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A Message from Jenvey Baylis: 12-Year Old Sex Abuse Victim in UK

Children in London are suffering sex abuse as a result of a court's decision.

These two children were abducted by fraud by their abuser Dennis Gordon Nissen and held in the UK against their will.
These two children were abducted by fraud by their abuser Dennis Gordon Nissen and held in the UK against their will. Learn more, visit:

(SALEM / LONDON) - Our friend John Graham with, keeps us up to speed on the tragic politics of the UK with regard to children. This new story is a real heart sinker. It is only one case, there are so many... yet this one of children being forced to live in a home of sex abuse, by the courts, really takes the cake.

John explains,

    These 2 children have been abducted by a nonse {prison slang here for paedophile} and he even has a GANG of paedos who abuse these 2 poor children and their mother. One of the kids had 96 stitches in his head because Nissen the Paedo picked him up and threw him against a fireplace. The police do nothing as u can see from the message i sent to the Serious Organised Crime Agency, and their dept. the Child Exploitation unit.

John Graham says he is worried that someone is going to get killed soon. In reference to the alleged perpetrator of sex crimes, he said:

"This guy is a maniac and needs locking up. Please help spread the word."

It makes sense that Mr. Graham would know, he has been following a number of cases in his native UK; the largest is the Musa family, who emigrated from Nigeria, only to have their children seized over a vague allegation that was proven false, over having 'drugged their children', the whole thing was rubbish. Once the courts committed to prosecuting the family, they refused to come clean with their bogus case that has devastated a beautiful family.

We would bring our readers more updates on the Musa case, but we are restricted at the moment.

The following message is from the young girl, Jenvey Baylis, who says along with the rest of her family, terrible unchecked abuse is rampant.

Jenvey’s life story...

I am Jenvey Trevor Duplessis Baylis, I am 12 years old, I was born in the 1st February 2000.

I am part of a loving family, even though we not together at the moment. I got a great daddy, his name is Jeremy, he is strong and big and he is my hero. I am going to be what he was when I am big. I got a wonderful mommy, Maryna, she is a wonderful person and when you read our story you will know why she is so wonderful. She will give her life for us. I got a brother Kevin who is 15 and sometimes kevin can be a pain, but most of the time he is my best friend and my 2nd Hero. In the past 8 months he has been my everything, my mom , my dad and my brother most important he is my protector.

I will have to start at the beginning of my twelve years on earth for you to understand what I am going through, and why we not with our parents, and maybe you can help us get back together, to be happy and safe.

I would love to appeal to the public to watch our videos on You Tube, join our Facebook pages, and groups, visit our website, and if you can donate some money that our parents can afford to continue the fight for us. My mommy bake the nicest cakes and cook wonderful food from all over the world, she can always give you some cake as a thank you, or a copy of the one of the 4 books I wrote about my feelings using dragons, it is all done by myself and my brother help with the drawings he is a great artist and a wonderful brother.

I would like to appeal to the goverments of the USA and South Africa and the rest of the world to reunite us with our loving parents and to stop our life of abuse by the hands of Dennis Gordon Nissen, the Oliviers and the United Kingdom.

I would like to remind the UN that we were in INTERNATIONAL HUMANITERIAN PROTECTION AGAINST NISSEN AND THE UNITED KINGDOM due to the abuse we suffered. Please take us back to our parents.

My story begins on the 1st Feb 2000, but before that my parents met I think in 1993 or 1994, they had my big brother I know that in 1996, as he was born then and he is 15.

My story I was born into a happy family, I was not aware of what happened before my birth I only know what happened after my birth. We went back to South Africa as a family, my daddy worked away a lot as he is an American, I cannot talk about his work, as his country might get upset over it. In 2001 a strange man that I later learned was Dennis Gordon Nissen, came with a lot of people and took all of us, mommy kevin and me back to England.

He was a rude man, always shouting, screaming and hitting us all. He would do rude things to mommy and Kevin, and tell me I am next. He always had loads of friends there doing the same thing to mommy and us, and sometimes there was other woman and children as well.

I was 18 months old, when Nissen came into the house the one day, he shouted at mommy and told her she was a piece of S&(^$&(, he picked me up and throw me against the cement surround by the fireplace. My little head at the back was cut opened. Kevin called an ambulance and they rushed me to hospital. I had a total of over 90 stiches but into my head to stop the bleeding. Kevin and mommy tried to tell the doctors what happened, but Mr Nissen and a lady called Jennifer Hogg sat there telling the doctors that mommy and Kevin is sick, I only played with my push along toy and I fell backwards and hurt my head. The police believed them as Jennifer was a doctor in DERBYSHIRE.

After that my abuse got worse, Nissen and his friends will do sex acts on me and would force me to suck their privates. It was horrible. We would wake up with sore bodies, and feeling sick, then we knew they put things in our food to make us sleep. It was awful. He was always hitting us, and hurting us and mommy. He would not stop. We phoned the police and they wont help us neither. AS Nissen would not let the police see us. It was awful and hurtfull and we all cried a lot.

We hardly saw daddy as Nissen made it clear if he comes near us he will kill us.

Mommy managed to move us to London, hoping that we can reach daddy and that we can be safe once again. That did not happen as Nissen followed us and his friends in the police found us and made us have him back in the house.

The abuse started again really badly he would drug us, he would do all sort of things to us. He was filming it and it was never less than 3 people doing things to us, they would hit us and make us cry, they will force things into our bums and they would force things into our mouths. They would cut us and leave marks, bite marks, cuts and all sort of things.

When we showed the school, Nissen will tell them that we were hurting ourselves, he was not doing it. He told the school we were autistic and always hurting ourselves, it was all lies, but they all believed him not us, why would they not believe us.

Ouma and oupa my grandparents from South Africa moved to England in 2004 or 2005 to live near us, we told them what was happenng and oupa could see for himself, that Nissen was very evil. The abuse did not stop because they were there it got worse.

In 2007 daddy told mommy enough is enough he is going to marry us and take us to safety. I was so glad as my dream of becoming a Navy Seal will come true then. It took them 2 years to get us to leave England, it was not overnight.

Our last few months in England was hell, Nissen dislocated mommy’s left arm and shoulder really badly, while she was packing our things up. Oupa had to take her to hospital. Daddy arrived to help us and boy that was fun as Nissen stayed away. Nissen is scared of daddy.

The last time we saw Nissen was in June 2009 when he came to the storage unit and attack mommy, he told her she is a slut and a whore and no decent man will have her, he told us we are scum and that he will kill us one day, without thinking twice. He does not want to see us alive or near him.

On June 26th we left the United Kingdom for my faviorate place in the world. Mexico. My parents were going to get married and we were going to live happily together without Nissen around us.

Boy we had fun, mommy and daddy got married on the 14th July 2009 and we had a good life, but on the 10th August 2009 we had an email saying nissen wanted us back in England. Mommy and us got scared, but the lawyers said don’t worry he cant do it.

Mommy and daddy dealt with all that, and only told us what we needed to know. In june 2010 mommy had to attend court via a video camera. In that hearing the English court said that Nissen got no rights to us. We were all so happy as we started to live our lives.

Just before that, In Feb 2010, Nissen told Mexico we were here illegally, and we ended up in immigration. We stayed there for 72 days, and they then told us we are legal in Mexico, and that Kevin and I need to file for protection so that Nissen cannot force us back to England.


We started to attend school, mommy and daddy started to work, and mommy’s friend asked her to bake cookies and cakes for her, so that the children in the building can sell it for pocket money, mommy got paid for it, but all the children in Mexico can work from the age of 8 after school and in holidays to earn pocket money, I made loads of money, I worked for a computer, and I worked for games and books. Kevin worked for a Playstation 3.

We all had fun, we were a family happy and relaxed and everything else. Until the day before Kevin’s 15th birthday, then our nightmare started again.

At 5:30 in the morning more than 35 people broke into our house and tried to take us from our beds, Nissen stood there saying that is them. Take them to the British embassy. We were screaming and shouting and said we were not going anywhere with him, we want our parents to come with us, they tried to separate us from our parents. But we were fighting. Then a man calling himself said he is a judge if we don’t go to England we need to go to a court, he took us to a court where he told us we don’t have to go with Nissen. We just need to talk to Nissen he lied to us.

I now wish that Kevin and Myself stabbed nissen in front of this man like we wanted to. They took us to the English embassy, the would not let mommy or daddy in, the only thing I had with me is SAM the dog my favourite blue toy dog that daddy Jeremy brought me when I was a new baby,

They dragged kevin away from us Kevin could not say bye or have a hug from mommy and daddy, they were pushing and hitting Kevin and Kevin broke the guys nose. They came for me dragged me out of daddy’s arms I never kissed my mommy goodbye never….

They separated us on the other side and they told us we are now british and we will never see our parents again ever. They took us out of Mexico, to England.

We left messages for mommy and daddy all over the internet they would not allow us to call mommy and daddy like they said they would, we were suppose to go to South Africa not England. The abuse started the minute we were landing. He, that is Nissen Raped my brother and then me, and he laughed at Kevin and told him you are 15 it is legal to have gay sex with you now. You are going to learn what it is to be whores, and you will earn the money back that I spent on finding you.

Meet the trafficker of the Baylis family:!/pages/Meet-the-trafficker-of-the-Baylis-family/450886111595731

Photobucket Dennis G. Nissen, paedophile and abductor of the Baylis children Kevin and Jenvey

Lets hope the paedophile Dennis Nissen, and his paedophile protecters the Olivers get the long sentences they deserve. How do they justify committing such serious crimes? How are they getting away with it? The Human Trafficking dept. of the police Serious Organised Crime Agency have very much been notified some time ago – – and it is only because they are a particulary ineffective, lame bunch that the criminals shown in this video arent brought to book and made to pay for the outrageous unacceptable cruelty they have inflicted on these 2 children. Read Nissen’s emails to the Baylis’s for the depravity of the character – how can the police ignore these? and how can the police also ignore the 96 stitches Nissen forced one of the children to endure through his violence? It is outrageous how these criminals get away with what they have done and are doing to these children and how the authorities – including MPs – turn a blind eye to the very serious crimes committed.

The emails from Dennis. G. Nissen to the Baylis family -
Photobucket ========================= Photobucket The Olivers – protectors of the paedophile Dennis G. Nissen

He started hitting us, drugging our food, and everything else. Towards the end of October he told us he went back to court and we will now for ever stay by him and his cousins Bronwyn Howell Olivier and Charl Olivier. The abuse continued Nissen filmed it all, we were told mommy can write to us, but we never get anything and we know she writes as she puts it on the internet.

I started soiling myself from being scared all the time and wetting the bed. We cry our self to sleep eveynight, they told us the one person is from court that mommy and daddy is dead and then they told us that we will never see them again if we tell the UK what Nissen is doing to us.

Nissen got a strange man to talk to us, who told the court we are to stupid to tell the court where we want to live or what we want to do . this man lied to them, but one thing that he did tell the truth about was that we could tell him true memories about the abuse we suffered and by whom we suffered the abuse. He told them that it was Nissen, but then he told them that we are to emotionally disturbed die to the way we were taken from our parents to be truthful witnesses to a crime. He told them that it is better for us just to be left with Nissen and the Oliviers, and that we continue to believe that mommy and daddy is dead.

They told us in February this year that they will never let us go near our parents again and that they took swaps from two children and send it away with Nissen, claiming it to be ours. So that Nissen can claim us as his. They Never took swaps from us, never. Nissen is not our legal father he got no rights to us, the judge said so infront of us that day in June 2010. Why break up our family now, why.

We know mommy and daddy is trying to find us we know they don’t have a lot of money. We are leaving them messages all over the internet, but the Oliviers don’t like us using the internet so we need to steal internet time when they and nissen is not there.

We don’t want to have a live of abuse we want to be little boys playing in the park and having fun, we want to drive mommy and daddy mad with loud music, and staying out late. I want to be a USA NAVY SEAL and I want to be the best one there is. I want to show America I am proud to be American and South African. I want my family back together.

I want to be by my dog, and my mom and dad and our friends.

I know my mommy will say it is not I WANT it is I NEED or I WOULD LIKE.


This is all I want for the rest of my life is to be with my family free from abuse.

Please help us as the abuse is daily and I am sure you don’t have to have sex everyday of your life, I am sure you don’t have to be hit and punched every day of your live and you don’t need to be told everyday that you are a piece of shit and no good.




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Ilkay July 17, 2012 9:46 pm (Pacific time)

joe this made me laugh. love that boy. love that he slipped up and let you know how his mama and daddy relaly feel about your southern drawl and so happy that you HAVE a southern drawl that reminds YOU and everyone else of where you're REALLY from! Because your sister (also with a southern drawl) misses you here. every day. and don't you forget, lest you may never come home! love you, big bro. and your little black baby girl.

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