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What Can We Expect to See in Business Leaders of Tomorrow?

Gen Z has grown up in an tech savvy environment that focused on the importance of being open-minded.

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(SALEM, Ore.) - There is a new generation of leaders slowly making their way into the industry, and they are younger than millennials.

Basically, anyone born between 1981 and 1996 is considered a Millennial, and those born from 1997 onward are part of a new generation.

Typically described as Gen Z, the young adults from this huge group of upcoming leaders are going to play key roles in all industries soon.

When they do start taking up leadership positions in the future, changes are to be expected - or so popular opinion says.

The real question is, what will those changes be like, and will there be any specific differences in the way that business is being administrated today, in comparison to how it will be managed tomorrow?

Business Education is Not Optional for Gen Z to Succeed

It is true that education has never played a small role in business development and management, but it is much more important now for the next generation to be properly educated and trained for the leadership roles which they will have to take up than it was for baby boomers or even millennials.

To put that into a better perspective, let’s highlight the main points of concern here:

  • A large section of the business leaders from the older generations did not have any formal business education.
  • The number of millennials who managed to build a business empire without business education are minuscule and most of them completed their education later on.
  • For Gen Z, not having any formal training and education in organizational leadership is simply not even an option.

As to why the third point holds true, the reasons are simple enough:

  • The difference between the industry as it was and as it is now, remains immense.
  • The role of technology is critical in modern business, which makes modern business education critical to success.
  • It’s simply a huge disadvantage to not have something which everyone else has in a competitive business environment; which for Gen Z is proper training and education.

Gen Z Leaders Will Use Technology to Massive Success

Unlike millennials who only adopted to smart devices, Gen Z grew up with technology, which has naturally made them inclined to be more adept with it.

In business, this will also prove to be crucial, since business and technology are so intricately connected today - separating one from the other would be apocalyptic, and that’s not even an exaggeration!

The new generation of upcoming leaders is already using their familiarity with technology quite effectively in getting the all-important education and training they need. For example, a highly valuable degree in organizational Leadership can now be completed online, which is exactly what the new, more tech-savvy generation is choosing to do.

The benefits of their choice are quite profound, as pointed out below:

  • They are saving time by eliminating the hassles and expenses of a daily commute
  • Some of them are pursuing multiple degrees simultaneously, by taking advantage of the flexible online routine
  • Others are busy in getting the job experience they need to learn in practice and to add to their resume while learning more about organizational leadership online

They Will Have a Different Outlook

Business leaders from the baby boomer generations are not known for their open-mindedness, while millennials are a mixed bag. Gen Z, on the other hand, grew up in an environment that focused on the importance of being open-minded.

In terms of business application, this will be evident along the following lines:

  • They will open more channels for double-ended communication
  • The difference and distance between management and workers will be reduced
  • Team management will be practiced with smaller, more closely knit, effective teams
  • Stress will be more on practical value, than on residual value
  • They will accept changes faster and better, as the new generation is well known for their ability to adapt faster

A lot will depend on how well Gen Z prepares itself for the coming challenges in their specific industry. The responsibility is as much with the present generation to train them, as it is with the coming ones to accept them.

However, in line with what was discussed so far, in due time, the coming generations will mature further, and instead of only accepting and learning the skills that their predecessors are practicing now, they will most likely further improve and augment them. It is to be noted that most of the discussion here is not conjecture at all, but rather based on the present actions of the Gen Z workers and students who are already succeeding. It’s an analytical and predictive report on what to expect.

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