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Military Action Against Gadaffi is Not the Solution

Bottom line: military action in Libya is not the solution nor is it the solution in Afghanistan/Pakistan or Iraq.

French airstrikes in Libya
Frames from RTV video show the aftermath of attacks.

(SEOUL, Korea) - The no fly zone has allowed America and the coalition forces to attack Gaddafi forces. If Gaddafi retaliates with NATO causalities this can very possibly lead to a full scale war and Libya can very quickly become the next Iraq, but even worse than Iraq and it will become a terrorist breeding ground, allowing terrorist groups to Network from Libya and attack Israel.

Israel will become the biggest causality of this ridiculously stupid move by the UN approving a no fly zone.

Libya is run by a tribal confederation and they network with Gaddafi. If Gaddafi goes, this tribal confederation will be open to network with whomever, including Al-Queada/Taliban.

Libya is a huge country, and there will be plenty of pockets of geographical areas for terrorist groups to set up camp. This will allow them ever closer to one of their biggest enemies; Israel.

The threat stems from Israel's occupation of the Palestinian West Bank and East Jerusalem where Israeli policy breeds oppression and injustice fueling extremism spilling into wars the world over.

Libya is ideal to attack Israel, it is close, with plenty of open beach space for use of the sea for getting in and out.

Israel should be the first ones to end the no fly zone, this is just another move on the world chess board favouring 'one world elitists' to destabilize the Middle east and see war with Israel launch a third world war in order for them to use their banking system to enslave the nations with debt post this war and bring them under their control.

Bottom line: military action in Libya is not the solution nor is it the solution in Afghanistan/Pakistan or Iraq.

Deal with the root causes of the problems with non violent, unbiased diplomacy with prayer and fasting and not rockets bombs and bullets. A deal needs to be struck between Gaddafi and Rebel forces involving a compromise.

Another question that needs to be asked is why America is not recognising Gaddafi's calling for a ceasefire? And why they aren't prepared to negotiate with him, and why it's just back to the normal American philosophy of bombs away, think later, or is it Arab life is cheap and disposable, so lets bomb them and talk later?

Because when Israel clearly displayed its racist attitude towards Palestinian Arabs and was bombing the living daylights out of the Arab civilians in Gaza, America did nothing, why now, a sudden concern for Arab civilians in Libya?

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Anonymous March 23, 2011 1:41 pm (Pacific time)

It would have made more sense to have gone into Cuba rather than Libya. The human rights violations are just as serious and it is within our sphere. Next we go into Mexico and have that population migrate in a southerly direction until they hit that bit of ocean reaching out to Anartica, then give them some flippers and sunblock.

J+ March 22, 2011 7:28 am (Pacific time)

Libya "...will become a terrorist breeding ground, allowing terrorist groups to Network from Libya and attack Israel." Wow, that would be unprecedented. Oh wait. I was opposed to the US-led invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, but Quaddafhi ranks in the top-10 of worldwide dictators, and has for decades. Granted the timing of this aerial bombardment is suspect (given that he hasn't outwardly sponsored worldwide terrorism for a while), but I would gladly take up arms against the iron-fisted goon if given the chance. The greatest irony in all this is the US' refusal to badmouth all its pocket petro-Dictators, despite being so willing to topple Saddam and the popular Taliban government (in favor of more corrupt puppets). We ARE involved with this for all the wrong reasons yet again, as evidenced by the lack of resolve in advocating regime change, or even aiding the freedom fighters beyond casual aerial support and a few targeted bombings.

Dexter March 22, 2011 4:57 am (Pacific time)

Oil and natural gas resources. The Mediterranean access for business and trade. Also it is a good strategic point to be in, if that country was ever taken over or put in a uncompromising position with the next new government with having American, French or British military Air, sea and land bases there.

Already Fair weathered Italy and Turkey are moaning about the UN , as well as the United States for using there countries as a jumping stone for military operations. I think it's a pretty plausible and obvious reason as to why the Western powers are so eager in wanting a piece of that country.
Especially when it has come to Britain s interests - more so in getting there own back ( the Lockerbie disaster, Syria having a nasty record for kidnapping, torturing, hi-jacking. Let’s not also forget about the “NOT” so democratically elected government, that got in to power illegally, and thus so far has not been able to be ousted yet!, says a lot for there democracy ;) . And of course lets not forget about Americas interests...Oil and Gas, as well as having some kind of controlled leverage in that area which is now, at the time being...falling apart and out of control with Americas tight grasp of North Africa and the Middle East. Deteriorating, no doubt, caused by knee jerking reactions from there two faced (use and abuse American) friends, the Israelis...who know doubt coxed the Americans in to trying to take control back in that part of the world again anyway.

So America...stop wiping Israel’s ass (they really do not care about you lot anyway, using you like Gaddafi uses his woman bodyguards). If you carry on doing this, one day israel is going to crap on you so hard, there wont be enough toilet paper or diapers to soak up all the crap that israel will create for you in North Africa or the Middle East!.

This is a beginning of something that will escalate to something a lot more larger, and no “plunger” will get you, or the rest of Europe out of this one.

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