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Mar-18-2009 10:06printcomments

President Calls Budget a New Foundation for Growth (VIDEO)

Obama is directing attention toward his critics while talking about a possible legislative shortcut to eliminate the Senate filibuster threat.

President Obama
White House Photo from 3/17/09 by Pete Souza

(WASHINGTON D.C.) - President Obama submitted a budget to Congress that he says challenges the status quo and directly confronts the long-term threats to our prosperity.

"But it's up to you to make sure Washington knows that Americans across the country stand by the President's plan to invest in energy, health care, and education," spokesman David Plouffe said.

"Watch President Obama's message and get involved in the effort to make this plan a reality by calling your elected representatives and by joining a canvass this weekend."

The Washington Post today reports that President Obama is finally getting tough with Republicans and right-leaning Democrats who threaten to "attenuate his ambitious budget proposals."

Obama is directing attention toward his critics while talking about a possible legislative shortcut to eliminate the Senate filibuster threat.

Here is the video with the President's message.

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stephen March 20, 2009 5:18 pm (Pacific time)

Not sure which article to post this, but I needed to say something before ending my evening. I said "why does not obama follow thru on putting bush and cheney on trial for war crimes? Henry told me this was an unconstitutional statement. I disagree. I did not say arrest them and put them in jail indefinately. That is what bush and obama do. I said, "follow thru with putting them on trial". To take time for investigations, to show you care about the investigations, and if they lead to charges, then so be it. But obama says" lets not look back, lets look forward". He doesnt even care. My statement was NOT unconstitutional, and this is why it is difficult for not only me, but others to believe a word you say. And, for you to attack me that way, with mis-representation, was not appreciated. But it seems, on this website, the editors can do anything, but the posters have limits. Welcome to obamaville?

stephen March 20, 2009 4:57 pm (Pacific time)

My apologies to Henry from my last post on another article. Thanks for viewing the Obama Deception. I have a few days off next week, I may ask you to give me a few areas I can study. I wont pay for it tho, so no books. If you have names I can research, or website articles I will check into your side and opinion. I do believe that obama lied many times during his campaign, and I am concerned, same as Chris, that this seems parallel to hitler/mao etc. We are not mis-informed, or unlearned, we just see things differently. Lies, under any cover, are still lies. Deception, under any cover or reason, are still deceptions. As an avid researcher, I believe the Obama Deception video is nothing but facts. If you an find one part of the video, that you an prove is not fact, please let me know. I am open to correction.

Henry Ruark March 20, 2009 3:37 pm (Pacific time)

To all: FYI, there are wellknown awards for excellent in design and production offered by some of those who wish to cloak the products involved here in the pseudo-esteem of such awards. Those in the legitimate film production industry know which is which, and the pseudo-so/so are denigrated professionally, with those accepting them also set aside by honest, open, and ethical media producers. Sharing this from personal experience, esp. in writing about such awards over some years, and from 12 years of published national survey on corporate annual report photography (only survey ever done of its kind), with direct contact with professionals in both still and film work.

Anonymous March 20, 2009 12:06 pm (Pacific time)

As we all know, Obama did sign the Stimulus Bill which included an Amendment that allowed for the approx. $165 million bonus payout to AIG employees. Maybe if there had been a good healthy debate on that bill and had been posted on the internet for at least a couple of days before Obama signed it that amendment by Sen. Chris Dodd (who claims the Whitehouse altered it by putting in a specific date allowing this payout) would have been pulled. Note: Dodd and Obama were number 1 and 2 in receiving political donations from AIG and other Wall Street businesses as per the FEC and their finance records. Regardless, all this falls on Obama for he signed the bill, and as he said paraphrasing President Truman the other day_ "The buck stops here." I also would like to point out that this $165 million is just a distraction, for there were tens of billions given to foreign banks by AIG with bailout money. In fact more was given to foreign outfits than domestic. Some news agencies have been reporting on this but still it has been minimized by this distraction. We are witnessing one big mess caused by both democrats and republicans, where are the professionals?

Henry Ruark March 20, 2009 8:20 am (Pacific time)

CJ: For those so naive as to fall for the film you cite, O may have no other choice for language seeming-so...truth denied in advance by them. I viewed total/thing, from long experience, doctoral study in film production, with special side-shot, followed by professional experience in propaganda analysis, and can assure all it is product of industry set up to score via any images and via any audio possible, to make sale to those vulnerable enough to fall for what they selling. IF desired, will furnish scene/by/scene analysis as LMA product, at professional cost for anyone willing to pay. At 91, not about to do for free, any more...

chris jones March 19, 2009 1:54 pm (Pacific time)

Is it just me or does this president seem like he talks down to us like we're stupid? Mr. Obama your delivery has a nice cadence and tone, but the overlying BS-ful messages is a nearly intolerable insult to my intelligence. You think we don't know about concept of the inflation tax? It is the CRUELEST tax that affects the poor and those on fixed incomes the worst. Plus the obama deception movie (full version available on youtube for "see with own eyes" if you think I jest-- where it lists off over 25 new taxes you want to impose on us. None of those apply to those of us making less than 250,000? Where can I sign up for these exemptions? A $25 a pound tax on roll your own cigarettes? The only people I see smoking those are homeless folks. (they say panhandling is profitable, but I doubt they are pulling in 250k)

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