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7 Ways To Deal With A Complicated Custody Battle

You must head into court with a sound action plan.

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(SALEM, Ore.) - A child custody dispute can be one of the most traumatic things a parent can go through, particularly if you do not know what to expect. Parents battling for custody of their children are plunged into a perilous legal quagmire while facing the horror of losing their children.

Although you are not the one initiating the "battle," you must head into court with a sound action plan to argue your case.

Here are ways that can help you cope up with a complicated case battle.

1. Hire a child custody attorney.

Child custody disputes are the most difficult phase of family law. Speak to family lawyers if you are involved in a custody fight. This is not a legal battle you should face alone.

A child custody lawyer will review your case and determine your chances of succeeding. While certain parents are willing to settle custody disputes outside of proceedings, certain lawsuits must be decided by a court.

However, if you do not think you can afford a lawyer, schedule a free consultation to discuss your alternatives. Besides, you can search for free legal services in your location.

2. Work with your ex-partner.

While seeking to obtain custody, it is vital to demonstrate a desire to cooperate with your ex-partner. A few parents have reportedly lost custody of their children as a result of their proven inability to work with the other parent.

So, although you may not like your past love, they are a part of your children's lives, and you should illustrate to the family court that you can cooperate for the good of your kids.

3. Avoid drug misuse.

Do not abuse drugs, particularly while you are with your children. Making poor choices not only gives your ex-partner more leverage, but it also affects your children. Besides, this is yet another thing that could be documented and used against you.

Be certain that there is no indication that you are doing something that might endanger your children. Having healthy decisions that protect your children's general well-being is part of being a good parent.

4. Acknowledge children’s wishes.

If you have older kids or adolescents, the court will take their desires into account. If your child wishes to live with the other parent, obtaining custody will be hard.

Many parents find this difficult to accept. The only approach you can take is to attempt to establish a positive relationship with your child and find a cordial agreement.

5. Perform your parental responsibilities.

You have to help your children regardless of what happens in court.

It does not matter whether the court fees are overwhelming or your partner is sabotaging your time with your children. Your kids still have needs and bills to settle. Therefore, you need to back them up.

Make use of your parental responsibility, particularly if you have been granted visitation rights. Spend as much time as you can with them, and ensure that you carry out daily tasks, such as homework and chores, rather than just enjoyable stuff like movies and dinners out.

Illustrate your willingness to participate in the less desirable facets of parenting as well.

6. Do not move in with a different person forthwith.

The court is tasked with acting in the best interests of your children. If the judge believes that moving in with a new partner while still married to your partner is morally incorrect, you are doomed.

Your children may also be struggling to adapt to the reality that their parents have just divorced. Expecting that they will accept a new "parent" into their lives too quickly can harm your relationship with them. It will jeopardize your ability to work with your partner as an adult.

7. Keep records of everything.

Since no one's memory is flawless, you'll need to document everything you do. Keep track of when and why you exchange parental time with your partner.

Keep note on who has to take care of the children on which days. If you sincerely think your children will be insecure with your partner, such as if your partner has a history of domestic violence, you should record your experiences with your partner as well as their interactions with your kids.

Whatever legal course you take, the following documents will enable you to achieve success: comprehensive child custody report, communication records, and financial records.


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