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New Film on Dr. Burzynski Cancer Treatment Free This Weekend Online

New film about cancer treatment could be the most important thing you ever watch.

Writer/director/producer Eric Merola
Writer/director/producer Eric Merola

(SALEM, Ore.) - If there is one piece of information that I would like to be able to get in front of all Americans in one fell swoop (well there are actually many things but this one's huge) it is the story of Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski and his non-toxic, extremely successful cancer treatment program in Texas that does away (for the most part) with the traditional chemo-radiation treatments so many have endured.

The amazing Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski

You might think the medical world would be at his feet, but his research yielded a treatment that renders all others somewhat useless, and the good doctor has had to fight tooth and nail to maintain his practice and his program as the government has tried very hard to take him down.

I know it doesn't make sense, but it is true and you will have a rare and unique opportunity to see a brand new documentary by Dr. Eric Merola that will be his second significant film about Burzynski.

Just yesterday we carried the story of a survivor who is a fellow Oregon resident. With "three weeks left to live" she went to Texas and is perfectly healthy today.

Dr. Merola has a special showing of the new documentary this weekend from June 11-13 to go along with a big email blast with

Burzynski, the Movie is the story of a medical doctor and Ph.D biochemist named Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski who won the largest, and possibly the most convoluted and intriguing legal battle against the Food and Drug Administration in American history.

In the 1970’s, Dr. Burzynski made a remarkable discovery that threatened to change the face of cancer treatment forever. His non-toxic gene-targeted cancer medicine could have helped save millions of lives over the last two decades had his discovery not been criminally suppressed by the US government, as his therapy, called “antineoplastons,” have been shown to effectively help cure some of the most “incurable” forms of terminal cancer.

This documentary takes you through the treacherous 14-year journey Dr. Burzynski and his patients have had to endure in order to finally obtain FDA-approved clinical trials of antineoplastons. His story is yet another testament that fact can be far stranger than fiction, as the film exposes the powerful, unscrupulous forces that work to maintain the status quo of the medical- and pharmaceutical industry at any cost—including the lives of millions of people.


"I am streaming the film for free on my website and Mercola's website for those 72 hours. It also has some new surprises in it during the Texas Med Bd section and the NCI/Phrma section. I am also offering a huge discount on DVDs during this period."

Save this link and visit the story over the weekend to take in this fascinating new program.

Here is the link that will go live at midnight tomorrow night

This is Dr. Burzynski and Dr. Merola on the Dr. Oz Radio program:

Also: The Great Cancer Hoax: The Brilliant Cure the FDA Tried Their Best to Shut Down...


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M. Dennis Paul, Ph.D. June 10, 2011 11:21 pm (Pacific time)

Having been one of the earliest supporters of Dr. Burzynski's work as well as the work of Jonathan Wright and a host of other genuine researchers (all having suffered assaults at the hands of the very illegitimate cancer industry, I can attest to the genius of this individual. Many are not aware of the vicious assault against him back in 1985 when his office was raided by the FDA who stole over 200,000 patient records, files, notes, etc in their attempt to permanently close his Institute. Among those involved in the persistent harassment of Stanislaw were the FDA, AMA, NIH, Texas Board of Medical Examiners, the Harris County Medical Society and a host of insurance companies such as Aetna.

Murray E.G. Smith's definitive evaluation of the controversy surrounding Stanislaw, published in the Canadian Journal of Sociology, states that "The fundamental point is that the whole controversy served to expose a curious conservatism within the cancer establishment and a disturbing blindness to anything but the most narrow considerations of proper procedure and conduct... The existing "cancer industry" (a complex ensemble of clinicians, drug companies, researchers and institutes) is very well established and has a compelling economic interest in perpetuating itself" (Moss 1991.). It should come as no surprise that it these very same players who have worked tirelessly to cover up the inadequacies and outright deceptions of the AIDS hypothesis and resulting controversy and who caused tremendous hardship on those researchers who questioned the HIV/AIDS hypothesis. What is unknown to so many is that these researchers in the "cancer industry" were all heavily invested in the viral cause of cancer. After decades of producing nothing in terms of evidence in support of their work, the CDC and NIH were preparing to defund many of their labs. This was occurring in the early 1980's. Suddenly, a new "disease" was "discovered" (HIV/AIDS) and the labs, having already been long set up to support the virologists who had been running cancer research, were given a fresh infusion of capital to research this new "virally induced disease". The pharmaceutical companies who had been hard at work creating a wide variety of highly toxic "anti-viral" medications also experienced a massive resurgence in funding.

Can anybody smell the coffee?

Stanislaw, like many of my other friends, was not a team player supporting the failed virologists and fabricating massive amounts of meaningless drivel. Like my other friends, he was a maverick who determined to actually look at what was there to be viewed.. not imaginary viruses so, small, so delicate, and so undetectable. In Stanislaw's case, unlike that of the virologists, his work was properly conducted so as to be reproducible with the same effects being demonstrated in case after case after case. This represented, and still does, a monumental threat to the economic lifeblood of the non-productive "cancer industry". (BTW... one of the first "viruses" purported to cause cancer was the so-called "HIV". Funny how when it was soundly disproved, "HIV" was kept alive as the cause of "AIDS".)

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