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In Defense of Logic

Religions and politics could reduce the number of humans who die from catastrophe and poor health if priorities were different.

(PASO ROBLES, Calif.) - Republicans say that if Healthcare passes and becomes law they will work to rescind it by supporting candidates who will commit to that eventuality.

They imply that if it passes with no Republican votes, the Democrats will suffer the consequence in the fall election and beyond. Both seem to me to be less threats than wishful thinking, but it is conceivable that they may convince some Democrats who are more interested in being re-elected than in working for the good of the people.

Republican claims, in my opinion, are ill-founded. I believe that when it passes, Healthcare Reform will be gratefully received by the people. Democrats against Healthcare Reform are from red-states that generally subscribe to conservative values where people are expected to do as they are told. Does the voice of the people mean nothing to them?

Where unemployment is high, the message that we cannot afford Healthcare might understandably be thought logical, if the reason Americans are in the mess we’re in is forgotten; namely, that the Bush Administration committed us to the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and wants us to believe in his Axis of Evil, an excuse to spend America’s wealth in dollars and blood to defeat enemies of Jesus and Christianity as taught by Evangelists who influence the Party leadership.

There is a reason why the Republican leadership speaks of itself as the Party of God, assuming Jesus and the Bible to be the living Word of God. They are wrong: Jesus and the New Testament are constructs of man who created an Institutional Religion on Earth, whereas the true God is Universal; His domain extends hundreds of millions of light years beyond Earth; a broader [but truer] concept less easily understood.

More than fifty years ago I was drawn into a discussion regarding the nature of God. A Lutheran friend was criticizing another presumed to be of Catholic persuasion until I intervened to determine how Lutherans perceive God; i.e., Jesus. He didn’t know what I meant, but agreed that Jesus was omniscient and omnipotent and that God [Jesus] was Love.

So I asked him, “how do you explain why God revealed himself to an obscure tribe knowing full well that by doing so it would be the cause of death for hundreds of millions of people [and the beat goes on] when it was in His power to avoid the slaughter?” Silence!

Another objection of the Party of Jesus is birth control and abortion, at a time when human catastrophe is rampant in the world. The Church is even against contraception which it proclaims is just another form of abortion.

The Malthusian theory of the 18th and 19th Centuries, by a man of the cloth, states that overpopulation is the source of poverty, one aspect of which is that people must live where cataclysms occur, as is obvious by recent events too numerous to list, but Haiti, Chile, China and Indonesia; even Europe, France and now Taiwan are examples where Earthquake, Tsunamis and climatic storms of every sort have wiped out hundreds of thousands of lives.

Religions and politics could reduce the number of humans who die from catastrophe by encouraging birth control, but won’t, for selfish reasons contrary to logic and human compassion.

Consequently, the people must decide what is best for them to do, beginning with Healthcare Reform which certainly is in their interest.

Kenneth G. Ramey was a "writer without a Website" who is generating excellent, provocative articles on the subject of religion and world affairs. We are pleased that Ken's "lone wolf" presence as a writer in the world has been replaced by a spot on our team of writers at Raised in Minnesota and California during the dark years of the Great American Depression, Ken is well suited to talk about the powerful forces in the world that give all of us hope and tragedy and everything in between. You can write to Ken at:

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Josh A. March 5, 2010 11:52 pm (Pacific time)

I get so mad when church and state meld together, because that's what causes countries to collapse, and/or become a dictatorship. I know, that is one of the reasons why America is still great in people's mind. We are losing that, though! Even if 'your' religion is on the 'winning team', politically, remember that you depend on people from other religions, no matter how much you disagree, and that's a fact. So taking freedom from people you depend on is not a good idea even if you think their beliefs are dead wrong.

Linus March 5, 2010 6:09 pm (Pacific time)

Thanks for clarifying some of the points on religion and politics. It seems that the two subjects have merged,since 911,which has become the catalyst for power over the people. Reverend Hagee and the televangelist community comes to mind, as false prophets declare allegiance to Israel. The universal God of all and everything, must surely wonder at the confused demeanor of folks here who are asked to give their lives and treasure to untrustworthy leadership. A corporate government that is controlled by the Elite and has close Zionist ties must raise the hackles of some of the Western Religions, but overall, the silence is deafening. peace...Linus

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