genocide, but what does he call the slaughter of Palestinian children? It is so nice to see Netanyahu speak against the killing of Sunnis in sectarian violence with Syrain Shiite Allawites. It must be that he has a soft spot in his heart for al Qaeda. I only wonder why he never said a word as Saddam killed hundreds of thousands of Iranians, or why he never spoke up for the five-hundred thousand Iraqi children that died from lack of antibiotics, of the hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis that were slaughtered as the result of Operation Iraqi Freedom. He also never mentions the thousands of civilians killed by the Israeli slaughter in Operation Cast Lead. Yet, now he wants U.S. intervention because some Syrian Sunnis are killed as part of a civil war and he feigns concern because he wants to stir up things between the U.S. and Iran by having the U.S. and Iran fight a proxy war in Lebanon. The most despicable part of this is I will some be called an anti-Semite and Jew-haters for pointing out this Zionist hypocrisy. It is getting easier and easier to discern Zionist motives and media. The Saudis would also like to pit us against their enemy Iran, but Americans should remember it was Iran's enemy, the Saudis, who knocked down the Twin Towers. They all were Saudi Sunnis and none were Iranian Shiites. The Saudis oppress their huge Shiite population and justice demands that a revolution begin under the oppression by Sunni monarchs. Also, the Sunnis were fine with the massacre of Shiites by Bahrain and Yemen. Why the queasy stomach now?

amandablack June 9, 2012 4:57 pm (Pacific time)

Wherever you find Israeli sympathizers, you will find the old zionists beating their drums of hate and revenge. No wonder they are so much disliked all over the world.

Anonymous June 9, 2012 2:37 pm (Pacific time)

To ann is now mainstream news that the west hired alCIAda to invade Libya, and now Syria, pretend they are protestors, start a civil war so that the west can go in and "save" them, then enslave them and take all their resources.. I dont often put people down, but dear lord, you are a dupe. The info I just gave has been proven.

Anonymous June 9, 2012 12:25 pm (Pacific time)

Makes ya the way, I have kept close contact with those involved in fukishima, more info is coming out every day. The following is copied and pasted from a good friend of mine who wrote thru email. I think he said it all and wanted to share: there is more going on than the atrocities in the middle east/africa/etc. As I have mentioned many times, its not the U.S., or israel, it is their owners/bankers/rothchilds/rockefellers..Its too late to wake up now, ya'all slept too it is: "the implications of this info is that man kind has been sentenced to death by cancer ,slow at first ,the infants and toddlers will get it first then it will slowly move up the age chain where it will display itself as Leukemia, and other youth cancers then into young adult cancers, then finally into the senior populations , this is cumulative and all living things will be affected as the years go by ,plants are already showing mutations animals are also showing effects the polar bears and seals of the islands off the Alaska coast have signs of radiation poisoning. the media is silent ,the govt is silent ,they know ,they want to avoid panic but it will come but it will be too late ,there are things we could do but the longer we are ignorant of natural protection from radiation poisoning the less likely we can help our selves , enjoy what is left of our lives . we all have to die some time ,it is just sad to see our species die out before we could have evolved to a higher level of consciousness and spiritual awakening ,but God may yet intervene and spare his creation in a supernatural way by his grace, I pray for this" . End quote..."they" are letting this happen, same with the DU in Iraq, BP oil spill etc. They dont care. They want to tax us for global warming, while they contribute the most destruction to our planet than all of us put together. All they want is all of us dead, or slaves. Iraq, Libya, Afghaistan (guarding poppy fields sending heroin across the globe), TSA pedophiles groping our children, IRS working for the United Nations, etc etc etc. Enjoy the last few years while you can.

Anonymous June 9, 2012 4:10 am (Pacific time)

Now where is your compassion? More than 10000 people were shot or stabbed, mostly woman and chidren. Assad being supported by Iran and Hezbollah wich is a Terrorist Organization.

 Editor: You have your definition and I have mine; Syria's government says the rebels are terrorists, but that doesn't fit your needs right?  Israel wants this to happen badly because THEY WANT WAR and so do you, just make sure you aren't rooting for something you would not mind yourself.

The head of Irans Militia already announced that Iran will not tolerate the fall of Assad. This throwback really believes that an attack will trigger the coming of Mahdi the last Islamic Messiah. For all these throwbacks it would mean their Holy War.

 Editor: The mainstream US press has taken sides, that is ridiculous.  And your point?  A thousand is not enough?  You want more dead so you criticize my report?

I believe the people in Syria need our help or they all will be killed.

 Editor: You think they need our bombs?  That is always the American answer isn't it?  Kill kill kill for peace.... it doesn't work!

Your Liberals always act like you care about Human Rights especially when it comes to scumbag Criminals or terrorists. But when it comes to really doing good and safe innocent people's life you stick your head up your butt and run. Your hate for our Country and Israel makes me sick. You are a miserable little man. Go smoke your marijuana, you are such a fake.

Editor: Go climb up your darling Israel's backside and light a match you stupid warmonger.

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