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Sex Offender Registration Bill Passes Oregon Senate

HB 3204 also passed the House unanimously and it now moves to Governor Kitzhaber’s desk for his signature.

Sex offenders shown to community

(SALEM, Ore.) - The Oregon Senate closed a loophole in state law today regarding sex offender registration by unanimously passing House Bill 3204. State Representative Kim Thatcher (R-Keizer, Newberg and St. Paul) sponsored the legislation after learning there were sex offenders who were working and going to school in Oregon who were not required to register.

“We’re talking about sex offenders who live out of state but are still employed or attend college in Oregon,” said Thatcher. “Under current law if one of these offenders committed a sex crime in another state they would have to register as a sex offender with the Oregon State Police (OSP) but if they committed the crime in Oregon they would not. HB 3204 makes our laws consistent and requires both categories of offenders to register in Oregon.”

OSP report around 50 sex offenders who reside out of state have been working or attending school in Oregon but were not on the state sex offender registry.

The Oregon District Attorneys Association (ODAA) and the Oregon Department of Justice added another section to the original bill. That language helps clarify the requirements for when and in which county sex offenders much register. An Oregon Court of Appeals case earlier this year pointed out deficiencies in Oregon law.

“Our communities have made it clear that the registration of sex offenders is a public safety issue,” said Yamhill County District Attorney Brad Berry, Chair of the ODAA Legislative Committee. “HB 3204 makes important changes to clarify registration for law enforcement, offenders, and the court.”

HB 3204 also passed the House unanimously and it now moves to Governor Kitzhaber’s desk for his signature.

Source: News release from State Representative Kim Thatcher

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Agree 101 November 2, 2011 11:29 am (Pacific time)

Sex Offender Restration for Life Should be reserverd only for Serial Offenders, (More than one offens)Serial Rapist and Sexually Violent Offenders. There are case's of he said, and she said, and actual innonence. However the term Predator and Sexully Violent, Does not fit every one so labeled. The Ex-Post Facto Clause just shows us that the Judical Powers that be, Can do what ever they so decided to, and thus create a third class lower citzen. With respect to the constitution any person labeled as a sex offender, or accused, has no rights, Per Demi Justice. In a socity that loves to come up making labels for everything and passing laws on everything not for pubilc safety but for revenues and business, including corporations, Sex Offender Registration, is just another revenue to tax the people and classify another person as a deviant. More than one State has violated, the ex-post facto clause, and all the justices will tell you same. If you are accused you no rights, were going to do what were going to do to you. And after your convicted, if you survive your sentence, your gong yo be punished for the rest of your natural life. If you resist, protest, or try to exercise what rights you think you have, We will just bring the hammer down on you, and throw away the key.

Rudy101 June 16, 2011 11:28 pm (Pacific time)

“Our communities have made it clear that the registration of sex offenders is a public safety issue,” When the public is able to determine the freedom to associate, the freedom to travel, the freedom to be free from police monitoring SOLELY under the guise of "public safety" and can do this without actually SHOWING public safety, do you really think you have any credibility? Well, the D.A. said it right, you live in a tyranny. The community determines, without hearing, without appeal, passed ex-post facto and without actually SHOWING public safety, who is under a police state and who is not, simply by a vote. Democracy is the most tyrannical form of government. The majority will ALWAYS oppress the hated minority and ALWAYS do it without hearing, and ALWAYS do it for "public safety" purposes. You are supposed to be a Republic, where the State makes allegations of a person is dangerous and an individual can re-but those allegations in some way, shape or fashion. But you are a democracy. Demands of its citizens outweigh ANY concept of what freedom is.

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