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U.S. Soldier Accused of Murdering Civilians Leaves Afghanistan

The deadly shooting has damaged relations between the U.S. and Afghanistan; now officials fear this latest violence will destroy any hope of political progress.

Flag at remote Afghan military outpost.
Flag at remote Afghan military outpost. photo by Tim King

(SALEM) - The U.S. Army Staff Sergeant accused of gunning down 16 Afghan villagers has not yet been charged, however he was flown out of Afghanistan to an undisclosed location in another country Wednesday. The soldier is now housed in a pretrial confinement facility, FOX News reports.

Lawmakers in Afghanistan are angry, they have issued demands that the soldier accused of massacring Afghan civilians be tried publicly in an Afghan court. Until this happens, they are asking President Hamid Karzai to suspend all talks with the U.S. about an ongoing military presence in Afghanistan.

The deadly shooting has damaged relations between the U.S. and Afghanistan; now officials fear this latest violence carried out against civilians, will destroy any hope of political progress.

Afghanistan is witnessing an upsurge in anti-U.S. sentiment as a result of the murders, which left nine children dead, and the recent Qur'an burnings in this country where religion is of top importance. Retaliatory attacks by Afghan people against the U.S. military left more than 30 people dead, including six U.S. soldiers.

In 1968, America was partly divided over the Vietnam War, and a large aspect of the population still felt supportive of the military effort, refusing to acknowledge the legitimacy of the anti-war movement. Then came an attack that would forever be recalled as the Tet Offensive which happened on the Chinese New Year, normally a time when fighting sees a lull.

This terrible event that left large numbers dead on both sides, irreversibly changed America's public perception of the war effort. Many at the time and even today hold the 'media' accountable and objected to their telling their audiences the truth of what was transpiring in SE Asia. Indeed, truth is a bad component for a country that wishes to wage war and kill people in endless succession.

Will this murder of 16 innocent people who the war is supposedly being fought on behalf of, become this war's Tet Offensive? It seems distinctly possible.

Dr. Phil Leveque and I deal with most of these stories for, we have both written about this event and we both see soldier's former injuries and trauma as possible contributing factors in his actions. However, it is a cruel and grotesque crime as it is described; the soldier may have been sick in the head but what he did, and what he was allowed to do, is not within the scope of anything that can be excused.

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Tim King in 2008, covering the Iraq War

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Bob Gallagher March 15, 2012 7:07 pm (Pacific time)

The latest reports from the The New York Times is that the soldier may have been suffering less from PTSD and more from BOOZE. A clear violation of the UCMJ. Look for the "everyone is a victim" crowd to claim PTSD forced him to drink.

March 15, 2012 11:07 am (Pacific time)

It is time to take the troops out ofthis hell hole. Knowing Obama he is going to bow down and apologize over and over. Obama is the one who made us fail in Afghanistan. What President negotiate with the terrorists? I feel bad for the family of the soldier. I hope they will be safe living on post. Everyone knows that the Military has radical Muslims serving. I am sure the Government cqn't wait to prosecute that poor guy. I he would be a Muslim like that Hussain feom Texas he would have it made. The Government would kiss up to him and take their tome with bringing charges against him. Hussain has not yet been tried for his crimes, the execution of many soldiers in Ft. Hood. O e more thing did Nyone ever hear an apology from any of the terrorists for killing, blowing up, beheading, setting contractors on fire. War stinks, the Government don't give a damn about our soldiers. Lets get the man some help and make Obama responsi le for what happened. If Bush would be in office e eryone would be over him. Remember the prison pictures? It was Bush fault, now lets blame Obama and prosecute him.

Anonymous March 14, 2012 3:24 pm (Pacific time)

"...become this war's Tet Offensive?" As usual another person who does not understand Vietnam nor the role the North Vietnam war criminals played in their bloody complete military loss during the 1968 Tet (note it was 5 to 7 years after Tet before we pulled out, do you understand what a dumb analogy TET was? We had cowards like Walter Cronkite, John kerry (a year later) and trash like Carter, Ted Kennedy, Clinton, etc. then, so who fits that bill now? It is once again a political calculation, thus the usefull idiots will most likely be the stupid morons in the OWS movement who will be manipulated by muslim dollars. And once again the violence will uptick as the far left elites rally them on into oblivion as they live in luxury, laughing their asses off. What pathetic people. Maybe this American Champion of balancing terrorist' wrongs should share the same cell with the muslim radical murderer of Ft. Hood?

Editor: I think the way you fail to capitalize 'Muslim' brands you as a hardcore lowlife because it isn't a mistake, you are just terrible for doing that.  You claim to know about Vietnam?  I don't think you do.  You're essentially dumb as dirt.  Please find something else to do and stop being a stain on our stories.

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