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Bring Back the Checkbook

Here’s how writing checks can be better than swiping a card

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(SALEM, Ore.) - No matter what social status or business in general you might have, you are probably the proud owner of a credit card. Everyone has a credit card or debit card today, and that’s because of how accessible and convenient it is to own one.

You can just swipe your card and make payments without any hassle. However, what many don’t expect is to hear that checkbooks can actually counter and in some situations even beat that "convenience".

Are you curious to find out just what you stand to benefit by using a checkbook and a check ledger? If so, check out the rest of this article because by the end you might even be in the market for a new checkbook holder from

Control your budget

If people that have a lot of money are very keen on knowing every single detail of how much they’re spending and where, you can only imagine what regular people are going through, trying to account for all their expenses.

Owning a check book and complementary check ledger can be of big help from this point of view as it tells you exactly how much money you’ve spent but also where.

You can argue that you can easily get that information by looking online but the thing about online payments is that the information tends to get lost or become a lot harder to get. With checks you can always get a printed copy of a check you’ve issued, meaning that whenever you need one, you are secured.

Ease of access

Ease of access was one of the prime reasons for which the credit card was invented. It’s supposed to help you get to your money easier but also carry large amounts of money in your pocket without facing the risk of getting mugged. Checks also let you carry your entire account’s worth in your pocket, but it goes further beyond when it comes to ease of access. Just imagine that you need to see exactly how much money you have in your account. Check ledgers are useful and can help you get that information at any given time. If you want to check your bank statement online you might be in a pickle if the bank’s website is down.

Another thing that needs to be pointed out is that it’s much more convenient to walk up to a business and request for them to cash you a check you’ve just written to yourself. You just have to provide your ID or a similar form of identification and you can walk out with as much money as you need.

With credit cards however, you can only get cash if you find an ATM. No, not a business, an ATM. That’s right, you can only use ATMs to get cash. That’s a bit inconvenient, isn’t it?

Checkbooks may seem like they’re old and inefficient but that’s because most people today likely have never owned a checkbook. In fact, the only time many people have ever heard of a checkbook was when an old rich guy in a movie would prepare to make a donation. They’re actually pretty handy in truth, so it’s definitely worth looking into.

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