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An Open Letter to Victims and their Families Dealing with the Lethal Drug, OxyContin

"Iron rusts from disuse. Stagnant water loses its purity -- and in cold weather becomes frozen -- even so does inaction sap the vigor of the mind." Leonardo da Vinci

Among prescribed drugs, OxyContin stands out as one of the most dangerous and addictive in existence.

(MYRTLE BEACH, SC) - On March 11, I wrote an article ( regarding a congressional hearing held where Congressman Hal Rogers of Kentucky lashed out at Margaret Hamburg, MD, Commissioner of the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) about the devastation OxyContin has caused in his state. Within the article, I linked two videos of Dr. Hamburg "stonewalling" Congressman Rogers efforts to have the FDA reclassify the highly addictive and synthetic heroin, OxyContin for "severe" pain only.

At one point, Congressman Rogers called out to Dr. Hamburg "You are in charge of the steering wheel here -- and if you won't do it, we'll do it for you."

The best the FDA has come up with is something they call REMS -- Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy -- more paper - more bureaucracy - more ties to Purdue Pharma, maker of OxyContin by having them participate in documenting the risks of the drug. We already know the risks of the drug. Every state in the country is immersed in OxyContin addictions and deaths to a magnitude of unprecedented proportion. Some statistics indicate a rise in the consequences of taking this drug (in deaths and addictions) up 400% since its approval by the FDA in 1995.

REMS will not end this trail of destruction in human life. The FDA has failed the American people by their condoning the criminal activity in the marketing of OxyContin by Purdue Pharma. Why is the drug allowed to be manufactured in overwhelming quantities to find its way onto the streets for sale? Why are Purdue Pharma's heavily funded organizations such as the American Pain Foundation allowed to market for the "undertreatment of pain" in America in order to encourage physicians to prescribe OxyContin for "moderate" pain?

Why are organizations such as Partnership for a Drug Free thought of as "the knight on a white charger" helping parents deal with their children's addiction to OxyContin when the website and information contained is financially supported by Purdue Pharma -- the same pharmaceutical company responsible for their children's addictions and deaths?

Do you as parents (and family members) witnessing your loved ones addiction and untimely deaths to OxyContin -- and knowing Purdue Pharma was criminally convicted of misleading physicians and patients about the lethal qualities of the drug -- want to sit back and wait for the FDA to end the financial reign of Purdue Pharma -- and continue witnessing the deaths of loved ones?

I am asking every person throughout the country who has lost a loved one to OxyContin in death or addiction -- to demand a congressional hearing for the ouster of Margaret Hamburg, MD as the commissioner of the FDA. This epidemic is not going away and will only intensify in the ensuing years. We cannot allow the head of the agency in place to protect the American people from dangerous drugs such as OxyContin to "stonewall" us any longer. OxyContin is nothing more than a prescribed form of heroin and should not be prescribed for "moderate" pain.

Congressman Hal Rogers of Kentucky and Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack of California have taken the lead in addressing the OxyContin tsunami burying our kids. Below are the email addresses for the congressman's and congresswoman's legislative aides.

Kentucky Congressman Hal Rogers and Congresswoman Calif. Mary Bono Mack

Please make this viral and email both representatives and demand hearings to "sweep the FDA clean" and end paperwork reporting -- REMS will not save lives. It is further stonewalling. OxyContin is a killer -- the FDA is an accomplice in this death reign.

If every person who reads this, sends an email to those affected by OxyContin, the emails to the congressman and congresswoman will go viral. Congressional hearings should be considered mandatory in view of the loss of human life since 1995 escalating at alarming rates -- because of OxyContin and Purdue Pharma's marketing lies.

We can no longer sit back and hope that a government agency which unfortunately is accountable to the pharmaceutical industry and not the American public -- stonewalls the safety of our country.

Several years ago while on the telephone with an official with the FDA, I was told -- "We do not have the manpower to police Purdue Pharma." Well you needn't worry anymore -- the families fighting for the lives of their children will "police" for you. First we're calling for congressional hearings into Margaret Hamburg's stonewalling -- and then a clean sweep of the FDA. We have allowed this criminal behavior to continue for far too long.

The "bus" is now filled with victims of OxyContin and the people "fighting the good fight to save lives" -- Congressman Rogers and Congresswoman Bono-Mack have the "steering wheel." Let your voice be heard and demand the removal of Margaret Hamburg, MD as Commissioner of the FDA.

Congressman Hal Rogers email

Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack email

LP -- Our parallel paths have no fences, no gates, no obstructions -- we walk as we are led knowing our faith and love will never fail us.

_________________________________ Investigative Reporter Marianne Skolek, is an Activist for Victims of OxyContin and Purdue Pharma throughout the United States and Canada. In July 2007, she testified against Purdue Pharma in Federal Court in Virginia at the sentencing of their three CEO's - Michael Friedman, Howard Udell and Paul Goldenheim - who pleaded guilty to charges of marketing OxyContin as less likely to be addictive or abused to physicians and patients. She also testified against Purdue Pharma at a Judiciary Hearing of the U.S. Senate in July 2007. Marianne works with government agencies and private attorneys in having a voice for her daughter Jill, who died in 2002 after being prescribed OxyContin, as well as the voice for scores of victims of OxyContin. She has been involved in her work for the past 8-1/2 years and is currently working on a book that exposes Purdue Pharma for their continued criminal marketing of OxyContin.

Marianne is a nurse having graduated in 1991 as president of her graduating class. She also has a Paralegal certification. Marianne served on a Community Service Board for the Courier News, a Gannet newspaper in NJ writing articles predominantly regarding AIDS patients and their emotional issues. She was awarded a Community Service Award in 1993 by the Hunterdon County, NJ HIV/AIDS Task Force in recognition of and appreciation for the donated time, energy and love in facilitating a Support Group for persons with HIV/AIDS.

Marianne Skolek
National Activist for Victims of OxyContin and
Purdue Pharma - a criminally convicted pharmaceutical company
Investigative Reporter,

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CINDY SIZEMORE March 22, 2012 10:06 am (Pacific time)

THE DEBATE IS SMALL?? ARE YOU SERIOUS?? PEOPLE SERIOUSLY HAVE NO clue about this drug. When it takes a life of a person you love, when it turns your world and everything in it upside down you will know just how serious this is. The approval of this drug was based on half truths, the approval was based on a lie the approval should be revoked. Americans have become nothing more then persriptoin drug addicts and that is where the government wants you to be a bunch of mindless numb drones.

Taylor March 22, 2012 7:22 am (Pacific time)

Wat about us people with legitimate pain who need these meds to function productively?

LCB March 20, 2012 12:12 pm (Pacific time)

I must be pathetic-- I am at the point where I dont care that 'someone' uses the drug as intended. I care that its being prescibed at all for mild to moderate pain. I care that kids in this generation are DYING! -- I care that families are being destroyed.. I care that the FDA has a whole bunch of Rhetoric mumbo jumbo that means nothing more than telling me "No,we dont care about any of the above...cuz we dont have to"

Marianne Skolek March 19, 2012 2:07 pm (Pacific time)

Life Saver -- personal accountability lies with the maker of OxyContin.

They did not tell the truth about the lethal qualities of the drug and peddled it as less addictive. Don't spew stupid comments when you are paid by pharma -- it's a disservice to the victims of these convicted felons.

Life Saver March 19, 2012 5:01 am (Pacific time)

Cars don't kill people, irresponsible drivers do. Guns don't kill people, people do. Drugs don't kill people, addictive behavior by the people crushing snorting, injecting, and not following directions do. Many of us use OxyContin AS DIRECTED and it is a life saver. It is sad that some people have problems with addiction and I feel for those families. But if we take ever product off the market that can potentially be abused, we won't have cars, air freshener, whipped cream, wine, beer or dust-off. Personal accountability seems to be non-existent in our culture. Time to stop blaming everyone else when someone does something stupid.

tonya1968 March 19, 2012 4:27 am (Pacific time)

Thanks so much for sharing.

Mstt Johnson March 18, 2012 4:34 pm (Pacific time)

I will always value these two elected representatives for their selfless efforts in reaching and educating and halting this business pharma disease. The notion that marijuana is illegal while this is legal tortures those who have lost.

Anonymous March 18, 2012 3:55 pm (Pacific time)

legalize drugs, and outlaw tv. within weeks the world would be much better. The debate about oxycotin is small, even tho it causes havoc and death, its just a small part of the entire puzzle that few want to address.. Internet is cool, but ya have to have a bit of a 6th sense with all the rhetoric etc...Still, a great resource tho. There is an awakening going on..If you feel it, dont feel alone, there are many with you. You dont have to be a sheep..You are a great human being created thru love. Politicians are politicians..YOU are a great person.

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