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Trump, An American Quisling

Is it any wonder that Trump cheered Putin’s invasion?


(SAN FRANCISCO, CA.) - Remember, Vidlum Quisling, the despicable World War II Norwegian political leader. "Quisling" entered the English language because of him. His name is now a noun meaning "traitor" and "collaborator" in English.

Trump is our American Quisling or let’s call him and his ardent followers “Trumplings,” a new word in English for Trump and those who still ardently support Trump after all he has said and done.

Consider that Trump bragged that Putin would not have invaded Ukraine if he were in office. But why would he when Putin saw an American president moving in a direction Moscow liked? Putin was just waiting for Trump to finish the job.

Putin wanted to weaken the NATO alliance and the E.U. While president, Trump helped by undermining the NATO alliance and showed nothing but disdain for the E.U.

Putin wanted to help authoritarians; Trump obliged by cozying up to authoritarians like Putin and Kim Jong-un of North Korea.

Putin wanted to hurt Ukraine, and Trump helped by launching an extortion scheme that threatened to hurt Ukraine. (Remember Trump’s first impeachment?) And remember during the 2016 presidential election, Trump suggested that the United States should accept Russia’s annexation of Crimea.

Putin wanted to weaken the U.S. political system, and again Trump obliged by aggressively doing that during his presidency.

All of which is to say, why would Putin rock the boat during the Trump presidency when Trump was already steering it in the Kremlin’s preferred direction?

Is it any wonder that Trump cheered Putin’s invasion of the sovereign nation of Ukraine in violation of international law, calling the invasion “pretty smart;” and saying, “[H]e’s taking over a country for $2 worth of sanctions, I’d say that’s pretty smart.”

Then, he claimed that the invasion “all happened because of a rigged election, calling his deployment of troops into Ukraine “genius” and "very savvy.”

Let’s remember that Trump is a five-time draft dodger, apologist for neo-Nazis and racist sympathizers, groveling for approval from dictator Vladimir Putin, who he both feared and admired.

In sum, Trump compromised our national security and threw NATO allies under the bus. All sent “To Russia With Love.”

As John Bolton, National Security Advisor under Trump, succinctly described him, "Trump is a village idiot who couldn‘t find Ukraine on a map."


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