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Bright Futures Ahead for Expats Working Overseas

Working abroad can offer the opportunity to learn skills very valuable in our global workplace


(SALEM, Ore.) - Whether you’re a young person looking to take the next step after completing your education or an experienced member of the workforce looking to change direction, there are lots of great opportunities to be had and a bright future waiting for you in the overseas job market.

Although the idea of packing up your life and starting anew in another country can seem overwhelming, if you can trust yourself, take the plunge!

There are many opportunities for growth, advancement, personal development and, of course, to make money in the overseas workforce.

One of the biggest advantages for people working overseas (especially for young people) is the ability to learn how to stand on your own two feet.

It can be very empowering for a young professional who is just finding her feet in the working world to be able to say that they can competently take care of themselves in the big, bad world.

Learning to live in a new culture, where you may not speak the language, is challenging to say the least, and successfully learning to navigate that can be very empowering for a young person, especially when you are doing all of this without the safety net of your at-home support system by your side.

More than just a boost to the spirit, however, there are financial reasons to work overseas, too. In countries like Canada and the United States, competition for jobs is very fierce.

There are often thousands of qualified employees vying for the same jobs, which can make rising to the head of the line a serious challenge. That leaves would-be employees with decision to make: take a lesser job, for lower pay, or look for opportunities beyond their home country’s borders.

Of course, there’s no guarantee that making a move overseas will result in immediately finding a well-paying job. You may have to take a temporary job while you look for something in your field, just so you can get on your feet in terms of living expenses.

The great news, however, is that because the cost of living in many other countries is much lower than what you may expect to pay back home, even a stop-gap job with lower pay will afford you a comfortable lifestyle while you look for a job in your field.

When you do find a well-paying job that is more in line with your long-term goals, that lower cost of living, combined with a well-paying job, will afford you a much higher standard of living than you may have been able to achieve at home.

On a practical level, working abroad can also offer you the opportunity to learn skills that can translate into making you more marketable in the future, whether you continue to work abroad or whether you eventually return home to find a job there.

Living and working abroad allows you to immerse yourself in the culture and language of that country. That’s the best way to learn a second language, a skill that can make you very valuable to many companies in our global workplace, no matter where you work.

Before you make the decision to look for work overseas, however, it’s important to understand that there are lots of things to consider from a legal standpoint as well as the logistics. Be sure to consult an immigration solution expert to have all your questions answered before you make the move.

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Dexter March 23, 2018 8:44 pm (Pacific time)

There is no happy ending . I was paying taxes while working here , while one was getting paid quiet well ? . When work disapeared ...I asked for benefits .... being a forieghn person , regardless of paying taxes, and regardless of having a bullet proof visa , I had nothing . I even went down to the offfice to obtain ones effort of paying taxes , in the hope I can regain ones effort on previous work ( that deducted ones taxes ) . The response I had “ blame are friends south of the border “ .

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