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Oregon Hospitals Abuse the Homeless (UPDATE)

Booting homeless sick American mothers into the street; welcome to Oregon.

Amber Morales and her child.
Amber Morales and her child.

(SALEM, Ore.) - UPDATE: June 29 2010 - We learned shortly before 10:00 a.m. that in spite of her condition, and the fact that she needs serious attention and ongoing medical care, Amber Morales is being discharged from the Salem Hospital and placed in an 'outpatient status' where this homeless woman must subsist on the streets.

We also know that the Emergency Room at Salem Hospital completely misinterpreted Amber's condition initially, in spite of the fact that it had been explained at length. The emergency triage nurse was provided every detail of Amber's recent gall bladder surgery, but she noted that Amber Morales was suffering from "a stab wound" which was completely erroneous. This false statement of information was available for hospital staff to see; we are not sure if there is a direct connection with the treatment and regard that she is receiving.

Appreciate this as the way Salem Hospital conducts business; it is the same story all over the state, it is all about money, and has zero to do with actual patient care. I suspect that the hospital might consider this liability, as a spotlight shines on this particular case which is shameful in nature, but the decision to put her on the streets was nonetheless reached.

In this event there is no question that the hospital is aware of her unique status, the fact that she has been rejected repeatedly by similar facilities. Salem Hospital agreed to help, they summoned a social worker who had absolutely nothing to offer. This is a representative of Oregon Human Services, the agency charged with the public's welfare. They contacted a religious group to possibly take Amber in, but that group insists that she has her small child who she is incapable of caring for

******Original report******

A homeless person with a young child has almost no chance of being properly assisted in Oregon's hospitals. We are following the story of Amber Morales, a young indigent woman who was born to a mother addicted to heroin, kicking off her challenging life.

In the last ten days, hospitals and medical care facilities one after another in Salem, Newberg, McMinnville and even OHSU in Portland, have sent this extremely ill woman back to the streets, fully aware that she has nowhere to turn for care or support, and that she is extremely sick, in an undiagnosed status.

There is a common belief in this nation that all people have the same opportunity, but if you examine Morales' saga, it is clearly not true. People born to drug addicts are compromised. Their health is not comparable with others. They don't have a level footing in life. But all Amber is asking for is a chance- to get well.

Salem Hospital admitted Amber Morales with an abscess; likely a result of botched hurry up and rush Gallbladder surgery at McMinnville's hospital over a week earlier. Amber Morales has the most unnatural sore protruding from her stomach; extending several inches outward when she laid down, and she has been in extreme pain without relief.

An abscess is a localized collection of pus that generally develops in response to infection, terribly painful, and unlike other infections, antibiotics alone will not cure an abscess. In general, abscesses must open and drain to improve. That sounds like a good thing for a hospital to provide.

We saw Amber and are familiar with the extreme nature of her illness. Ironically, she at times appears to bear a complexion that matches her name. She is very sick.

Dr. Phil Leveque, writer, was consulted over this strange condition that seemed to become worse with each 'treatment' she received in the aforementioned hospitals. Dr. Leveque no longer practices medicine, but a description of Amber's condition caused him to instantly suggest that she was transported back to the hospital.


"Has it been over 12 hours?" he asked.

"Because she has gangrene in her abdomen," Dr. Leveque said.

This is the young mother who was quickly discharged from McMinnville Hospital, Newberg Hospital and Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland, all with the full knowledge that she had no where to go, and therefore would be receiving no "care". Her child is with family, but the woman can find no reprieve- and little compassion.

On Friday she was admitted to the Salem Hospital, and given emergency surgery to remove infection, inserting a drain. Still with a undetermined explanation as to why the abscess exists, she has been told that she will need daily care for two weeks or more. Outpatient care. Even Salem Hospital is not able to maintain a patient that is seemingly deathly ill, until she is well.

The cost of treating the uninsured really mounts up when the job has to be repeated. And repeated.

Salem Hospital social services have offered to "try to find a bed" for Morales in a homeless shelter as a replacement for the hospital staff.

Salem Hospital has announced as of this afternoon, that it will discharge this woman- though they have been made fully aware that she has nowhere to go.


Salem Hospital stated shortly after 2:00 p.m., that Amber Morales will be in the hospital for at least another night, according to the hospital's Julie Howard.

Howard told "The hospital's policy is to not discharge someone until their medical needs are met. Amber's doctor did not recommend that she be discharged."

She says a doctor determines when a patient is well enough "to be on the street", even if they can't find a shelter.

Amber's case will be determined on a day to day basis, but she may be faced with finding her own bed as soon as tomorrow.


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KELLY EPPERSON November 4, 2010 9:40 am (Pacific time)

What a horrible web that is weaved....My heart goes out to Amber and her small child...I am a state certified foster home and if our family can help in anyway..caring for the small child while Mom recovers..that we can do...just cause.....Kelly Epperson

Amanda Leduc June 30, 2010 1:13 pm (Pacific time)

Thank you Bonnie for bringing light to this problem. I myself nearly died in the waiting room of the Salem Hospitals ER. I was bleeding profusely, fainting, literally spilling blood over the side of the wheel chair I was seated in and the only help I was offered was that I had to waite for triage. It was by chance only that I did not die right there! Something has to change in our medical systems. This is cruel and inhumane treatment of the citizens of the US.

Hank Ruark June 30, 2010 10:15 am (Pacific time)

"Anon": Your fantasy re "world government" falls very flat when we cannot even get state government business done via cooperation in legislature. How in hell does any group, however elite, manage massive manipulation mandatory for control of such diversities as Russia, U.S., England, France, China, et al, et al, et al ? WHY do we allow such plainly irresponsible, useless and non-informative comments on channel clearly, cleanly and continuously devoted to real "information' rather than to such attention-wasting drivel?

Anonymous June 29, 2010 11:36 am (Pacific time)

Until people realize that their IS an elite group of people, who run the western world, and even have somewhat of a stranglehold over other countries thru banking, this will continue. Its not bush, its not obama, its not clinton etc..its their bosses. If you want to continue the hoax, then do not complain what the outcome is. The U.S. was used to build their world empire, and now, they are done with us. Now its 3rd world for the U.S.. I cant put 15 years of research in a blog.. Check out Alex Jones documentaries...End Game, Police State etc..they are all free on google or youtube.

Danielis June 28, 2010 9:41 pm (Pacific time)

George Bush's answer to those who said millions of Americans had no health care was that they could always go to the emergency room for treatment. George Bush wrong? Get outa here.

gp June 28, 2010 6:40 pm (Pacific time)

Far too common in the USA. Would not ever happen in Argentina. It makes me so sad for Americans. Some hospitals, notably the Providence Health Care System does sometimes find an empty room for an indigent person to stay in gratis but it always depends on the census.

Matt Glazener June 28, 2010 2:02 pm (Pacific time)

If hospitals don't assist people in this position, then what alternatives are there? Is there some kind of policy that allows people to be discharged with health problems of this nature? So serious?

Concerned resident June 28, 2010 1:59 pm (Pacific time)

These hospitals should be so ashamed of themselves! I am calling elected representatives right now, this will not fly in Salem.

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