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California's Law Enforcement Capability has been Compromised; Precursor to big Change in Mexico

State budget cuts will likely eliminate 55 state-led task forces that coordinate the response to California's growing gang problem.

Zeta Cartel members in Mexico have bases located throughout the country. Indistinguishable from regular Mexican Army forces, they are moving toward full-scale revolution.

(SACRAMENTO) - We published a story this week that may be our single most important in seven years, out of almost 20,000 articles; about a looming, bloody revolution in Mexico.

If this comes to pass, it will leave Los Zetas; Mexico's single most dangerous cartel, in control of all of Mexico. Very questionable things, like unexplainable stashes of weapons and uniforms all over the country, that are brand new and U.S. manufactured, the best high end weapons being currently used in Afghanistan; and military operations between the U.S. and Mexican military forces taking place that neither government admitted to, until Wikileaks published the indisputable evidence.

Now we learn that California is preparing to eliminate the most vital law enforcement programs. Gone will be the added security that already was nowhere close to having a handle on the problem. If Californians think they see crime now, one can only imagine how bad it could become with the Mexican government falling under full influence of Los Zetas. This cartel became prominent after its founders, Mexican Army Special Forces officers, left the military three years ago.

The interests of the United States and the border states in particular, has been fully compromised by forces within the U.S. government. There are at the same time, many federal agencies and individuals trying to maintain a moral standard, but weapons are in place, intelligence is being compromised in inner-agency operations, and our reporter on the scene, Tosh Plumlee, says communication in some cases, between agencies, does not exist at all.

The potential domino effect is staggering in regard to major crime, gang acceleration, drug proliferation, and the subsequent falling of property value, and in turn the snapping up of said properties by cartel affiliated groups.

They are buying property at outrageous prices because they have the ability to pay for it with crime money, in the Columbus, New Mexico area left and right. Just a simple scan at home and lot prices gives it away. It just seems like less than an ideal location, yet parties are buying this place Columbus (population 1740) with dirt lots bringing 169k; that is what is taking place.

This growing threat applies to California, Texas, Arizona, and the center of the crime in the U.S., Columbus, New Mexico.

A link to the Zeta revolution story is listed below.

California Attorney General Kamala D. Harris aid:

"I congratulate Governor Jerry Brown and the Legislature for their success in passing California's budget bill. However, I join California law enforcement leaders in expressing serious concerns over the passage yesterday of $71 million in cuts to the Division of Law Enforcement budget. These budget cuts handcuff the state Department of Justice's ability to fight gang violence and disrupt the flow of drugs, guns and human beings across our border."

A master plan is taking place right under our nose in America, and it has to be stopped, if that is possible. Yet the wars in the Middle east have ravaged this nation's finances and the impact is felt in nearly every facet of government, from the top to the small towns. The military is the majority of the problem, but what forces would be powering this movement?

What industry would possibly seek to empower the most violent Mexican cartel? The only possible suspect is the pharmaceutical industry. Mexico's terrible drug problems and the associated homicide rate is no secret, it has been growing steadily worse over time. Mexico in fact decriminalized small amounts of drugs in an effort to fight back and damage the cartel's pull, but there was little impact.

The United States has been here all along with its own failed drug war. If you need to get to the root of it all, Tosh Plumlee can tell you a great deal about it. He was, for a long time, a CIA asset and his role was pilot. Tosh gave testimony to Gary Hart and others and was key in the launching of the Iran/Contra hearings. The U.S. flew white drugs into its own cities for years, it isn't opinion, but highly documented fact.

It seems we are on a self destruction course, and while she doesn't come right out and say it, Harris likely agrees:

"The cuts will likely eliminate 55 state-led task forces that coordinate the response to our growing gang problem. The Bureau of Investigation and Intelligence and Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement will also likely be eliminated, as will the investigative capacities of the newly-formed Mortgage Fraud Strike Force".

All told, several hundred agents, investigators, and other law enforcement positions will be lost, as will the ability to prosecute cases like these:

- In the Central Valley, a DOJ-led task force recently helped arrest 101 gang leaders and members who were terrorizing two counties.

- In the Bay Area, agents arrested another 30 gang members - and seized 100 plus pounds of methamphetamine destined for our streets.

- In San Diego, they arrested three suspects sent from Mexico on a murder-for-hire contract targeting an entire family.

- In Los Angeles, two task forces slated for elimination - LA IMPACT and LA CLEAR - have played a vital role in the policing of gangs.

- Throughout the state, the Mortgage Fraud Strike Force has opened investigations into criminal and consumer fraud. These investigations range from foreclosure scams affecting large numbers of victims to multi-million dollar corporate fraud.

It is true that we are in difficult times, but there are sinister and specifically negative forces at work within the structure of the U.S. government and it is essential that this information is known. It isn't everybody, and we may never really know. Everything is diluted. George W. Bush's creation of Homeland Security only added to the already vast and largely interconnected federal agencies that have been fighting an actual drug war for years, while their other federal counterparts assuredly import the drugs that give the others a reason to exist.

It seems that albeit full of corruption, the Mexican government, which has declared war on the cartels, is the first with a real stake in the game. President Calderon has seen our recent reports and while it is second-hand, we are told relations between he and Barack Obama are not getting better.

The ATF's botched "Fast and Furious" operation that was recently exposed, was obvious proof of the fact that federal agencies in the U.S. are providing the weapons. Their excuse that this was an effort to 'trace' the deliveries (as if they don't know exactly where they are going) bore fruit when one of their guns from a New Mexico gun store sent a bullet flying into the body of a Border Patrol Agent named Brian Terry, on a dark desert night. Sure enough, the ATF guns were in Mexico.

In Columbus, New Mexico, federal agents arrested 11 in gun smuggling ring related to the same operation. Among them were the police chief, the mayor, two city councilors and several other local officials.

Kamala Harris says public safety is a basic right of all people and a core function of our government.

"For that reason, I call on Governor Brown and the Legislature to immediately restore adequate funding to California law enforcement".

See: Is Los Zetas Military Cartel Planning a Bloody Revolution in Mexico? Tim King - Salem-News.com

The following organizations and individuals have joined me in expressing their grave concerns ( http://oag.ca.gov/news/press_release?id=2525):

California Police Chiefs Association
California District Attorneys Association
California Narcotic Officers' Association
San Diego District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis
Imperial County District Attorney Gilbert G. Otero
Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck
East Palo Alto Police Chief Ronald L. Davis
Arvin Police Chief Tommy W. Tunson


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Douglas Benson June 30, 2011 6:08 am (Pacific time)

The sky is falling ,the sky is falling. Quick give us money,so we can keep our jobs ,so we can create the problem ,so you will pay more for us to solve the problem we created and so you will give up more of your rights [or more to the point so we can take them]. END THE WAR! Peace

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